03 sedona no start

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I started having problems all sudden with my sedona not stating after driving when turning the key. It set a while and it started no problem. I could smell something getting hot. The smell persisted ,then one day i drove it cut it off and turned the key ,nothing. so i checked the battery it was okay,I replaced the starter hook the battery back up tried to crank it nothing. checked the battery it was not charged. the battery had been drained less then an hour. Charged it back up. I was checking the starter , the solenoid was getting hot. disconnected the battery hot cable and tested for drains with a test light . it should something was on with switch off. I starting to think it could be a bad ignition switch causing all the problems and for some reason i can not get the gear selection out of park with the key turn ed to unlock steering wheel. could all this be related/


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    You may need a more methodical approach. Here's a video explaining how to do a Parasitic Drain Test.

    As you will see, there are a few preparatory things you have to do, in order to assure that you make a valid conclusion.

    Good luck with your detective work!
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