Rodeo/passport shifter issue

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Every day I regret buying this car
<br> 2000 passport v6 auto 2nd day I had it the shifter indicators on the dash disappeared, right after that the car began shifting harder

<br> No check engine light

<br> Googling lead me to the transmission gear sensor, youtubed a old dark video where a guy cleans it out and puts it back together No prior or post install video just the cleaning I tried doing the same And I wish I took a pic of it before starting as I broke a zip tie holding the linkage onto the bracket somehow

 Anyways cleaned it Still same issues no indicator on dash Now my car will start out in park I'll go through all the gears fine goes forward and reverse When I put back into park the car will go in reverse and I can no longer start the car in 'Park position' but I can still start it in neutral


 Sorry for the wall of text but ive been trying to adjust this for hours and I can't find anything  online that resembles pics or videos that will help guide me I even made a video of what my linkage looks like (will upload later) Please help Thanks


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    So you're saying that the gear linkage is out of adjustment AND the transmission is shifting harshly AND you have no indicator lights? Or did the harsh shifting go away?
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