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Headlights wont turn off.

MetricscalerMetricscaler Member Posts: 2
edited December 2018 in Plymouth
Newbie here , having a problem with a 1992 plymouth voyager that has 160,000 kms on it. The problems are that I can turn the headlight off when I shut the motor off , I have to disconnect the battery or pull the fuses . Also when I start the vehicle the windsheild lights come on automatically and I can turn them off . So so far I have unplugged the ignition plug , lights still stayed on , the headlight , parklight , hazard light switch lights still on . When I unplug the turn signal , combination lever the headlights go out so I'm pretty sure that's what the problem is but there $200 and I'm not 100% . The thing is when the vehicle is off the windsheild wipers turn off but the lights stay on , shouldn't there be no power past the ignition with the key off? I'm probably going to buy the new switch but I'd like to see what someone with experience thinks . Thanks in advance.


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    MetricscalerMetricscaler Member Posts: 2
    Sorry having problems editing my post , I mean th say I can't turn the headlights off .
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