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Subaru Delaership Sold Me a bogus CPO?

vanzandt85vanzandt85 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Subaru
For the meat and potatoes skip to the * at the bottom

This is a bit of a long convoluted story, and the plot seems to thicken for me everyday. I've been looking for the right cpo for a while as their hard to come by. On around December 4th i struck a deal on a 2015 wrx with the stipulation it would be cpod before finalizing.
After placing a downpayment the manager says well resume tomorrow after the car is cpo'd. So i go home that night and am reviewing the vehicle online and i notice it has 1 reported accident. This was worrysome so i called immediately next morning to discuss my revelation. Upon reading the car fax it seemed minor no immobilization or tows or air bags deployed. The manager tells me it was a friend of the owner and gives me some story how they slid into their fathers car in their driveway.
I probably should of backed out at this point but I'm thinkin well if they can cpo the car then it probably was really minor. I even inquired with a friend at another subaru dealership who says they can still cpo if no more then 5 panels are replaced. Like I said if they can cpo it it should be in good shape, so we moved forward. He told me he would need another day to cpo the car. On December 6th I purchased the car with cpo papers inhand. I was told I would be receiving my cpo warranty in the mail within a week. Which bothered me because we all know get everything documented at the time of purchase.
So 2 days go by and I'm driving in a real foggy night. So I turned on my fog lights. To my surprise the passenger side fog light was non functional. So I referred to my cpo checklist. Sure enough its checked off as functional. Did it die within 2 days of driving off the lot? Or was it never checked? At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But I also noticed the radio wasnt reset. The previous owners iPhone was still connected. That's another thing on the checklist marked as done. 2 minor problems I'm thinking no big deal. But then i start wondering if they couldn't turn on the fog lights or reset the radio what else did they "miss".
So I call the dealership and I ask for my salesman and they ask me who's calling. I say my name and tell him I'm calling because it seems like there were some cpo items not fully checked. I added this tidbit because they are very hard to get ahold of i have numerous missed phone calls unreturned voicemails and unreplied emails. So I figured stating this would maybe get me an actual response this time. Sure enough my salesman answers the call. Unbeknownst to me the sales manager is on speaker in the background incognito. So I tell him about the foglight. And he replies well I'm right here staring at the cpo papers. Basically hiding behind the fact that they had it checked off as operable and were washing their hands of it. So I raised my volume a little and said your telling me within two days of driving off the lot they died? And he laughs and says no no it's fine bring it down chris is right here he says well fix it. I can hear the manager grumbling in the back. And says is their anything else? I told him about the radio but that it wasnt a big deal and told them I was concerned if they couldn't check the lights and the radio what else did they miss. He assured me all was well and to come down and they'll fix it. He seemed apprehensive when he asked anything else, and you'll soon find out why.
Later that night I'm on a short back street about 50 feet I was doing maybe 15 miles an hour no more then 3500 rpm engine breaking when it popped out of first into neutral. So I schedule an appointment for my foglight and was going to ask the service department about it popping out of first when I arrived. Also by the time the appointment came it had been a week and a half since purchase and I still have no proof of my extended coverage for my cpo.
I arrive and tell the service manager I'm here for the foglight. I explained to him I noticed 2 days after cpo it didnt work and that management said they would cover the cost. I told him about it popping out of first and he says he can run some diagnostics. I say sure let's do that then he tells me it will be 100 dollars. I tell him oh well I have extended coverage shouldn't that be covered and he says he cant find any warranty on file. Let it be noted that the technician seemed sketched out by the situation and seemed to be trying to help me. And told me warranty should have been transferred immediately on purchase. So I say you guys do the foglight and I'll go talk to finance. While their working I go to find my financer but conveniently for him he has wednesdays off and he's the only one in finance who supposedly could help me.
I even call finance that night and leave a message for him telling him it's important to get this warranty worked out so I can get my car diagnosed. The next day I wait till 1 o'clock for a phone call no dice. So I headed down with my fiance as she had spoken with him recently about the warranty and was also told a couple days.
I have a feeling that he's not gonna produce any paperwork again so I do the only thing I can and my fiance and I record the conversation. I live in NY and it is a 1 party consent state for recording so I am well within my rights. He reiterates that I have a 7 year backed by subaru and an extra bumper to bumper through them for 3 years. Also continues saying I'll be getting my coverage from subaru but it's still being processed. I ask multiple times for documentation and he says he cant give it to me because it's all done "electronically". Aside from throwing a hissy fit and turning the place upside down what am I supposed to do. I did the only thing I could and recorded the conversation.

*During the past few days I've been in contact with soa where they tell me they cant pull my warranty up on file and they dont think I purchased one. So I tell them if it's a cpo arent I supposed to get up to 100k by default. And I tell them it's a certified dealer and a certified car how is this getting past us. And your financer is assuring me it's a subaru backed warranty. And I tell them I have proof this time and I have recorded our conversation with the financer.
Now they've changed stances They say yes your right you would get 100k by default. I have my vehicle registered by vin on soa. So They ask what my financers name is so they can call him and touch base tomorrow. I felt better. That was a few hours ago. However it's still kept me up so just now I review my cpo papers again and find some more shocking missed checkpoints.
The very first checkpoint.
-Perform coverage inquiry check for exlusions. This is left unchecked.
-Section C carfax history report attached?
This is left unchecked.
-Section D A- Turbo models only: Cid/CVN numbers from tech line.
This is left unchecked.
Section F -A inspect and replace if damaged. Are all tires the same size/manufacturer.
Section F -B tires have at least 5/32 tread left.
This is left unchecked.
The real kicker is at the end here. The never had me sign the where it says customer signature, but it is signed by the technician and service manager. Where it entails.
" I acknowledge that I have received a copy of both pages of this 152 point inspection sheet, the carfax history report, the application for coverage and received and reviewed both pages of this form." The carfax history report was never given to me. Nor was the application for coverage!!!!!

I have sent the above missing checkpoints and that information to soa just now. Its shocking how did I miss this ? Then again they never asked me to sign the cpo papers because I would have read right then and there about getting a carfax. I know I'm a noob This is the 3rd car I've bought and I learn something new every time. I feel like it's my fault for not taking a closer look at all the documentation. But that's why I went to a certified dealer and bought a certified car.


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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 239,175
    I hope this all works out. Buying a CPO is like any other vehicle, regardless of the advertising about 152 point checks, etc.

    But, the CPO warranty? You paid extra for that. It's a big deal. Let us know how that works out.

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