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Hi, when i drive above 110 kmh (68 mph) my check engine management light comes on and the engine goes into limp mode (thats what we Brits call it when your engine is working but it will not go any faster than 40mph ) if i stop and turn the ignition off and then restart the light goes off (normal) and the engine is working normally . I can cruise at 62mph all day long but once i reach 68mph for a few minutes then the light comes on again.I have taken it to a ISUZU dealership here (Philippines) but they have no diagnostic equipment at all ! Their answer to the problem is to sit a mechanic next to me while i drive and show him what happens, his verdict was "i dont know why its doing this " any ideas ?


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    Of course he doesn't know! Without any scanning equipment he'll probably never be able to figure this out. Do whatever you have to do to get a scan tool plugged into the car so that you can read the trouble codes and get a clue.
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    could it be a clogged up EGR ? pick up is 12 years old.
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