Should Carmax Take Back The Car?

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Hi All,

3 months ago I bought a 2014 CL550 4Matic from Carmx plus their extended warranty. The car was heavily upgraded and had the "AMG Package" and AMG Wheels (it was sold to me that way). Long story short, today a mechanic told me the upgraded wheels were the wrong size for the car, they were heavily rubbing against the calipers and that the car was not safe to drive. He said the wheels were the completely wrong size and model for my car.

Carmax offered to swap the wheels for 17 inch versions. But one of the big reasons I bought the car was because of the upgraded 19 inch AMG wheels. There are no equivalents that will fit my current model car that Carmax can get.

Is it completely unreasonable for me to ask them to take the car back and let me trade it against something else on their lot (without taking any loss on what they sold it to me for)? After all they did misrepresent what they sold me in the first place and it was also a safety hazard.

Let me know what you guys think...


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    I don’t feel it’s unreasonable. They are unable to give you the car they sold you. The only other acceptable alternative would be for them to compensate you for the difference in value between the AMG wheels and the 17” wheels they can source. At carmax, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make sure you’ve involved their customer relations department (800-519-1511) and be firm in your stance that you would like to have them buy the original car back. If they refuse to budge, the monetary compensation would be my next route. 
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    Sooo... 3 mos of driving and nobody even heard this “heavy rubbing”? Or noticed gouges on the calipers? 

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    Why can't these wheels run with a slight offset wheel spacer? Obviously the clearance problem must be quite minimal otherwise you would have heard holy hell in there while driving. You'd need to use a very high quality spacer and possibly longer lug studs or bolts but it's a solution that might make everyone happy. Of course you'd need to be sure the wheel will then clear the fenders in all situations.
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