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Ford F-Series Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • First check to see that your inertia switch hasn't popped. Usually located on passenger side kick pannel, floor board on drivers side, or sometimes behind rear seat. Its' a small black box with a red button that pops out when jared hard enough. If that checks ok, use a test light and with the key on in run position, see if power is going to it and out of it. Should be a two wire plug on your year, it might have tree wires. Usually the red wire is power in, and the green wire is power out to your pumps. Check that then re post with other questions.
  • picco63picco63 Posts: 2
    The first thing I checked was the inertia switch. I even got another switch just to be safe. I am getting power through my harness right up to the last connection. The only thing left is to check the wires from that connection to the fuel pump. I connected a battery directly to the harness (red and black wires) and the fuel pump did not kick in. I think I got it. Thanks for your advice mickeymouse2.
  • 2001 f150 gas 6.4 Ran fine would not start next day had frame mounted fule filter replaced was told it was completly blocked, fule pump tested psi 25. Factory psi was 35-55 Ran fine 2 weeks same problem will not start again.
    Is there more than one fule filter on this truck ?
    Would this psi keep truck from starting?
    Any other ideas?
  • I have a 1995 f150 pu . It' been parked aprox 2 yrs. drained tanks and put in new gas.I removed the gas line between filter and engine there's no gas flow from either tank when dash board switch is changed . the gauge changes levels.Just wondering where to start troubleshooting. thanks ron
  • bsegabsega Posts: 2
    I just bought a 1988 ford f150 . The truck was not driven for an extended time but was started by owner from time to time. There was a lot of smoke from the old oil on the engine block . I brought it home and washed it down with a water from a garden hose . Truck started fine & moved it about for a short time . Gas was a bit low . I parked it & was doing some cleaning . Tried to start it again & it just will not start . dropped in 3 gallons of gas & still will not start . I do not hear the pump (not sure if I should be able to ) Sprayed some quick start into the air intake & it fires up for just 1 sec or so but will not run . Can you please help . Is the pump in the gas tank and is there anything I can check .
  • Is it a duel tank? If it is, try switching to the other tank. Also check to see if you are getting fuel through the fuel filter ( located in the frame rail between the fuel tank and the engine, left side I believe). Check and reset the roll over switch, Should be located in cab on the left side of the steering colume on the firewall. Will have a red button on top of it, push down on it to re-set. I can hear the fuel pump on my 1991, runs only for a second immediatly after turning on the ignition switch. I believe it is located in the fuel tank on the 88' as well, if you can't hear it try checking the fuel pump relay in the ingine compartment (drivers side on the finder well of the 6 cylinder, don't know what engine you have.)
  • bsegabsega Posts: 2
    I have a v6 engine single tank . Here is what I found so far . The truck has an external fuel pump & there was no power comming to it . The rollover switch is pushed in . I gave power direct to the pump & the truck now starts . I'm not sure where the fuel pump relay . I looked in the engine compartment drivers side fender & saw 2 small relay(one black & the other gray) like squre with green plug on the wireing harnes . The gray one was a bit hot . looks like there is no power going to the pump .
    I'm not sure if connecting the power direct ( only power when ignation is on) could damage the pump as it turns on as soon as I on the ignation & will not turn off .I'm worried 1) will I burn out the pump if I was to have the ignation ON 2) will I flood the engine or will the fuel go back into the tank . 3) how can I test the relay .

    Thanks mike for the responce...
  • :)
    OK got the ford running again the fule pump had died completly, the clogged filter had taken it's toll on the pump and sent it on a down ward sprial to it's demise.
    Thank you to all who sent me their thoughts.
  • Glad to help. I would keep an eye on the fuel filter for a month or so to be sure it doesn't get clogged again. Good that your fuel pump was not in the tank. Pump probably burned out because of the clogged filter. Fuel cannot return to the tank if it never gets to the fuel return regulator. Good luck, Mike
  • 300CID300CID Posts: 1
    For some reason I can't find a diagram / schematic of a F 150 fuel system. I own a 1989 F 150 2wd w/ 4.9 liter 300 cid EFI. I'm mainly interested in identifying the can-like apparatus on the frame rail. It must be a mechanical switching device because it has no wires going to it. It is located approximately below the door post on the drivers side. It has 4 lines to the rear and 2 to the front. The forward tank will work only after tapping on it. I suspect there is a check valve like switching manifold inside that acuates when fuel is pumped from the selected tank. Anyone know where to find the aforementioned diagram / schematic? Can this module be serviced /repaired? All information can be forwarded to me @ Thanks
  • ???????
    I have a 91 F-150, 4.9. I have a mis on #6 that I cannot figure out. When I start the engine (cold) #6 fires fine, as it warms up the #6 begins to miss, as time goes on it gets to the point where is occasionaly fires and the rest of the time it is missing.
    All of the other cylinders fire perfactly through all of this. Compression check is Ideal, all within 10%. New wires, new NGK plugs, timing check Ok, sparkplug wire resistance ok, coil (?), runs ok on the rest of the cylinders. Could it be the ignition module in the distributer, or what? Why would it be in the module for #6 when it is ok for the rest of the cylinders? Anyway, I am at a total loss. Mike
  • I have a '99 F350 w/ the 7.3L powerstroke that has 194K miles. The motor ran ruff then died. now it won't start. No smoke while cranking either. Don't know what the PCM codes are yet. Any suggestions or tests?
  • My 2000 F150XLT stalled when i was driving down the road at 50 MPH the engine turned off i tried to start it, it turned over and sounded like it wanted to start but didnt. What do you think it is i think is the fuel pump any thoughts also is the fuel pump for this year in the tank?

  • It sounds like the ICM (ignition control module). My '77 gas burner did the same thing. It is very unnerving losing power at 70+ mph on the interstate next to an 18 wheeler. Ford has historically had an outsourcing problem with their far east suppliers producing quality electronics. The the ICM is normally encased in an epoxy mixture that is supposed to keep the circuit boards "safe" from vibrations, heat and debris but don't. After a bit of heat is applied to it, the interior of the ICM cracks - along with the circuit board(s). Replace the ICM and the problem will stop. However, it is likely to occur again (especially with heavy use) so keep the part number handy or do what I ended up doing: carry a spare. If you bug your areas Ford rep. long enough Ford will pay for it - that's what I did. Good Luck - Fallken
  • my 1993 f-150 won't start and displays a reset fyel on the dash, can anyone help?
  • my 1993 f-150 won't start and displays a reset fuel on the dash, can anyone help?
  • Check your Collision switch, reset it by pushing the button on top. Switch is located under the dash on the firewall to the left of your left leg. Check your circut breaker and fuses.
  • i just recently bought an f150 2003. in the first week of having it my check engine light came on. tests said engine was running lean and come to find out is was a bad throtle switch. i hope that was all that is wrong. any questions or comments please.......i dont know much about cars that is why im asking thanx.
  • where is the fuel pump on my 1996 f150. I have dual tanks
  • ajax01ajax01 Posts: 2
    1993 F150, 4.9L engine, 4X4, long bed, std cab.
    I shut it off last night with about 1/8 tank of gas in the front tank. This morning it would not start. I switched to the rear tank and it started. I filled the front tank and put gas in the back tank as well. It still will not start on the front tank. I checked the collision fuel-shut off switch. It is depressed and ok I guess; I've never seen one that had activated. It will not run on the front tank: I switched tanks while driving and had to switch right back to the rear tank. There are no fuses in the fuse box inside the cab marked for fuel anything and I don't know where or whether there are more fuses.
    The only thing different to me from the day before is that a shield on the exhaust had come loose a few days ago, so I put new bolts in it last night. I can't think that I was any where near any fuel system components, but then, I wasn't looking for them either.
    Any help on what the problem is?
    THANKS IN ADVANCE. :confuse:
  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Posts: 161
    Ford did two different designs on that. One they used a rail mounted fuel pump driverside slightly forward towards the engine that pulls fuel trough the selector valve also on the rail drivers side about where the bed starts. Look for damaged wires at the selector valve from that exhuast sheild that fell off. It may have cut one of them.

    If you have the design of two fuel pumps, it is probably the pump.

    Your inertia switch kills power to your fuel pump[s] reguadless what design. If one is working, it is not that.

    Be focusing on the selector valve. Good luck
  • ajax01ajax01 Posts: 2
    The exhaust shield is on the passenger side right beside the tranny. It didn't fall off, only lost a bolt & rattled, so no cut wires from that.
    When you say 'rail mounted' are you referring to the frame? I just put all new brake lines on and don't remember anything with wires (selector switch or pump) on the frame, but I'll look again. There is a fuel filter in the gas line that lays inside the frame about even with the drivers floor board.
    I don't know where the fuel pump(s) is, but I assumed one in each tank.
    Thanks for your comments.
  • tgj1tgj1 Posts: 2
    I am having a problem that while driving my truck the check engine light comes and the engine dies. When I go start it back the fuel pump just runs and does not shut off, could someone help me with this and please tell me what the flat pancake contraption is up next to the fuel injection manifold.
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Can you retrieve the trouble code from your computer? If so, this will narrow down the problem. Are you sure you are not out of fuel? Not sure what the pancake contraption is in less it is the fuel back pressure regulator. The regulator restricts the amount of fuel returning to the gas tank, forcing more fuel to the injectors, thus making more fuel inter the cylinder to make it go faster. I suggest going to your local automotive parts store and pick up a Chilton (or equivalent) manual #266664 which covers 1987-1996 Ford Pickups. This manual will help you alot and only costs around $20.00. What engine do you have? Is there a vacuum line going to the pancake thing and is it hooked up and in good condition? Check all of your vacuum lines and wire connections before doing any repair work.
  • tgj1tgj1 Posts: 2
    my truck does have 300 6cyl motor with duel tanks and the metal contraption does not have a vacuum line to it and it looks like that i would have to replace the gas line with it.
    Thanks Troy
  • 1985 F-150 4WD 5.0 FI with dual tanks- 2 low pressure and one high pressure fuel pumps with no power going to them. Does anyone know where the relay and/ or fuse link is?
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Check the collision switch inside the cab on the firewall above your left foot. Reset button on top of it. Or relay may be on left finder well under hood.
  • The relay is usually green in color on the drivers side engine compartment. The inertia switch or what the other person described as a collision switch can be located in 3 different areas; left kick pannel, right kick pannel, and on firewall inside cab on either passenger or drivers side. If there is no power going to the inertia switch with key on. it will be your ignition switch or fuel relay. Common issue is the fuel relay because it is mounted upside down and will collect moisture.
  • bagzbagz Posts: 1
    have you figured out this problem yet??? my truck is doing the identical thing?/????
  • 1990 F150 4.9 EFI. Fuel pump runs for as long as a minute. It will then start, and with the exception of an occasional high speed miss, it runs ok. Same process to start it again. Found a loose, capped hose that was clipped to the frame in front of tank. Dont know where it goes. Could it be check valve or something else?
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