2005 Cadillac Escalade Esv Service Stability

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Hey guys, I recently had issues with my brake lights intermittently working. So I went to the first solution of replacing my brake light switch. Yes, that worked and now my brake lights work. But now I'm having a "Service Stability" light pop up every time I start the car up and start driving. I also no longer have cruise control. Not even a light pop on. I'm assuming it's directly related to the service stability issue. I did some reading and it seems to be pointing to the wheel position sensor on the steering shaft. But I checked every thing out externally and all wires looked good and the sensor it self showed no signs of damage. Any suggestions on how I can test to see if the sensor is bad or not? I focus on this one particularly because it is closest to the brake light switch and didn't happen until I replaced the switch so any suggestions?


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    You might check all your fuses for starters but really you should have the can scanned for trouble codes. A good scanner (probably something better than a little code reader) might be able to identify the component or circuit at fault. I'm not sure why you think a steering angle sensor would knock out the cruise control?
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    I say it's that because I believe that it's all part of the same system. Because of the fact that stability and all that system could disable it. Not only that but cruise control literally stopped working when the light started coming on 
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    Well that's true but that "system" contains many components. There is also the "yaw" sensor, which is rotation on the vertical axis. So that sensor is one possible suspect, as might be an ABS wheel sensor, or the steering angle sensor.

    A professional scan tool might not only identify the problem but if it is the SAS, it can sometimes recalibrate it, which might solve your problem, or part of your problem. The scan tool can also verify that the ECU is communicating with the SAS through the CAN Bus.
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    Okay I will get it scanned then .Thank you for the help! 
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    Could my Brake light switch have something to do with the cruise control malfunction and service stability light?
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