Why does service stabilitrac/traction control/reduced power keep happening?

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We have a 2014 Traverse. For over a year we have been having a problem and of course the warranty has long since expired so there is no help at a dealership. They can’t recreate the problem and if the service engine soon light is not on they couldn’t tell me what was going on anyways. Took car to local automotive store with a computer and we were told it is a relay (only a dealer can get this relay by the way) We went to the dealership bought the relay plugged it in and had no problem for a month. Then right back to the same problem so we thought it may have been a bad relay so we bought another one. That one still didn’t fix my car. Now we are at the point where the car dies while driving down the highway and will not start back for quite a while. I mean at least an hour we are sitting on the side of the road with flashers blinking and people speeding past. My husband changed the throttle body because we had read many post that this could be the problem. Well $300.00 later and I found myself setting on the side of the road with my children in the car waiting for my car to start back up! Can someone out there please give us some help with this?


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    You need a good diagnostician. Too much guessing and wrong answers going on here.

    I might suggest you visiting this website (see below). Check on "repair shops" and see if there is someone, hopefully, near you. The technicians on this website are among the best trained in the country. If one isn't too close, perhaps the closest one could suggest someone else near to you.

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