Climate control and radiator cooling fans

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I have a 2002 Cadillac deville.. been sitting for a while needing a radiator.. got it replaced and now the climate control display doesn't work at all.. and you can hear relays kicking in and out and the blower motor coming on and going off sometimes without doing anything with the climate control.. also the radiator fans aren't coming on when they should and when they do they look like they are running very slow and only for 10-15 secs.


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    Well if everything worked just prior to the repair and stopped working as you drove out of the repair shop, then it needs to go back to them before you get any other hands in there. Once someone else starts messing with it, the repair shop is off the hook.

    I believe your car has its own on-board diagnostics, so you might consult your owner's manual and run that and see if anything interesting comes up. Certainly the fans are affected by sensors that are related to the radiator repair. The relays could be having ground problems.

    Seems like this is all related to wiring but someone is going to have to track this down step by step.
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    Does the climate control head unit light up? Does the display work at all?

    Without looking up parts explosion for that car, I'd suggest removing and cleaning the battery connections at the battery and the negative cables at the end where it connects to the floorboard. Some owners found that corroded. You can also, while the negative is removed AND protected with a towel from touching any metal, try tightening the connections on the bolts inside the fuse/relay box that's under the rear seat. Same for the one under the hood.
    You might try wiggling around fuses and relays, because I think I recall some folks having found loosening on those connectors for the positive power.

    I'm assuming the Deville is wired the same as the leSabre and Park Avenues with which it shared the body and the assembly line. Just reciting some of the problem areas people found on the other H-bodies.

    I hope I'm not leading you the wrong way.

    At first I was going to suggest the outside temperature sensor about the size of your thumb that on the 03 leSabre was mounted to the vertical brace in front of the radiator below the hood release. And check the connections by removing and replacing.

    But the odd behavior of the fans suggests more has happened--maybe when working on and maybe from the sitting.

    Was it towed to a shop and replace or the radiator replaced where the car was sitting?

    You implied that the engine starts and runs. Have you tried replacing the battery just in case from sitting it is defective? You could substitute a temporary battery.

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