2003 Lincoln navigator Advance traction control light. No 4x4

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I have a Advance traction control light on. Code U1900 don’t know where to look. To try and fix. Also when I turn the switch for four-wheel-drive none of my lights pop up on the dash and my car is not going into four-wheel-drive. 146,xxx any help would be appreciated.


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    I am experiencing the exact same issue. I have no AWD, 4x4 H or L. Also, my liftgate/rear defrost/rear wipers all stopped working at the same time. Are these fuse issues?
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    U1900 can be a lot of things. You're going to need professional help on this one. There are tests than can be performed to narrow these down:

    The most common cause of the trouble code U1900 is a possible defective instrument cluster or an issue with the trailer brake controller. Other issues can be:

    CAN circuit (Controller Area Network) 1908 (WH) open, short to ground, or short to voltage.
    CAN circuit (Controller Area Network) 1909 (BK) open, short to ground, or short to voltage.
    DLC (Data Link Connector) C251
    ABS module
    ABS module C135
    instrument cluster
    instrument cluster C220b
    PCM C175b or C1381b
    trailer brake controller
    trailer brake controller C2142b

    The anti-lock brake system (ABS) module, the instrument cluster, the power train control module (PCM) and the trailer brake controller are all on the CAN. Could be a bad connector somewhere on the CAN.

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    Would this cause the 4wheel drive not to work too?  The first day the advanced tracking control light came on. The 4 wheel drive light flashed then turned off. 
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    Yes, an issue with communication between the instrument cluster, ABS control module and the 4WD control module can do this. To start I'd be connecting a scan tool and attempting to communicate and pull codes from every module on the car. Depending on which modules communicate, versus which ones do not as well as what codes are reported from the ones that can, that would let me focus my efforts on the section of the system that has a failure. This is easily a harness issue but you don't want to just tear the car apart to try to find it. By identifying which modules are still working you can rule out some sections.
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    River or Navigator family, did you guys ever resolve your issue. I am having very similar issues to my 03 Nav as both of you.

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