cooling system on a toyota groire mk2 with a 3tle diesel engine

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hi about 15 months ago the the vehicle suffered a major cook up resulting in cracking the head and as part of the repair a new aluminium radiator with a larger capacity was fitted along with a shroud and multiple fans which seem to work for just driving around but as soon as it was asked to tow a small caravan we had boiling problems again which has resulted in another cracked head. we have restarted using again but it appears that the water is not being cooled in the radiator because even idling once the fans start the do not switch off. we have also put 3 gates in the radiator to keep the water in longer and use the whole surface, thanks morrie


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    Have you calculated the towing capacity of this vehicle vs. the total weight of your caravan?

    Overheating can be a complex issue to solve, not only related to the radiator and fans but also to things like fuel mixture, thermostat, and the internal water galleys in the engine block.
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