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Lexus IS Squeaks and Rattles

patpat Posts: 10,421
edited August 2014 in Lexus
Talk about your squeaks and rattles here.


  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    when i drive on bumpy fw in socal. it's so weird.
  • white_trashwhite_trash Posts: 11
    I live in S.Calif too and am thinking of getting and IS250 - is that the only problem
    so far ? Would you recommend one ? Did you get a good deal, and if so, which
    dealer ? Hope your squeeks go away or else just blast your radio :)
  • daman121daman121 Posts: 11
    I've had my IS 250 for about half a month now. No problems other than stares from people. :D

    I would go see Pete Johnson at Beverly Hills Lexus. I got the best price there and the service is worth the trip. (Live in the OC)
  • ricksterqricksterq Posts: 45
    I'm going on a month with my IS250 AWD and here's what I've noticed...

    1. There's an intermittent squeek from the passenger's side dash when driving on bumpy roads. I'll have this looked at when I take it in for the first servicing. It doesn't happen all the time, so that'll be a good test for the Lexus customer service reputation.

    2. The suspension is stiff. That's not necessarily a problem, but don't expect a supple, soft ride. It kind of reminds me of my old Plymouth Laser turbo.

    3. The brakes are touchy. A feather touch will make them grab. Normal pressure might lead to very quick and sudden stop. Eventually, your foot adjusts.

    4. I drive a lot in the sport mode with the manual shifter. Sometimes when up-shifting while accelerating hard, there's a lag in the time from when I upshift to the time the transmission actually shifts. So, it's like, accelerate HARD (think flooring it), upshift at around 3.5K RPMs, 4K RPMs, no actual shift, 4.5K RPMs, it finally shifts. Under normal driving conditions, the shifter works great.

    I can live with all this stuff with the exception of the squeek. That needs to get taken care of. There are so many other things that are right with the car that I am more than happy to live with the stiff suspension, brakes and manual shifting issue.
  • I think I have the same problem, and I think I know what it is. Take a look to the plastic cover under the rear mirror. There is a little screw that might not be totally tight and makes the cap lose and hense sound when driving over street bumps. I will take a look this weekend, in the mean time I will try a tape to see if this is the problem. Let us know....

    I have a manual IS 250 and I took it to the service because it s hard to shift fast, I have to wait a litle time until the crancks are alignes to compeltely shift the gear. It seems like the clutch is not doing the entire job. So if you want to speed up real quick and shif fast to pass will take some training..... any clues?
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    it was so annoying.. but now it looks ugly. man... it's annoying sound.. this is a design flaw.. i hope lexus is doing something about it...
  • red_isred_is Posts: 2
    My IS250 has the squeaky dash too, plus a rattling sun visor, and a rattle coming from the post between the doors on the driver's side. I brought it to a dealer and they couldn't isolate the sound - so I'm living with it and souring on the car. My sales rep says that if these cars have a common problem Lexus will figure it out and issue a fix. We'll see, but they may have lost my future business by then. The IS250 loaner I was given had the squeaky dash. There are too many nice cars in the IS price range to put up with this stuff.
  • 1) Your sales rep knows NOTHING about the servicing of your car
    2) the rattle on the "post" between the front & rear doors is probably the adjustible seat belt. Try raising or lowering the anchor to see if this helps.
    3) Squeaky sunvisor. Where is it coming from? When the sunvisor is in front of you or when turned to the side?
    If it only happens when in front of you, then it might be plastic on plastic (where the sunvisor "clips" into the base/anchor. Try a little surf board wax or candle wax and rub it lightly on the clip or "button" (where the visor clips into the base/anchor)
    4) Why not stop obsessing over silly little things like squeaks & rattles. Cars are built by people. They are not built to exact tollerances and they WILL develop noises. NO CAR IS PERFECT. ALL CARS WILL SQUEAK AND/OR RATTLE. Unfortunately, it's a FACT!
    5) If all else fails ... TURN UP THE RADIO. The squeaks & rattles will then vanish.

  • netwonnetwon Posts: 53
    Truer words cannot be spoken. Despite the fact we are talking about a 35k automobile, we are not talking about Maybach, or another 300+K auto. IS 350 is my second Lexus, and perhaps the problem is Lexus makes the cars too quiet for their own good. Tune down engine/exhaust noise & every little sound comes through with clarity the ML sterio can't produce.

    My .02 cents
  • maxidrivemaxidrive Posts: 70
    There's another way... Start the car and just sit inside in Park position. ;)

    No really, I don't understand these complaints 'coz I never hear any squeaking or rattling inside my IS 350! :)
  • red_isred_is Posts: 2
    I must have wandered into the wrong forum. I thought it was the Problems & Solutions forum, not the "I Love Lexus and Can Hear No Wrong" forum. Four owners have noted a dashboard squeak in this forum; the complaint appears numerous times in the forums and it also appears on We're looking for solutions, and benzoservceguy offered some but you're just dripping sarcasm. The ES GS and RX models have had similar problems - 4 technical service bulletins on the ES for dashboard and door panel rattles, and numerous dashboard replacements on the RX noted by owners in the referenced forums.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You're not in the wrong forum anymore. ;) I've pulled the squeaks and rattles issues out into a separate discussion here.

    Some might not have these problems, and that's great. But some clearly do, so now we have a place to explore them.

    And let's politely ask those who are NOT having these issues to be glad they aren't. And let's also ask them to please not bother to tell the people who are having the problems that they really are not.

    Thanks muchly!! :)
  • cklho818cklho818 Posts: 29
    I experienced the same squeaks noise coming from the dash. I just got mine over the weekend! I am taking it in to have them check it when my license plate gets here.
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    dont' tell us to ignore the problems, if you don't report it, they will ignore it. and you're the one w/ the problems.

    and yes... something come up for me. my brake now makes squeaking noise when i brake...

    this is bad... bad.... terrible...
    i feel like i'm really driving a old old car, and just have a stylist body for show. everything about this car sucks...

    instead of ppl checking my car, now they look because how horrible it sounds...
  • I had a loud squeal in my brakes one day (I've owned my IS for almost 7 months). It happened as I was turning into a parking space (sounded like metal on metal). I quickly took it to Lexus and they couldn't really find anything but they tightened the caliper bolts and strut bolts that were a bit "loose" and torqued down the brakes and suspension nuts and bolts (I'm just reading what my receipt shows as the solution) and I've never heard the sound since. And that was about 6 months ago. Maybe this will help you sowku.
  • I often drive with the windows down so I don't know when this started but at approx. 6,000 miles I noticed 2 squeaks in my 350. The first one is under the dash, left of the steering column and happens mostly when going over speed bumps. It sounds as if something is flexing. The sound happens when the front wheels start climbing the speed bump (suspension compression) and when, on the other side of the bump, the wheels connect again with the pavement (suspension compression again). All this happens at slow speed.

    The other squeak is in the moon roof, with the roof closed. When the screen is pulled back it is very loud and annoying. The squeaks come from all around the glass roof and happen on uneven pavement and during cornering. It feels like the chassis is not rigid enough and is flexing, which my interpretation is the moonroof frame twisting.

    I haven't been to the dealership yet and wanted to see if anybody has had similar experience.
  • There was a TSS on squeaking: NV001-06 FRONT SEAT SQUEAK NOISE. Maybe their will be one on this as well. Lexus seems to be pretty good about resolving issues.
  • First, I purchased my IS250 November of 05. I have been experiencing the squeaking noise from the dash too. Not so much in the Summer but it was driving me crazy in the winter (I live in Chicago). I had my Lexus in the shop approximately 5 times between Nov and March. The problem has never been resolved. I anticipate having the same problems as the cold weather approaches. Regarding the brakes. I too had squeakey brakes around 6000 miles. Lexus replaced the front pads and rotors. This is something that will never be recalled but if you complain about it, they should replace the front brakes. Just don't wait until you have 15000 miles. Has anyone out there had the squeaking from the dash fixed? If so, how was it resolved? It drives me nuts! And regarding people who say that we did not purchase a Maybach, that is complete nonsense! We all still paid a lot of money for this car, my 98 Honda Accord with 120000 miles does not make any noises at all. I think it is a joke that Lexus has not figured a way to fix my particular problem after being in there 5 times.
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    totally. and they dared to say that it's normal. i called them 3 times, went there, and they looked at it, and said it's normal. WTF!!! they better fix my brake. I'm pissed off. my brake still has the squeaking sound when i brake. i guess my upgrade to a GS in the future is not gonna come true. Lexus sucks. quality goes down, the cost of the car goes up.... hurrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! yaaeee to the stupid consumer... they believe us... it's normal and they give us the money... that's what going through lexus CEO & managers... they don't care... they got the big pay checks...
  • Very sorry to hear that, guys! I picked up my IS 350 on March 4th and haven't experienced any of these problems. Have you brought your cars to different dealerships?
  • Yes I have, I have been to two different dealerships. I have taken it to the dealership that I purchased my Lexus at twice and another Lexus dealership in Chicago three times. Both have not resolved the squeaking noise.
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    call lexus and complain.. i hope many ppl would complain about this problem.. which is becoming a 'normal' issue to them, to count as something not needed to fix. i hope the fix it before something happen to you.. like it fails, and when the check it and it looks 'ok'.

    if i have to live w/ the noise, i'm gonna complain til they fix it.
  • is3fifty...I too had the squeak coming from my was coming from the back of the sunroof where the rubber meets the metal. My dealer here in Atlanta put some type of rubber lubricant on the rubber and the sound is absolutely gone. This was back in April (got the car in late Feb.). No problems since. I often wonder if they did more than they are telling me since it seems the lubricant would've worn off by now...
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Is the Atlanta dealer Nalley or Hannesey? I bought my IS350 from Nalley Roswell.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Are most IS having squeeky break problems?

    Im debating between the IS and the G35. I certainly wouldnt wanna spend 40k for car that has squeeky breaks... :confuse:
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    mine does. quite annoying. asked lexus about it - thats just the way it is. they were no help.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    when did you buy your IS? and how loud is the sound? Is it loud enough to the point that pedestrians can hear it?
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    late August 06. 5500 miles on it now. came in on that dealers last boat from japan so it was made late in the model year.

    seems to be worse when it is very cold. i havent heard it the last couple of weeks (been warming up in the northeast).

    i can hear it inside the car with the windows shut, i would assume you can hear it outside.

    it is also not consistent. when i went in for 5k service i complained and they were silent (of course).

    it does squak only a small percentage of the time, so its not unbearable.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    have an odd rattle on the passenger side, cant really place it almost like a vibration. anyone have a similar issue?

    additionally - remiving mats to clean today and noticed that the entire plastic "cover" under the steering wheel area is totally lose. have eard some noises from doen there. is this whole thing being loose normal? i couldnt see where it clipped anywhere. seems like a poor design
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    have an odd rattle on the passenger side, cant really place it almost like a vibration. anyone have a similar issue?

    additionally - removing mats to clean today and noticed that the entire plastic "cover" under the steering wheel area is totally lose. have heard some noises from down there. is this whole thing being loose normal? i couldn't see where it clipped anywhere. seems like a poor design
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