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Toyota Yaris Instrument Panel & Dashboard Problems



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    robertkn: Thanks for clarifying this. i was reading this forum thinking the driver blindly selected the gears. Quite honestly, I tend to look at the gear shifter when putting the car in drive or reverse, so no indicator in the instrument cluster isn't a big deal. you have to adapt to any car you drive. Also I never heard of damaging the pump when running out of gas. Why wouldn't the pump simply shut off?

    While I feel bad for the OP and her experiences, I chalk this up to "operator error". It is very hard to miss a flashing signal in your car indicating you need fuel. Also the items she complained about the car are things you observe on a typical test drive. At some point, you have to take responsibility for your actions and not look for someone to blame.
  • Running out of gas in the Yaris 07 is quite common in our country, and it happen more often in the 4 door version !!!!

    We got this car before it was available in the states, since December 2005, our 2 doors is just like yours, but our 4 door version has the same body as the 2 door (unlike the one available in the states which have a trunk, ours are a 4 door liftback model).

    Anyhow the 4 door version has a full digital dashboard were the speed meter changes the digits constantly acording with the speed increase o decrease. Because of this annoying change on the value of the digits, people avoid to look at the dashboard as to keep focus on the road and that is what make the driver miss the fuel gauge and notice when the last 2 bars start to blink.

    This is a big flaw on the Yaris gas meter design. As you recall older Toyota models have a red reserve light which is way better as to gain the driver attention.

    My simple recomendation after owning one for the last 11 months is to fill up the tank right away once you notice you are down to two bars.
  • Well I SOLD this loser Yaris today and bought a new Accent. Only been a single day but in EVERY sense, i FINALLY feel like I am in a REAL car again in the Hyundai! Good riddance.....
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    How much did you lose on the Yaris? Tell us more about the deal. Did you trade in the Yaris at the Hyundai dealer? Keep us posted on how you like the Accent, MPG, etc.
  • After owning the Yaris 6 months, only lost about $1600.00 and that includes all my tax & license so not bad. I paid $850.00 LESS for the Accent with MORE equipment and it is far more comfortable (to me). My sister gets only 1 MPG less than I did with my Yaris so not worried about that. Just glad to have a "normal" car again! The Yaris just felt tinny and cheap like my old 1982 Toyota Starlet (known as "TOILET" at the Toyota dealers back then..
  • Congrats on your new car, and condolences on your loss. Sadly the running out of gas thing was 100% user error. It's a shame no one these days takes responsibility for their own actions. It's always someone else's fault. For me, I always check the fuel gauge when I start the car and determine whether I have enough gas for the trip I need to make.
  • Thanks and you are SO right on the error! The 1st error I made of course was buying the Yaris.....
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I would say that you came out very well on that deal, loosing only $750 on the trade and getting a brand new car to boot. The sales tax on the Yaris probably was more than that. If you gone from the Accent to the Yaris, I don't think that you would have done as well. Is your health getting any better?
  • Had my whole left side removed. i'm ALL RIGHT NOW!
  • Where I live, one must drive with the headlights on when on the major highways. I don't have a problem with that, but when I turn the headlights on, the light intensity on the instrument panel is reduced to almost nil, since the car thinks it's nighttime, and why would you want that much light on the panel. The problem for me is that I can't really read the panel info, and am often reduced to temporarily turning off the headlights so I can read the panel. Does this make any sense? Anyone know a way to keep the panel lights on (at a daytime intensity level) with the headlights on?

  • dakedake Posts: 131
    Well, what's most important is that YOU are satisfied with how you spent your money. That being said, don't you have to wonder why the Hyundai dealer gave you so much in trade? They're not in business to lose money, so I think they believe they'll have no problem selling a Yaris.

    Ah well, the good news is, there are cars enough for everyone. You're happy with your Hyundai - and hey, they're great cars! We're happy with our Yaris.
  • My 2008 (6 months old) 5 Door Yaris YR Hatch ran out of fuel 2 days ago.
    The display said I had 1/2 tank of fuel but the tank actually ran bone dry.

    Roadside Assist had to tow it to a Toyota dealer and it took a day to find out why the car wouldn't start.

    Next week I should get a new fuel gauge..... But will that one work ?

    The Yaris is cute but cheap plastic, only comes with 1 rear reversing light here (Australia) (European design I am told !!!)

    Cute is all it is.

    I wish I had not bought it.
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    Well, bad fuel gauge is definitely a bummer, but that's a good reason to reset your trip odometer at each fill-up. Outside of keeping an eye on fuel economy (a great early indicator of potential mechanical problems in general), it's also an accurate representation of how much gas you have left. If you are getting up over 350 miles (or 600 km) on one tank and it's still reading half full, that's a good sign of a bad gauge unless your drive to work is down a mountainside with the motor off. ;)

    Sadly, it doesn't matter what car you buy, or how much you spend - there's still always that remote chance you'll get a weird glitch. I'd wager your dealer hasn't seen too many instances like yours before. In my 3/4 of a million combined miles in Toyotas, I've never had a fuel gauge do that - the worst I got was in my old Celica after 175,000 or so miles the needle got slightly out of wack so it never showed completely full and would go below the "empty" mark. I just always filled up around 360 miles.
  • Hi, As the Yaris is relatively new I was keeping an eye on the fuel and noting the kilometres, litres, odo, price per litre etc every time I put fuel in..

    I had a full tank and had only done 262 kilometres.

    But was the gauge telling me the truth when I would put $20 or $30 top up in ?
    Full may have been 1/2 full.....?

    Still waiting on the part to arrive from a slow boat from ?

    The dealers actually told me he had a new Yaris in the week before with a collapsed fuel pump.

    Thanks for replying.

    Regards to you.

  • dakedake Posts: 131
    So you are saying you filled the tank to the top (the gas pump shut off) and only went 262 km before you ran out of gas? If that's the case there's something else wrong.

    If you put in a set amount of gas though, then that supports the gauge being mis-calibrated. In other words, if you thought you had half a tank (on the bad gauge) and put in five gallons or 19 L, then it would make sense you only got about 162 miles or 262 km as you really went from almost empty up to a half tank.

    I would just make sure to fill the tank to the very top which should be around 10 gallons or 38 L on an average fill up (I believe it's an 11.5 gal tank). I've occasionally had some gas pumps shut off early and you just have to move the nozzle a bit to get it to keep going.

    Once it's full, you'll be good for at least 480 km.
  • The capacity of the tank is 42 liters or 11.9 gallons. With normal driving you should be good for at least 600 kms or 373 miles.

    Be really careful or stay on the highway and you could achieve more than 700 kms.
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    Yeah, I've just never put in much more than about 10 gallons on any one fill-up, and that's with driving a number of miles with the little indicator flashing... I think it must come on when you're down to the last gallon and a half or so give or take.
  • tfade25tfade25 Posts: 1
    HI guys.

    I just imported my Yaris 2006 into the UK, the speedometer and ODO are in KM per hour.
    So i managed to get another console in MPH, i took out the old one and put in the new one. Its come up in MPH and the ODO is in MPH, but the readings for the ODO are so wrong.

    Another guy told me to disconnect the battery for a while and then reconnect it. I tried it and no luck. Its only showing the millage since i put the console in. And the trip reader seems to be wrong. I drove 9 miles and at the end of the journey its showing 1.2 miles.

    The overall millage of the car, is it stored in that console or in the cars computer?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    You should have just got a Scanguage II. You can easily toggle back and forth between Miles and Kilometers. They only cost about $160 or so.
  • If you read your owner's manual, it should have said to take your Toyota Yaris to the dealer every time you plan upon disconnecting your battery from your car. Only the dealer can reprogram the odometer for your to reflect the correct miles or km.

    A ecometer will give you mph, mpg, or rpm plus LED lights to remind the driver about how to best hypermile. The ecometer costs $69.99.

    It took me all of a few seconds to adjust to the speedometer being moved to the top center of the dash. I have been driving vehicles for 35 years with the speedometer behind the steering wheel. One of the best parts of the design of the Yaris is that Toyota moved the speedometer to the center of the dash. The permitted Toyota to slope down the dash behind the steering wheel. The sloped down empty area of the dash gives the buyer of the Toyota Yaris the ability to customize the Yaris in ways unavailable to other vehicle drivers. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out that I could mount a navigation system right behind the steering wheel. Best place for the navigation system to be at. Behind the steering wheel is where I installed my ecometer as well.

    I have seem some people install 4 additional gages in the storage compartment behind the steering wheel. Mounting gages in the door, or mounting gages behind the door, behind the steering wheel, is only possible if you buy the liftback version of the Toyota Yaris. I put a extra umbrella in that storage area. Of course if there was a Pep Boys near by I might pay someone put a few extra gages on the door. I am not certain of the Pep Boys equivalent here in NE Ohio.
  • My 2008 Yaris is also having the same darn problem with the gas gauge. I paid $500 to fix my fuel pump, then the darn thing die again a couple days later.

    After I towl it back to the garage to found out it was the gas gauge. When it is at 2 gauge it is out of gas.

    Waste of my $$.......... next time I am buy something American....... piece of s$#!
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Maybe you should refill when it gets down to 3 bars or 300 miles on your trip odometer..
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