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Chevrolet Equinox: Test Drives - Tell us what you think?

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
Test driven an Equinox? We'd love to hear about it.


  • angie7angie7 Posts: 3
    We went out to check out the Equinox LS because the dealer was running a special. After seeing the 2007 Equinox and test driving it we liked it so much we purchased it. It has lots of room to be comfortable. It handled very nice and smooth. I do hope it will give us many years of being a great vehicle :)
  • enox05enox05 Posts: 1
    We purchased a 05 equinox new. We have had nothing but trouble starting from day one with airleaks/windnoise.
    I was told over and over there was no air leak. Then the General manager went a test drive with me and yep you guessed it, AN AIRLEAK a big one. Since then my car has gone in 8 times to fix this problem. I've been told that it is a common complaint about wind drag in the equinox. They have replaced all weatherstripping, tightened the door,and have sealed and resealed the mirror. To no avail.
    I love my car but with no undercoating it is the noisiest car I have ever driven. Taking it across country sounds like a windtunnel inside. We have to turn up the stereo to try and ignore it. Thinking of buying an Equinox? All I can say is DON'T.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    I drive a 2005 Equinox FWD LT bought it new. Went cross country twice since with no problems at all and very quiet. I adore my Nox. The only problem was the front wheels rotors had to be turned (re surfaced) twice since 2005 because of braking vibrations. Other than that, it's a jewel. Would buy the same model anytime.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    As soon as GM gets rid of that engine from China, I will test drive one.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 463
    but made in Japan? That's gonna be your only other option.
    Except for the V8's, I don't think any of the smaller engines will be made in the US. Mexico will make all the V6's. SOuth America for all the Ecotec engines.
  • hazeyflahazeyfla Posts: 2
    i too have an 05 lt and had the same noise problem. after three times at the dealership they seemed to have not fixed the problem but lessoned the wind noise. but more noticeably the road noise was bad. the odd size 17" tires don't help in changing tire brands. the oem replacements were the only option for us but 75 bucks in dynamat on the floors and behind the door panels we can hear the radio at highway speeds now. other than that, i feel that 26k for a decent suv with leather and pulls the hell out of my 18 bay boat i'm satisfied with our purchase.
  • ben05ben05 Posts: 3
    own a 05 nox and we've had it in for a leaking intake gasket,(oil in antifreze) still looses antifreze in 6,000 mi. this winter I started hearing a loud clicking noise coming from the rear of the vehical when 4 wheel drive kicks in, especially when on it preaty good to get through deeper snow. Denny hacker says it's normal, sure don't remember hearing it to be that loud in previous year. also a burnt lube smell coming from rear of vehical after just a drive to get the sunday newspaper. got another 3000 mi before warrantys up , looking for some help if anyones having the same problems im having. or if normal noise dealer seams to think so?
    Sincearly: Ben :confuse:
  • lesms808lesms808 Posts: 1
    I test drove two '07 Equinoxes at a used car sales dealer and found them both to have very soft gas pedals, as if you rest your foot on it, it will go down too easily. Normally you have to press to go, however I found I had to hold my foot up so as to control my speed. Is this a normal feature of the Equinox? Thanks.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    Not sure what you are driving now or how old it is, but most late models cars utilize throttle by wire. There is no mechanical connection (via a cable) between the gas pedal and the engine throttle plate. The pedal inside the car has a position sensor attached to it. The position sensor sends an electrical signal to the computer. The computer interprets pedal position and sends another electrical signal to a small motor which opens or closes the throttle plate. It all happens in a split second. These set-ups are extremely sensitive and you do not need a lot of force to push the pedal down. After you drive one of these for a while, you get used to it.
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    LOVED the NEW 2010 so much we purchased one. Bought it last Novembver of 2010, it roomy, comfortable, stylish and LOVE the on-star feature and with it's crash ratings being superb how could we pass this one up? I just hope down the road this car turns out to be reliable. Besides my resent issue with the car
    (which I hope GM is working on it as we speak)-other than that I LOVE this crossover.
  • Test drove the 2010 Equinox today. No 2011s on the lot yet. I like the vehicle but engine seemed loud (we drove 4 cylinder). Just not sure about how it will perform on long trips.
  • Test drove a 2LT AWD 4cyl. Been looking for a new SUV, and liked the looks of the new Equinox/Terrains...

    I hate the 4cyl...not enough power, bout what i expected.The V6 should be ok (haven't driven one of these yet).Exterior looks really nice as does the interior. What i hate and is a deal breaker is the cheap materials used in the interior.Really horrible.I'm disapointed in GM.They can do so much better. Really low rent plastic. Sad. I'm crossing these off my list.
  • I just purchased a 2010 AWD V6 LTZ I enjoy the way it handles very quite. My first problem that scared me was the automatic transmission, the drive gear does not hold the vehicle in place when on sloped ground. As soon you take your foot off the brake the car begins to roll backwards faster and faster I find this to be very dangerous and should be recalled. I would sugust if you own one you should find a slight hill and try to let your transmission hold you in place or like mine it will take off too.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Darb2,
    Have you taken the vehicle back to the dealership and explained the concern? Or have them come to your house to have them see what is going on? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I recently pruchased a 2007 Equinox. Decent car, lousy design on the cockpit but I see Chevy fixed this later. My big problem is stability on the highway in wind or when being passed by a truck or bus. This thing is worse than my old 82 rv in a crosswind. A bus passing at 70 gives you that "RIGHT TURN CLYDE" thing going on. Anyone seen this or could I have a tire/alignment issue. Car has 70k & new tires when I bought it.
  • #1 Has it every been in a wreck #2 You could have a bad tire even though there new. You have no idea were the tire came from. You can still buy cheap made tires. #3 You could need an alignment. We have 2012 Equinox no such issues it handles to good for what it is. Alot of saftey built in. Odds are its bad news probley #1 or #2 :(
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