A good, used 1990 Alfa Spider Graduate detachable hardtop?

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I'm looking at buying a 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate in the near term. I'm thinking that a good used detachable hardtop would be a great accessory. Does anyone have one for sale, or know where there might be one available?

My e-mail is '[email protected]'. A snowbank ate my cell-phone so I am sort of restricted to e-mail at this time. If a respondee has a phone number, I can call them.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    You can find them on eBay occasionally but of course shipping can be a problem. You can also buy them aftermarket:


    I would have to say that most people end up not using them. The '90 Alfa is under powered as it is, and the extra weight of the hardtop doesn't help. Also not too many people would drive them in wintertime, as they aren't very good in inclement weather.

    I've owned a couple of Alfa Spiders and I also thought about getting one, and almost did, but when I thought about how much I'd use it, and the storage issues, and having to repaint a used one, I eventually gave up on the idea.

    Not meaning to cramp your style---I have to say the Alfa looks good with the hardtop on---most sports cars don't.

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