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My husband just changed and put a new starter, a new battery and a new alternator in our 2008 Saturn Aura Xe and its starting up but my battery light is not going off and my radio not working now plus my car is still shouting off and not staying on or charged with all brand new parts. Now we are clueless to what's the problem now or is it a fuse blown?? Please help me??


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    Hard to say from this distance---a possible wiring issue (bad connector? corrosion? blown fusibile link--a type of fuse coming off the battery, in-line) or a bad ground at the battery or elsewhere. Methodical testing is the only way here.

    Yes, by all means check fuses and the fusible links. You might be able to download a wiring diagram here:


    Always a good idea to work with a wiring diagram.
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    Because several parts have been changed, it's difficult to even guess from a distance a cause for the problem from a distance.

    What was the diagnosis of which part had gone bad originally? Why were so many things changed?

    A starter gone bad wouldn't have needed a battery or an alternator?

    A bad battery wouldn't have needed an alternator.

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