cannot get all cylinders to fire 95 7.3 powerstroke

95pstroke95pstroke Member Posts: 1
edited January 2019 in Ford
okay guys so here is the deal, a few weeks ago I picked up a 95 f350 with the 7.3 diesel. I am new to owning a diesel and kinda lost. It fires up very well but from what I can tell it is not firing on the front 2 cylinders on the passenger side. I have tested all the wires in the valve cover harness and they have power and when I check for resistance I cant seem to find any indicating that the wires are good.. I think. i have replaced those injectors and no change. it doesn't make very good power and i am at a loss. i have been under the hood all day and tested everything i can think of but cant find the problem. i am trying to avoid going to the dealership as they want about 120 dollars an hour and i cant afford to do that. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and checked out to the best of my abilities. i apologize in advance for any dumbing down that your suggestions may require


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