Stalling and no start when warm

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Hey, my Volvo has been having problems lately. It runs great, but after a bunch of driving it will stall out and not start for a few hours. I can also start it cold and idle for a bit, turn the car on and off a few times, and it will trigger the no-start behavior.

It always starts when cold, but once it stalls or gets warm, it just won't start. Starter cranks strong, fuel pump is working, fuel filter is fine but for some reason engine won't start with the fuel it gets. The fuel pump does sound like it's straining like the engine won't accept the fuel or something. But if i disconnect the line it squirts fuel and doesn't strain.


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    Had same issue, replaced Fuel Injection / Radio Suppression Relay
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    Buy an inexpensive spark tester to see if that's your problem, rather than guessing and replacing parts that might not be related to the actual issue.

    You're either losing spark or fuel or injector pulse at the time of the no-start, and there are tests for each.

    You might also try to pull codes out of the ECM, that might be stored there.

    Methodical diagnosis is the only way to solve this, especially with intermittent issues.
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