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Ford Escort Electrical Problems



  • I just bought a '93 escort lx 4/dr and I go to take a ride at night but my dash lights wont work, can't see the spedo to know how fast im going. and ive replaced all bad fuses, whats the problem? also the cover to my fuse panel has vanished from the face of the earth according to the previous owner, so if some one could send me the fuse diagram so i know what fuse works what, that would be heller cool.
  • ndiamondndiamond Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Ford Escort. Last night the radio started to turn on and off automatically while driving. Before long I had all of my warning lights turning on and off. There was a distinct clicking sound as this was happening. When I got home I turned off the engine and restarted. At that time everything was fine, until I put in drive and accelerated. Then it all started all over. It is like a power surge is coming from somewhere. It has never done this before.
  • The problem started with the radiator fan staying on with the car off. I noticed it when after not driving it for a few days, I went to use it and the battery was dead. I replaced the battery and as soon as I connected the battery the fan would come on and stay on unless I disconnected the battery. The day I was bringing it to the auto shop the fuel pump was also on with the engine off. They replaced a relay and it seemed to stop the radiator fan but not the fuel pump. They also said that the oxygen sensor was bad and they replaced that also, but when they hooked the fuel sensor up the fuel pump will stay on sometimes. They seem to think that it has something to do with the automatic start that I had installed years ago. Another problem is the service engine light is on and at times while driving the car acts like its not getting gas and hesitates or stalls at stop signs or stop lights. the car is a 1997 with 154,000 miles.
  • Quote: Hi folks, I when turned my '96 mk6 escort on I've got no back lights,or on the dash board also the buzzer to let you know the lights are on doesn't work when the door opens.But my head lights,brake lights,radio,cigarette lighter still okay.
    I've checked the fuses & they seem fine.

    I have the same problem as Nick above and wonder if anyone can help me solve it.
    Thanks in advance,
  • I have an 1992 Ford Escort wagon. The cooling fan will not come on at all. I jumped it with a hot and ground wire and it runs fine. I replaced the 2 (hi & low) speed cooling fan relays. I replaced the so call " cooling fan relay" in the under hood fuse/relay box which incidentally works with the cooling fan and the starter. I replaced the 2 pronged temp sensor and I replaced the 2 relays at the eec as well as the eec under the center console under the dash. If I disconnect the eec from the wire harness the fan comes on low. When I pull the yellow/white wire from the low side cooling fan relay the fan comes on. I'm running out of places to look. I think it may be before the eec... What device and color wire feeds the eec too tell it the a/c is on (the low fan speed is supposed come on automatically when you turn on the a/c. the high speed is turned on when the temp sensor tells the eec the engine needs cooling. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance
  • did you find out what was wrong with your car? I got in mine last night and the raido and clock quit as well as the dome light in the front and also the key lock on your keyring won't lock or unlock the doors when you press it. I was wondering if you figured out what was wrong with yours? i don't have a lighted mirror though so i don't know what happened!!!!
  • try this 1, take the plug off the temp sender and see if the gauge goes down, if it does then the sender is the problem if not thake the plugs off the back of the clock pod in the dash and check the wires for continuty if the wires are o.k then you need to check which wire are giving a live feed, you should only have a pink wire which is live with the ignition on, if there is any other wire giving alive feed you need to trace this wire back and then you will find your fault most escorts have a bad problem with the fuse box this can be expensive to replace but don`t buy second hand it doesn`t pay
  • Not really trouble shooting but simple question. Trying to change tail light, I see the two screws but how do I remove the two white plastic pieces holding it in?
  • My fan also stays on sometimes. The only way to get it to shut off is to unplug the relay (in the fuse box next to the battery). Is that the fuse they replaced? Also have you had any problems with your battery light staying on even while the car is shut off?
    Thanks Dave
  • A co-worker replaced my spark plug wires. The same day I was in heavy traffic and my car really overheated. He didn't place one of the boots entirely on and it was only running on 3 cyl.'s. Now my car keeps overheating. The fan stopped working. I've replaced the relays, some electrical stuff, the switch, the entire fan assembly (fan motor included), etc...It still will NOT come on! Any suggestions would be greatly apprec.'d!
  • i have the same problem can you help
  • :mad: Have an escort 97(R) the dahs lights, tail lights and number plate lights dont work have changed the multifunction switch( indicator column etc) and it worked for a short period have tested with and electrical tester everything seems to be ok the fuses are ok checked them except they dont test(the side light fuses) when tested with my electrical tester i get no response all other fuses seem ok.
    Can anyone advise on what the problem could be because i am stumped now and we cant really use the car in the dark or rain. No smug remarks about dont go out in the dark because thats what we are doing.
    Thanks :cry: :)
  • i have a 1994 escort wagon and we were driving and it all at once just quit and when you try to restart it all it will do is turn over but will not start .....any ideas
  • I see you had the same problem as me on your escort....
    It is rainy and wet after a January thaw here in Detroit Mi, and our car is beeping every couple hours.....
    Did you get an answer to what may be happening?

    Here's your posting: I have a 99 Ford Escort, only owner. Recently, the alarm has been going off, especially in wet weather. The alarm is not even set, it does not seem to matter. It will go off randomly, then stop- then 20 minutes later do it again. Often, that will be the end of it- but at 1am- it scares the #$%^ out of me an the neighbors. Any idea on what the issue could be?
  • sam8thsam8th Posts: 4
    this has been happening to me for years. i called ford when i still had a warranty in place, but they said they'd never heard of such a thing. then i dropped the ball and the warranty ran out and now i'm just up the creek with the problem. it seems to be mostly in cold weather that this happens. my car is a 97 ford escort wagon lx
  • I have a 1994 Ford Escort LX with a weird problem.
    My car wouldn’t start at one point, and then only after excessive crank time did it actually start and then no problem for a week, then it did it again and it was once again fine for a week, then it did it again and I haven’t been able to start it since, now there is no spark, no fuel pump no quick power on self test through the dash lights (ie: now check engine light lights up for 5 seconds and then goes out once I’ve initiated the ignition process)in addition the automatic seat belts do not operate and I know it isn’t flooding out. So I need some help here guys anyone who has any ideas throw them my way… thanks
  • hi i have got the same problem i was wondering if you have solved the fault. i would be very greatful if you could reply
    many thanks
  • we did finly get it. it was real easy!
    it was just the ignistion switch.
    it had burnt the other three contacts out but not the the contact for the starter.
    i have been finding out that that is a common problem in the escorts.
    good luck
  • My brother n law owns a 1991 ford escort 1.8L GT and we are having a problem fixing it. Recently it had been running with very little power (i.e when going up hill it lost power and slowed the car down drastically). We were working on it, pulled the distributor cap off, noticed that the contacts on the cap were dirty, scraped them and put the dist. cap back on. Before we pulled the cap off it was running, just with little power. When we put the cap back on, it stopped running. Today we replaced the cap and guessed it, the engine is turning over just won't finish firing up. Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be?
  • davef7davef7 Posts: 2
    Hi, the problem is in the stalk/indicator assembly, you can get a used one for £15 or £30 for a new one. My advice is get the new one as it might be cheaper in the long run,I got a used one but that is playing up a bit so I`ll get a new one now.
    They`re really easy to fit,get a dumpy scewdriver to undo the stalk and a small "star" bit for the housing if I remember correct,the electrics are on plugs,just unplug,dead easy.Another good tip,find which fuse it uses and take it out before fitting and replace afterwards (I blew mine twice).
    Good luck
    Dave (Everton fan)
  • maxzepmaxzep Posts: 1

    I noted your post of June 3 2007 and I didn't see any reply...

    Last night,I lost the left half of my dash lights and have been all over the web looking for a stright answer.....Did you ever get one ? ....

  • Fall 2007: I noticed my dash lights were getting pretty dim, and eventually they went out completely. They haven't worked at all for close to six months now. My interior light isn't working either but I went to a shop and they said the "button" on the door just needed to be replaced. Ok, I can handle that. However, about 2 months ago, I had to replace my ignition switch as well. I would turn the car OFF and then take the key OUT of the ignition and the car acted like it was trying to start!! OMG! The only way I could NOT have it happen till I get it to the shop was to leave the keys in the ignition in the off position, and I think I may have had to leave it in neutral and put the emergency break up to stop it from moving. (luckily I live in a quiet safe area...relatively). So NOW my heater is acting really weird too. About a month ago my heater was on full blast because NY weather SUCKS and is very cold often....and the heater just totally cut out. I turned it off and then back on again and eventually, it came on, but in it's own time. It's been doing this on and off since then, but this past week, it stopped working for 3 days solid, which is putting a crimp in seeing out my front window on frosty mornings when I need to get to work. So I took it back in to the shop and had plugs and wires sone up and asked them to take a look at it. Heater started right up. That was yesterday afternoon. This morning I got in the car NO heater. GRRRRRRRRRRR I'm just trying to baby my car up to make it last and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what this could be all about. The AC hasn't worked since my front end collision 4 years ago, but everything like the radiator and front end is virtually new now...I think that may just need a charge. I had the battery checked and cleaned off as much surface corrosion as I could. Battery is fine according to a professional battery guage.
    Any sugestions are welcome! :confuse:
  • sbpwavesbpwave Posts: 2
    The fuse box itself could be the problem but that's rare. All owners of older Escorts need to check to see if the heater core under the dash is leaking little drips of fluid which drips down and shorts out at wire connectors. Of course the main computer can go out but that is rare.
  • sbpwavesbpwave Posts: 2
    The Escort motor ran ok but cool according to the gauges. Changed the two temp senders near the thermostat and changed the thermostat because the thermostat gasket had deteriorated. The fan that was staying on when the engine was shut off even if the engine was cool required a new fan relay, but we put in a used one because new ones are $165. Still had an electrical drain somewhere causing a dead battery. As a test we switched out the main computer and no change so put the old computer back.
    The problem turned out to be a SMALL LEAK FROM THE HEATER CORE under the dash dripping little drops of liqiud onto one of the multiple wire connectors under the dash, causing a short or multiple shorts. Big hassle to get to the heater core. Heater core is $45 new but to change it requires a dash pull out. You'll need also the foam gasket that goes around the heater core cause the other one is hard to reuse.

    Of course there are other potential causes like other worn out switches, relays, connectors, and I've heard of bad fuse boxes.
  • florist1florist1 Posts: 2
    My car has had just about everything imaginable replaced on it & then it just died. My mechanic has given up on it because he has checked everything & cannot figure out why it won't run. It is an electrical problems but the codes are limited & he has checked to no avail. does anyone have any ideas? he said all the parts work fine but something electrical is preventing it from starting. Its funny because I drove it to the shop, it was giving us problems, like dying in the middle of the highway, no slope, level ground, just dies. it did it repeatedly & so many things were repaired but nothing has worked this time. I really need to fix this car. Please help me. Thanks.
  • zultekzultek Posts: 6
    95 Escort starts
    has wipers front and rear
    cooling fan works
    power windows work

    wagon tailgate open light is on constantly

    NO radio
    heater fan
    interior lights
    brake, signal lights

    all fuses good no sign of relays burnt
  • I am wondering where I can find a wiring diagram for a 93 ford escort. I am currently having problems of a fuse blowing that runs the fuel pump. Also if anyone knows any other cause for it to blow the fuse other than a bare wire touching metal it would be appreciated.
  • chrisg88chrisg88 Posts: 4
    Hi, thanks before hand to whoever is reading!

    Recently had a smash on my, 1.4 ford escort lx (1997). The doors were destroyed, when the insurance came through, i bought another 1.6 ford escort zetec (ghia 1998.

    I decided to change the doors, when realizing they where electric windows/mirror

    central locking was what i already had!, didnt have the other 2

    I first stripped the floor from the 1.6 version and got the cable that runs throught bringing power to the doors. the problem is, that once i connected it all properly onto my other ford. I connected the window switches( the windows dont work), connected the mirror switches , those dont work either .. neither does the central locking .. which used to work before i took the doors out!... what could it be!
    i checked the fuses, put the 4 doors on just incase there was a broken circuit if the doors wernt all connected.. but nothing :( .. if theres somthing ive done wrong .. any connections that must be on to work... please let me know

    if anybody could possibly help please do so .. as i realllyy dont know what to do anymore!
  • marian7marian7 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 98 Escort ZX2 and have been having the same problem. The alarm sounds sporadically (sometimes at 1 or 2 in the morning!!) for no reason at all. Sometimes as soon as we shut it off and go back in the house it goes off again. I thought maybe an animal was jumping on the car and causing it to sound, but I was looking right at it the other day and there was nothing around to cause it to go off. Any ideas?
  • omfgsavemeomfgsaveme Posts: 1
    A couple of months ago the first speed of my wipers went big deal.

    but now when you leave the lights on or the keys in the 'alarm' no longer goes off.

    the other day i tired to install an ew radio since my had been stolen and i hvnt had one for about a wont work!!! wont even turn on...i have no idea whats wrong..fuses are all good.

    anyone konw?
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