I have an 03 Yukon Dinali the cigarette lighter upfront started on fire and now truck won’t start pl

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My cigarette lighter start on fire the one by the ashtray I’ve traced wires only the orange wire is damaged what else could it be it says unknown driver and windows heated seats won’t turn on


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    You might want to start by checking for damage to a) the fuse box and b) any of the "fusible links" that are inline from the + on the battery post.

    With this type of electrical fire, there's no way to pinpoint the damage until you start digging into it---starting with the simplest things first--fuses, melted wires under the fuse box, fusible link failures, condition of the battery.

    You may need to take it to a specialist who has wiring diagrams and scan tools and can diagnose this step by step and inch by inch in the wiring.
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    It's only the orange wire the fuse was melted and started go threw wires and replaced bad ones
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    They want 150hr to work on it and I'm broke
  • Badams605Badams605 Member Posts: 4
    Battery good alternator brand-new
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