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What engine will be in the 2020 Honda CR-V

tacoma50tacoma50 Member Posts: 10
edited February 2019 in Honda
I might wait for a 2020 CRV if Honda puts the 2.4L engine back in the EX. Does any one have any inside info on what Honda will put in the 2020 CRV EX? If there are no changes expected for 2020, then I will buy a RAV4 this summer. I was planning on trading in my 2014 CRV for a 2018/19 but I have decided against it due to the Turbo oil/heat issues. I live in a cold climate and I already had a Honda car with poor heat....it was 2010 Civic that I worked with Honda USA with for over 2 years and they were never able to fix it, they finally just said it was "Normal". Honda said it was fine, but that did not help on 10F mornings when I could not even defrost my windshield in my driveway and I froze on my way to work.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 212,042
    I'll guess that it will be the same turbo engine, as they are using it in the Civic and Accord, with little issue.
    Whether they will have fixed their issues with it in the CR-V remains to be seen.

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