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New M35/M45 Owners - Give Us Your Report!



  • I have a question for any M45 Sport owners. I currently drive an A6 s-line with quatro and 18' low profile tires. The ride is not to bad in city driving. The question I have as I have yet to drive the M or GS (the cars I'm considering to replace the A6). How is the ride on the stock 19' sport wheels ? I am sure I'll get an idea but not a true feel for the ride when I go and test drive for 15 minutes with the dealer.
    I am leaning towards the M even before the test drive based on reviews. I have had 2 BMW's in the past and think the M will drive more like the german cars than the GS. Any opinions on this?
    If your wondering why I'm not looking at the 550 or E550. It's simple bang for the buck. Lease deals look better on the Japanese rides.
    Thanks for any comments.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I've had my M35 Sport for 19 months, and the stock 19" Potenza's are great. Admittedly the ride's a tad more firm than the standard 18" wheels on the base car but I'm an ex-sports car driver and I far prefer better feel for the road and better handling. You're correct in your analysis of the difference between the M and the GS ... the M is a real "driver's car", more like the German "feel". Both the M and the GS will get you to the same place in style, but it will be more fun getting there in the M. Both are superb cars ... but if you're at all like me you'll be happier long-term with the M Sport.

    And no, I'm not wondering at all about your not looking at the MB's. Price is materially higher, ride's like riding a beach ball, and quality of late across the German board has been declining. Audi's beating them up. I have several friends and colleagues who have Benz's and they're griping up a storm about frequent trips back to the dealership for repairs ... one needed an entire new engine and one returned an SL55 AMG as a "lemon", parts falling off daily.

  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    The LDW system's a pain in local driving ... it can actually be startling and distracting (like those danged radio commercials that have sirens in the background). I've turned mine off because it will catch reflections off tar stripes and sound, and any traffic guidance painting on the road will be interpreted as a lane stripe triggering it off when it's not wanted. Insofar as snow is concerned, won't work OR will sound non-stop depending upon how well or poorly the road's been plowed. Bart
  • Have you had to change the brakes to get to 34000 miles
  • Bart,
    Thanks for the info. I think your right about being happier long term in the M (I feel I need a "driver's car"). I would certainly be upset when I do get the rare chance to throw things around on the back road twisties and the GS disapoints. I guess it's time for those test drives. Regards, Glen
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Try the base car and compare it with the sport. The difference isn't huge but it's real to people like us. B
  • s54s54 Posts: 29
    FWIW, I have a 2006 M35X w/ Journey/Tech/Nav, and have found that I can live w/o the LDW for sure, and probably the ICC (but I seem to use it more than some here suggest they do). The radio is nice, but DVD-A's are out, and I don't watch movies in park.

    Not sure in which package it's available for 2007, but the one thing I cannot do without is the rear-view camera. I could not imagine having a car without it, or the NAV.

  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I'm of the same mind here. I inactivated the LDW shortly after I got my M and haven't used it ... it was downright annoying. I do very little highway driving and do use the ICC a bit but not having it by no means would matter. I haven't upgraded my CD's so am not taking full advantage of the sound system .. again, no biggie. The rear-view camera is worth its weight in gold and the NAV is terrific. If I get another M when this lease is up all I'll really want is the base car w/ NAV and rear-view camera. I'll skip the Sport option --- catch a nail in a tire and it's $400. From what I've been reading about the 2007 G I just might get THAT! Bart
  • I have just passed the one year anniversary of my car purchase. Here are my opinions

    Absolutely a great car. I have had no mechanical problems, only routine maintenance and one recall on the laser cruise control

    Good points- fun to drive, great technology, keyless remote and trunk, stereo,

    Bad points- no automatic windshield washers, lumbar support i find is not all that supportive, seat heaters are terrible-way to long to heat up. No other complaints, a great car
  • also the lane departure system is a big pain in the butt
  • I've always admired the M35 and M45, especially the interiors and have test driven a few. Now I'm driving a '03 BMW 540i Sport that I still like a lot and it has been relatively trouble free or at least what has gone wrong has been under warranty. With 67K on it I'm thinking about what's next.

    Does anyone have some experience with these 2 cars and can offer some insight on what I would find different? I'm sure the M has a much fancier nav system. I'd like to think I'd be satisfied with the M35 for the cost savings, but maybe it's too different from the 540? A M45 is still at least $12K less than a new 550i.

    Any thoughts?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You'll want to check out this discussion: Infiniti M35/M45 vs BMW 5-Series.
  • Leased an M35 with journey, tech and added sirius. I thought a lot about getting the Sport package because I really enjoy pushing a car in the twistys and am fortunate to have a commute that lets me do that. The downside of the sport package is that it is more money, more road noise and frequency of tire replacement which can get very expensive. Overall, very happy with my decision as the regular 18" wheels are just fine and the all season Goodyear RSA sport tires are giving me plenty of grip and will last much longer than the Michellin Pilots on the Sport model. Love the packages I got at i get an upgraded bose system, navi, backup camera, xenon headlights that swivel, heated/AC seats. Didn't need the lane departure or intelligent cruise control. The one possible thing that I wouldn't mind having is the 5.1 stereo, but honestly I probably only want it because I know it's out there. Some things that I wish the car had: rain sensing windsheild wipers (my MB had this and it is brilliant), rear sun shade, doors that automatically lock when you start driving. That's my only gripes. Overall, 9.5 out of 10! For those thinking of getting the sport package, drive the non-sport as well - you might not need it.
  • I'm driving a Canadian 2006 M35X with auto-leveling headlights. The headlights are way to low (they won't detect a person wearing a white coat at 100' (measured) on a clear dark night). 5 dealer trips = zero change, Canadian Nissan - responds the headlights are adjusted to Infiniti spec and they will do nothing. My calculations indicate that the car should not be driven at night above 40 mph on dry pavement and 30 mph on wet pavement. It appears that the headlights on my car cannot be adjusted as many of you seem to have done because of he auto-leveling feature. I would appreciate any of you who have successfully adjusted their headlights letting me know if your car has the auto-leveling feature. I believe it is detectable by a black, cable with plastic fitting attached towards the rear of the adjusting screw shown on this site. Many thanks.
  • read your message this am....just looked at an m35x last night. my wife was intersted in a bmw 530 but the m35x appears to provide more bang for the buck. can i inquire on your gas mileage results over the 1st year. our salesman stated we should see in the low 20's after the 2300 mile breakin period. i am a bit skeptical on that issue noting the engine was running @ close to 3k rpms with a highway speed of near 70mph. i felt like it needed a 6th gear but i guess i am not familiar with the set up. i really felt infiniti did a great job with the car. we live in central pa and i was not looking for the all wheel drive but that is mainly what comes into the area dealers which unfortunately range 70 miles in opposite directions. with your message i learned that the seat heaters are air controlled vs. electric. being used to electric heaters i am concerned how long they take to be useful on cold mornings and a 15 min. commute to work. thanks for any input you might provide.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168

    I got my 2006 M35XI when this new model first came out. The car handles well and is fast. I get 18.5 around town and around 23-24 on long highway drives. My only complaints deal with the short projection of the headlights at night. I have been repeatedly told by the dealer that they cannot be adjusted. Consequently I use my brights alot when no other cars are around. You need to test drive the car at night to see if the lights bother you. Also, the emergency brake light is not that visible so you could drive the car with the emergency brake on before you realize that the car drives sluggishly. Otherwise it is a great car for the money.

    Good luck
  • thanks for the input. as you mention headlights, are the high beams also xenon? i did not get that far with the car. thanks again.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    The headlights are not bi-xenon - the low beams stay on and the halogens come on for high. Others have reported success in adjusting the low-beam a search.
  • All, I wanted to find out if anyone has experienced the following problem.

    The car is brand new and has under 350 miles on it.

    When breaking from a speed above 40 mph, when I break, it seems to pull to the right and the steeting wheel seems to be picking up Vibration.

    Is this normal? does it go away?

    Your input is greatly appreciated.
  • Just an update. I brought it in to be checked, and the rotors were warped. They replaced and balanced the tires.

    Warped rotors @ 350 miles? What could cause that?

    Pretty scary that this could pass a 5000 pt inspection before they deliver a car.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Always use a torque wrench on tire mounting. It should be calibrated, too, but that isn't as critical as is getting them evenly installed. Why yours were warped when it is likely the only time they were mounted was at the factory, is another question.
  • Yesterday I test drove a BMW 335i, Infiniti M35x and G35x. The Bimmer was a rocket and handled great. The M35x was a very nice car, but was surprised at the amount of noise from the engine when accelerating. The salesman said this is intentional as Infiniti wants to make it a "performance" experience like BMW as opposed to Lexus. I also thought the M's ride was bumpy and that's coming from someone who has driven a 540i Sport for 4 years. I wondered if the tires were over inflated? The G was a really nice car and very quick with good handling. For the money, it's an excellent buy.

    So here's the dilemma, I like the 335i for everything but size. I like the G except for size. The M is the right size and priced well compared to a 535i (too damn much). Either I keep what I have or go drive the M again and give it another chance.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,141
    I also thought the M's ride was bumpy and that's coming from someone who has driven a 540i Sport for 4 years. I wondered if the tires were over inflated?


    This is a common issue, since many new cars appear to be shipped with tires at the absolute maximum pressure, to help prevent flat-spotting. Having read a number of similar posts over the past seven years, I'd recommend carrying a tire pressure gauge & making appropriate adjustments for the test drive, especially for in cars of this calibre. The salesperson may appreciate that you're a serious car person (but not likely).

    You've a pleasant decision to make. I hope you'll enjoy the process.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    They probably weren't warped. I bet they were glazed over. Glazed brakes exhibit the same symptoms as warped rotors with one important exception. Warped rotors will also generate a pulse in the brake pedal, whereas glazed brakes/rotors will not. Clarence10, did you have a pulsing brake pedal?
  • unfortunately, I do not remember, as I had only had the car for a week.
  • Excuse my ignorance, but what is Flat-Spotting?

    My tires on my new M35X show as 34PSI for all tires. Is that the high end of what is acceptable? I find the ride bumpy and loud as well.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    In order for tires to be able to support a vehicle, they have to first have the right load rating, then they have to have (at least) the designated tire pressure. Within an acceptable range, changing the tire pressure can change the handling and ride. Look on the sidewall of the tires, it will list the maximum allowable cold inflation temperature (I think it is around 40).

    I had Dynamat installed on the doors and floor of my M35x and it made a significant difference in the noise level. Much nicer on a long trip.
  • we experienced a similar dilemma. thought the m35x was the car we would purchase but changed our minds and ran with a 525xi instead. we recognized most of the problems others discussed on this site. we are glad we chose the bmw. maybe we will revisit the m in a few years.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is Flat-Spotting?

    It's exactly what it sounds like. With some brands/types of tires, if the car sits for an extended time (usually a few days or more) the tires will "settle" and have a flat spot on the tread from sitting in the same spot for so long. It's nothing serious and the tires will regain their roundness after just a couple of miles of driving.

    It's basically like when you lay your head on your arm or a pillow for a while and when you get up you have those lines and creases in your face. That's the exact same thing as flatspotting.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,141
    Tayl0rd's explained it, so I won't repeat.

    Let us know what you find out if/when you do another test drive, after checking the tire pressures.
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