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My 2008 Uplanders headlights need to be adjusted. They  Criss-Crossover each other. I know how to adjust it to go up and down but how do I fix them from crossing over each other like an X.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    If they are crossing then something must be damaged. The top adjusting screw is for vertical movement.
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    Is there another screw that adjut from side to side?
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    My question is about the history. Has the headlight unit been replaced due to an accident or has someone removed it to change one of the two headlight bulbs in it.

    If the headlight has not been worked on, and if it used to have both headlamps facing normally, has something happened like a bump into something that push the bumper cover back enough to affect the parts holding the headlamp unit in place.

    If someone worked on the headlamp, I suspect they did not replace the whole unit correctly. It works, according to this video, a lot like my Cobalt's units. The unit hooks on the fender side into something first and that helps hold it in place. The unit has two slots on the underside that slide into hooks on the plastic around the headlamp and hold the headlamp in place on the bottom firmly and prevent bouncing or vibration. The Uplander in the video has a hook on the inboard side to lock the lamp into place there.

    My guess would be someone didn't get the outside hook correctly in place. That's holding the outside forward and causes the whole unit to aim across the middle.
    Check the position and gap around both headlights on the fender side to see how they compare.

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