Tps issue cel P0122

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Yesterday my 1997 had no cel codes when i checked but it was shuddering at idle slighlty here and there. About a month ago i had the Iac , Maf sensor and throttle body changed and cleaned which helped alot. So yesterday I unplugged battery and changed the Tps. Now my car has cel P0122 code? How could it go from not having cel code to having one after putting a new Tps on? Please any information is greatly appreciated, my only vehicle


  • LkmaryFlaLkmaryFla Member Posts: 4
    It also is running worse, and makes no difference if i unplug it, runs the same. I changed it back to the previous Tps and same thing?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I'd carefully check the TPS connector and wiring, first thing, especially if you swapped out components and had the same result. Also some cars require the TPS to be adjusted or aligned.

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    I checked the wiring and connector and they seem fine? I guess i change out the connector. I read that the Grand Marquis doesnt need to be adjusted. That and i tried to loosen and wiggles and it doesnt affect it, like it does in adjustable cars. Thanks
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    The code sets if the closed throttle voltage isn't between .66 and 1.2v during the self test. Was the throttle plate adjusted?
  • LkmaryFlaLkmaryFla Member Posts: 4
    I ended up fixing it yesterday. It ended up being the connector that plugs into the tps. I changed tps with 3 different brands none made a difference so i bought a connector and cut the wires and connected the new and it worked. Thanks
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