dash gauges going crazy and headlight issue

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My parents 03 windstar has an issue that started with the cruise control going out and proceeded to the dash functions acting up. When the vehicle is started and running the dash guages go up and down and recently the headlights went out as they were driving . They heard that there was an issue with the instrument panel, and through some research decided to have someone attempt to repair the dash by re- soldering a connection and it didnt help. I think the headlight issue leads to a different direction than the instrument panel, like a possible body control module issue, but I am not sure if the front module handles all of these funtions. I also heard that an altenator could be the culprit. Any ideas?


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    Chasing an electrical ghost isn't easy. One approach is to get the charging system in order--that would include testing the alternator, battery, and battery cables--especially the ground, as well as the engine-to-frame grounding strap. With older vehicles, this can certainly be one possible cause of erratic electrical behavior.
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