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Toyota Yaris - Audio, Stereo questions



  • hime74hime74 Posts: 4
    Is there anyone who can help me by telling is there any way to take the factory cd out and clean it from the inside. I own a 2003 yaris made for the Europen market
  • hime74hime74 Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me is it possible to clean a cd player in toyota yaris 2003. the message it posts on the display is disc err. thanks. :(
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Have you tried one of the CD cleaners available at all audio stores? They are a disc with cleaning elements on it and you just run it through the deck for awhile.
  • hime74hime74 Posts: 4
    Yes backy I have tried that but it does mot work. Just recently I have noticed that when I insert the cleaning disc the lights on the cd player go off and on. So it must be something else. Does anyone know.

    THANKS :confuse:
  • Hey everyone,

    I have a 2007 hatchback with the upgraded stereo system. I love that you can read the text and file names associated with a song when playing an MP3 CD. However I hate that longer file names/song names/artist names get cut off on the display. is there anyway to have the display scroll across the thing? or better yet is there rhyme or reason for each display? I have MP3s that have the title and artist in the file name and when i put it on the CD and try and listen to it in the car I get some thing like "MP3 Track 12" on all the text displays and I have no idea what i'm listening to (especially if I acquired the song by downloading means where nothing is labeled correctly)

    in other words what exactly does each text setting refer to when creating the CD? ultimately Id like to be able to customize exactly what the display says so i cant tell what which track of which album of which artist in which folder I'm listening to. any ideas for harmonizing the yaris and computer?


  • sweetgrlsweetgrl Posts: 4
    Can someone please help me. From reading the manual, my understanding is that when I am playing my ipod through the aux outlet I should be able to see the text that goes with the music (song title, etc.) I am unable to do that. I also can't use the folder button for anything. Am I doing something wrong or did I misunderstand the manual.? Seems like a waste to have to use the ipod itself to control the music.
  • bulajean29bulajean29 Posts: 1
    I am having the same exact problem. I took it back to the dealer and they didn't know what the problem is. Can someone please tell me who to contact to fix this?
  • Kathleen,
    I think it explains most of that in the owner's manual. I think it said that you hold down the text button for a few seconds and then it will scroll through all of the text. It also explains what it is displaying and in what order. It will display the folder, actual file name, artist name, album title, mp3 tag, etc... You can manually change all of that information on your computer before you burn the mp3 to your compact disc.

  • I don't use an ipod, I use a Creative Zen Micro, but I don't see how it could display the text on your car stereo display if you are using your headphone jack from your ipod to plug in to the auxillary jack. It is just a simple audio jack for sound to pass through, just like a headphone jack. I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like it would be able to pass the text information through that auxillary plug/jack.
  • ronshelronshel Posts: 1
    Hey Sweetgrl. I asked my dealer about the same problem with the ipod and no you are not suppose to see anything on the screen with it. The folder button is to use with the mp3 cds. Now my question is how do you compress the mp3s. I know how to do a data disc but how do you compress them to put more on there? and doesn't it lose the quality of songs?
  • adoobwaadoobwa Posts: 1
    I have a dumb question. When you hook up an iPod using the auxiliary jack, can you use the dashboard controls?
  • typer73typer73 Posts: 11
    Instead of using mp3 format, use WMA... it's more compact. I use 96kbps, it's ok for using in the car, and again, saves space.
  • i own a 2007 toyota yaris sedan. and I was courious what type of stereo system it had in it. I know toyota like to put jbl in there Tundras, but I don't know about the yaris. I don't know if its a 1,2,or 3way system. whether or not if it has coaxials or components built in. i anyone know for a fact, what the yaris has in it wheter it be jbl, boston, or whatever.
  • I'm owner of a 2007 Yaris Sedan, and I use my CD player the entire time. I always use MP3 CDs burned by me, with Nero Express. I tend to make different folders to make playlists, and they always play fine. And I always leave the session of the CD open.

    My problem is, for example, I burned a CD with 2 playlists (folders). Two months later I want to add another playlist to the CD, and when I put it in, it plays all the songs that were there, but not the new ones. This also happened with a CD with no folders at all; it won't play the new burned files.

    I have checked the CDs in another MP3 CD player and they sound fine.

    Is the CD player incapable of doing so or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you. :)
  • I just bought a Yaris Hatch with standard stereo. I'm having trouble with the signal strength. When I'm sitting still the stereo sounds great but when I start to drive the signal strength drops slightly and only one of my front speakers works. Is this a connection or reception problem? Is there a way to get this fixed?
  • ON the "double ended headphone cord", is it a 3.5MM plug? And is it "two or three" rungs on the plug?
    Thanks for the help
  • I have a 2007 Yaris with the Toyota stock non-SRS mp3 player and a few months ago I think I pressed the text button while a MP3 CD was being loaded. Since then no CD/MP3 text will display for any CD. This make navigating directories and songs impossible on Mp3 cds, forcing me to just listen to it on random. I have tried pressing/holding/strobing the text button at just about every possible state of operation for the player and nothing seems able to fix it. Anyone seen this before and have any help?
  • Some of you may have noticed that most MP3 players just don't have the power to drive the stock stereo in the Yaris. I bought a Boosteroo in line amp for my player that fits in the little slot next to handbrake and really does a nice job of punching up the sound cleanly. They have some different models in different prices. Hope this helps someone.
  • mrlobomrlobo Posts: 3
    Just got a 2008 yaris sedan and am really happy with it!
    i tried to make a mp3 cd for the car with for diffrent folders on the disc and it will only play one of the four folders. I am using creative zen media source 5 .
    if anyone can give me some help or tips would be great !!!
    thanks :)
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Have you tried the up arrow button to switch between folders?
  • Im having the same problem and was wondering if youve find a way to resolve it.
  • Since I hadn't heard from anyone, I thought it might just be me!!

    I'm booked in to have it checked out on the 25th Feb. When I spoke to the guy on the phone he said he hasn't heard about this before, but that there are 2 connections for the stereo and both of these will need to be looked at. I'll let you know how I go!
  • yea you probaly need a MP3 cd in the cd player that has folders, tha fuction will not work with a regular cd, nor if the mp3 cd has no folders in it
  • No I have not be able to figure it out.
    I made folders named them and then tried another disc with folders and just numbering the folders like 1, 2 or 3 still nothing .
  • yeah i did make a mp3 cd in fact sveral of them and still nothing wont play folders
  • :confuse: i just bought my yaris it is a week old and the first day that i had it i had the same problems that you all are describing, also, it wouldn't give me my cd back. After about 30 minutes of fiddling with it it finally came out. I took it right back to the dealership and they said that they have had a lot of people have the same problem his response is that toyota doesn't know how to make a stereo.... Yeah right. So they are getting me a new one at no cost, so i dont know if this helps at all but there was my dealerships response.
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Does anyone know if the MP3 Upgraded Yaris factory stereo (the one with the aux jack near the parking brake) has any type of output (RCA jacks) for a sub? Or do I have to go with speaker output adapter.


  • freddie6freddie6 Posts: 1
    ei, did you get some tips on how to remove the stock speakers on your yaris. i got the same problem.

    can you give me some advice if you were able to deal with this problem? thnx!
  • How much did you pay inclusive of taxes ... etc and from which state?
  • Thank you - thank you - thank you!
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