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Audi Q7 Accessories

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
edited August 2014 in Audi


  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21
    All I've seen so far are floor mats, a cargo area mat is available (I'm told - but no one has seen it and no one seems to know how muc space it covers), and mud flaps.

    Is there more?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hmm ... let's see ...

    Lights & lighting, winches, bike & ski racks, truck toolboxes, roof racks & bags, hitch & bed accessories, car covers, truck tents, body kits, side view mirrors, deflectors, car bras, nerf bars & sidesteps, sheepskin and ordinary seat covers, cargo and trunk liners, driving accessories, radar detectors, digital compass & GPS, performance parts & chips, muffler & exhaust products, shifters, air filters, suspension systems, air intake systems, transmission & oil coolers, and ... and ... you get the idea! :)

    tidester, host
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    Floor mats? This thing doesn't come with floor mats? That should be a standard item on a luxury vehicle, no?
  • carpiscarpis Posts: 12
    and where can I get these accesories pray tell? as I have tried
    and they are not available yet..
  • Has anyone heard anything about a post-factory nav kit for the Q7? They produced one for the A6, and it worked well for Audi. I've heard rumors they'll have it for the Q in early '07, but was wondering if anyone else had a more detailed timeline. Can't wait to get it for my Q.
  • Yes, it's called "Garmin" and you can go buy it from any electronics dealer. For the current model year Q7, Nav is not available as an after-market addition. From speaking with my service manager who has been with Audi 20+ years, when the A6 first came out, it was pre-wired with a loom from the factory and it was loomed to the options that were on the car. As they go through a period of operation of 1-2 years, they standardize on the loom and every car ends up with the same. This is why pre 2005 A6's can't get retro-Nav but 2006+ can. I decided I wanted NAV the second I drove the car off the lot and there's nothing they could do about it. My Q7, a 4.2 premium was built in September, and in October they came out with an option where you can plug your iPod into the center arm rest and control everything from the MMI. Can't retrofit even that for even just one month of production.

  • Just found someone on ebay selling a "Audi Navigation Module installation kit for Q7, A8, and A6". They state The DVD Module is Part # 4EO 919 887 C which works for all of the following vehicles: Audi Models '04-'07 A8; '05-'07 A6; '07 Q7.

    I wonder if this is legit....
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    I just got my Q7, and I am having problems with connecting my Blackberry with the interface to use the hands-free option.

    I can initially pair the phone with the MMI system. However, after some time (about 2-5 minutes), the MMI will drop the bluetooth signal, and disconnect my phone.

    It is strange. If during the few minutes that the phone is connected to the system, I make a phone call, the phone remains connected for as long as I am talking. Then, if I hand up and wait the few minutes, the phone gets disconnected from the system again. However, if after I hang up, I QUICKLY make another call, I can stay connected. Very odd.

    Anyone have a similar problem, or a potential solution? Let me know please - this is killing me.
  • lej1447lej1447 Posts: 16
    I have IPAQ cingular. The problem seems to occur if I place such in the cup holder which is far from the MMI. After a while, it lost connectivity. If I rest my IPAQ below the MMI and in front of the shifting gear, connectivity remains. On the other hand, my wife has a Motorola Rzr, and that thing works like a charm. She left it in her purse, and connectivity remains good. My sister bought the Rzr for the same purpose w/ her Toyota Prius, which recommended the Rzr as well. Maybe I have not left it in there long enough to lose connectivity. I only get to drive it on the weekend, and you know who drives sucg during the week. :> )
  • lej1447lej1447 Posts: 16
    I like the look of the rear valance w/ chrome exhaust tip, but not ready to cough out $1400 for such. I found out that the chrome exhaust tip is available for purchase separately from the valence package, but no one knows such availability. Does any one know? I saw the front valence, side steps, and more accessories on the Q7, but I have not seen those in person, so I don't know whether or not they look good. Brochure looks good due to Photoshop touch up and beautiful lighting, if you know what I mean.
  • Yeah i like the chrome exhaust tips too but audi has not yet offered them as an accessory. I know for a fact that you can get them on the A8 and A4, but they probably want to keep 3.6 and 4.2 Q7s looking different...wish you could get them though...let me know if you find any.
  • lej1447lej1447 Posts: 16
    2008 Audi Q7 V-12 TDI looks aweseom. - photo-gallery/

    Design by BB and Caractere - -2-tdi/

    Found this website for such TDI looks. Valence and chrome exhaust tips appear to be slightly less than that of accessories to be offered via dealer.

    How do you say it, "Read & Weep!"
    BTW, for BB there is a distributor in NY and in southern CA. FYI.

    Let me know what you think.
  • lej1447lej1447 Posts: 16
    Here is another one. Order form is in pdf. - _audi_q7_en.pdf

    View it as the HTML. Then click the link on top to take you to the pdf file automatically.
  • iumbastuiumbastu Posts: 4
    I bought a kit for our March '06 build Q7 4.2 and haven't had any issues. The install was very easy as everything is located in the right hand side of the trunk. I did another install in our '05 A6 4.2...The part numbers were the same and both worked flawlessly with MMI.

    You have to be careful though as there are some modules out there that have bad software. (See TSB 91-06-07)
  • chitownq7chitownq7 Posts: 17
    Great, thanks for the info. Can I ask where you purchased your kit from?
  • Anyone know what type of connector is used by the Audi music interface in the Q7. Manual says you can get a cable from your local dealer or electronics store but does not specify connector type. Want to connect up to wife's Ipod.
  • chitownq7chitownq7 Posts: 17
    It's available at under "accessories".
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    I found a solution!! Going through many many many (did I say "many") sites, I found out that the Pearl has a software release available in Italy (not yet released in the U.S.), which although not specific for this particular purpose, happens to fix the bluetooth connectivity issue for my Audi Q7.

    It is the version available for TIM, v4.2.1.66 is what I have, and it is working fine here in the U.S. You should go through (and there is a lot of reading, but worth it), and follow the following forum: link title

    Good Luck!!
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I have been told by Sprint/Nextel and US Celluar that no Bluetooth phones are available that are compatible with the Audi cradle. The only phones available are GSM format which do not work in the US.
    Has anyone any different info ?
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    The phones that are "technically" compatable (direct from Audi's website), are listed here: Audi Q7 Bluetooth Compatibility List

    Most new phones do not need the cradle. Further, there are phones not on the list which may also work, but have simply not been tested by Audi. The list only confirms those phones tested and guaranteed to work. The compatibility has nothing to do with whether your phone is SDMA or GSM, but rather, on the software in the phone iteself, and whether it works with the Q7 MMI software.

    Good luck!
  • Does anyone know whether the Cingular 8125 will pair with the Bluetooth connection in the Audi Q7? The Cingular 8125 is not on the official list from Audi, but I understand that other phones may also work - they just haven't been tested.
  • jagans22jagans22 Posts: 1
    I'm picking up mine on Friday Q7 3.6 Premium...anyone have a clue how it integrates into the MMI? Can u c pictures from your iPod and such on the display?

    Thanks for any feedback or experiences
  • ssivaramssivaram Posts: 6
    I have a Cingular 8125 and the Bluetooth link works like

    In a 10-minute initialization process, I got all my
    contacts downloaded. Now, the Q7 does the obvious.
    If I am on a call and enter the Q7, once I start the
    engine, the call switches to the speakers. The reverse
    happens when I leave the car while on the phone.

    Couldn't be happier.
  • jbargerjbarger Posts: 2
    Could you please tell me where you purchased the Post-factory navigation kit for the Q7. I'm about to buy a portable system but would like to have something installed in the car that appears on the information screen on the dash. Thanks.
  • jbargerjbarger Posts: 2
    I saw some of your posts about the navigation systems for the Q7. Did you ever find out where to purchase it?
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Late response to an old post but I too am interested in the post navigation system. Any places where to purchase this kit? Thanks!
  • Hey. I have an 07' q7. Have you seen a Q7 with Lambo doors? I want to look into that if anyone knows anything.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Can anyone tell me if their Q7 came with a cargo net? Mine did not come with one. Thanks
  • My 2008 Q7 4.2 did not come with a cargo net...but it should have!
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Thanks for the info, and I agree it should have! I ended up calling Audi directly and they checked the VIN and confirmed it did not come with a cargo net. Not a big deal but it is kind of funny that a cargo net is an option on this SUV... So far no probs though, really enjoy this vehicle.
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