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Toyota Yaris - Audio, Stereo questions

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Have a question or comment about the audio capabilities of the Yaris? Ask here!


  • number55number55 Posts: 8
    Ok, I have the factory installed mp3/wma stereo and I just put 2 12in audiobahn subwoofers in the trunk and have the 1200 watt amplifier connected to the stereo via the converter. Now, I notice the cover over the stereo isn't any old cover so how much would it cost me to get one to fit an aftermarket stereo?
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    I'm sure that I'm doing something dumb... :blush: but here's the problem: When I play my iPod thru the aux system, the balance is off - the right speakers in the car are loud and clear, while there is barely any sound coming out of the left speakers. This does not happen when I am using the radio, though.

    Any ideas as to why this may be occuring?

  • lucyllucyl Posts: 4
    It sounds like a bad auxiliary cord thats connected to the iPod. Try going to Radio Shack to buy another one. If its not the cord, you can always return it.
  • lowfrontlowfront Posts: 2
    Alright I've looked through here and can only seem to find people talking about speaker size with the liftback. Does anyone know the speaker sizes for the sedan? Thanks a lot

    And also I've never had component speakers before, I'm looking at the MB Quart RCE 216. Are they hard to install for someone who knows nothing about component speakers?
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    Thanks Lucy - that's exactly what it was - I just needed a new cord.

    I knew it was going to be something dumb on my part.. :blush:
  • does the car bring the auxiliary cord?
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    no, you have to provide your own.
  • Thank you
  • Alright I'm looking into installing a system soon. First off how do I replace the Headunit. Seems like there is no way to do it cleanly. Could you link to a pic of a aftermarket radio in the yaris.

    How do you take the dash apart to get it in there?
  • cajuincajuin Posts: 2
    Hi my first time here so bare with me I have a Yaris Sedan s type. Well my question is how can i hook up a amp and a subwoofer to the already stock stereo?is this possible?what are the pros and cons?will it sound good?and does it have the rca ports? Thanks for the help guys i greatly appreciate it. :shades:
  • Ya I just did the same thing to my yaris. I kept the factory stereo and I had to buy a low level line converter for like $25 at best buy. I bought the rca jacks and all the wiring for around $75 after some price matching at best buy and then got my amp installed for another 50 there. The factory stereo doesn't have a great equalizer (which means the bass level may change between each song even though the treb is consistent, where an aftermarket would clear up the bass so you can hear the treb better) , but its fine for me at this point, and I'll probably go aftermarket later with a new stereo/speakers. The car handles my 1200w amp perfectly, but the tail lights shake from the subs, not that that isn't uncommon (looking to maybe put styrofoam insulation somewhere?). Otherwise it is $150 install at best buy if you can price match good. I didn't want to try to install them, being that the factory radio is so new and that head console looked like a doozy. Hope this helped.
  • azyarisazyaris Posts: 5
    I am in the process of putting some tunes in my Yaris S and am wondering if you have any pix of your install? I have a Infinity 6 ch amp and am in the process of buying speakers, but am unsure where to mount the amp, hopefully without taking up too much room in the trunk.
  • I have fold down seats so I drilled the amp on the back of the seats.
  • abcabc1abcabc1 Posts: 4
    A few weeks after I purchased my Yaris I found that the CD player won't play multisession MP3 CD's. Multisession means that you burn a few songs on a CD, and then burn more songs at another time. The Yaris CD player will recognize the first set of songs burned on the CD, but will ignore any songs burned later.

    This is way behind the times technologically. Is there another CD player made today that won't play multisession CD's?

    To make matters worse, the Yaris manual implies the CD/MP3 will play multisession. On page 145 you will find the following: “It is possible to play back multi-session compatible recorded disks.” I argued with the dealer for awhile and finally wrote to Toyota Customer Experience. The answer I finally got was that the problem is a "design flaw", not a defect, so it isn't covered under warranty.

    If curious to know if the Scion stereos have the same "design flaw". They appear to be the same size and are probably made by the same manufacturer.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    If we were talking about a "design flaw" in say the power steering, wouldn't it considered to be cause for a recall. If the owners manual says it should do something and it doesn't, then it should be replaced at Toyota's expense. By the way, this is the first problem that I have ever heard anyone having with a Yaris outside of people upset that they are not getting as good gas mileage as everyone else.
  • I just installed a Pioneer head unit in my Yaris 3-door hatch, using the dash kit for a Scion xB. Removed most of the tabs, and it looks fine. Here's some pics of my installation.

    I installed Polk 6.5" component speakers in the front, with the tweeters on the top door sills, and 6.5" Polks in the rear as coaxials. The amps are mounted on a board where the spare tire used to be (priorities), and the subwoofer is an eight-inch Kicker in a homemade box.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Nice neat job, did you do all the work yourself? Did you start from scratch, or did you remove the MP3 4 speaker system that comes with the car? How much labor was involved? What did it cost for all the components?
  • Does anyone know just how many watts of power the optional music system available with the Yaris Liftback delivers?

    I'm not sure whether to opt for it, or just go with an aftermarket system with powered subwoofer. No, I'm not looking to impress anyone or boom out the hood as I drive. I just want to satisfy myself with power (say about 300 watts, not including the sub) and not have to deal with a lame Toyota unit.

    Please inform. I'd sure appreciate it! ;)

  • Does anyone have an idea just how many watts the optional music system available with the Yaris Liftback delivers?

    I'm not sure if I should opt for it, or go with an aftermarket system. I want at least 300 watts, not counting the subwoofer. :shades: No, I'm not looking to impress anyone as I boom along the hood, so to speak. But I do want to satisfy myself with strong audio, and not just a lame Toyota system.

    I'd appreciate any 4-1-1 on this.

    Many thanx-

    Peace! ;)
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    300 watts? Plus subwoofer? No trying to boom out the hood? REALLY?
  • Really!

    I only seek a reply to my original question, not a rude editorial from an oaf. . .

    The Ford Focus, for example, has an Sony audio system option
    rated at 500 watts, with subwoofer. There are many vehicles from different brands offering even MORE power in either a standard or optional system. My wanting a powerful system doesn't mean that I'll zoom and boom through the hood. Ask any audiophile and he/she will tell you that the more power a system has, the more it will reproduce at low levels of volume. The obvious sarcasm in your statement proves your ignorance in this aspect.

    If I decide upon going with aftermarket I will do so, and if I feel like booming out the hood then I will, eventhough that is NOT my style. It seems you have no concept of what pimping out a ride is all about, and you probably don't even know what I'm talking about. But it doesn't matter.

    I do hope that someone truly in the know will reply to my simple original question.

    Case closed with you-

    Peace! :D
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Not sure of the exact wattage but it isnt much... Probably only 25-35 WPC. It sounds DECENT but thats about all :)

    It does play MP3's though, and for a factory "base" radio it isn't bad.

    I'd say in the end you can always build yourself a better stereo than the factory for less $$$ (minus obscure speaker placement in pillars etc...).

    There's a guy in the forum that did MB Quarts for a couple hundred bucks and said it was a drastic improvement.

    I may try it myself :)

  • Thanx, T. . .

    That's exactly the amount of power I thought the optional stereo would produce. Lame! :sick:

    I appreciate your replying.

    Aftermarket is where it's at, speaking for myself-

    Peace! ;)
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    No exact specs, but my best guess would be 30WPC MAX. They may claim it more, but I have a pretty keen ear.

    For those not thumping it's actually decent for a small car (and it plays MP3's), but it certainly ain't 300 watts.

  • Ok, call me silly but is there anyway someone can link me to the cord I need to plug my iPod into my Yaris?? I'm not exactly sure what I need. Thanks! :surprise:
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    I had the same dilemma, you need a double ended headphone cord. I bought mine at Target for 4.99 . I imagine there are gold plated ones there that would offer better sound. Each end has a headphone jack.
  • cooljcoolj Posts: 15
    I have a yaris sedan - does anyone know how to change out the door speakers because they are riveted in? :confuse:
  • cooljcoolj Posts: 15
    Were the front speakers originally riveted in and how did you change them?
  • i've seen the double head phone cables but where do you jack them in the yaris? (any pic appreciated)
    will the ipod charge btw?
  • jjimmyjjimmy Posts: 1
    I recently installed a Sirius "plug & play" and I am experiencing alternator while as the engine revs. The installation was easy. I plugged in the power source, mounted the antenna on the dash and plugged in the AUX "direct" cable. Everything seems to work perfectly but I notice a high pitch whine while driving. What would be the best/easiest was to fix this problem? Thanks!
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