2001 toyota avolon is killing batteries and alternators! What could be the cause?

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Hi in the past 5-6 years my car has gone through 4 batteries and now 4 alternators. Just about to get the current one replaced upon questioning the mechanic they just say it must of been a faulty one! Let’s just say the last battery replaced just a few days ago by my son. It has for the past 6 years lost all power for a few seconds while driving no one has been able to find the cause and just blame it on the battery and alternator. Has anyone else had the issue if so what was the solve? Personally I think it’s the computer?


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    I don't think the computer could shut off all power--if you mean all lights, horn, radio, etc. It could shut off ignition and cause the car to stall but it can't shut down the entire electrical system.

    Best thing to do is determine the cause of the alternator failures in the first place. Then load-test the battery.

    Seems to me that nobody is looking at the whole picture here. The battery and alternator are heavily dependent on each other in order to function properly, and either one can kill the other, if one is defective. The stalling might not even be related to the alternator or battery.

    As for defective alternators---yes, depending on whether the alternator is new or rebuilt, it can fail right out of the box. Some rebuilders of alternators do a terrible job of it, especially at chain stores.
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    So what could it be then what effects the alternator and the battery it is a computerised car 
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