Nissan Versa Real World MPG

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What is your Versa getting for gas mileage?


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    Ok people this has been a while coming...

    I figured out 26, but before the FIT people point fingers at us and say, WE GET BETTER mileage then you... The FITS will get better mileage period.. But also this tank also includes all the tests drives that the sales people took in.

    Currently I have gone 137 miles on alittle more then a 1/4 tank. When I filled up the needle was at alittle less then a 1/4 of tank and it took 10.3 gallon to fill up. So basically I'm averageing about 32 MPG and that is a mix of 50/50, highway and city. I am haing a hard time keeping the car under 75 on the freeway... With that said, this second tank is getting far better then the first.

    Tony :shades:
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    the only way to figure true gas mileage is to be sure you started with a full tank and fill it to the same level... then divide the mileage you drove by the gallons you used to fill up.
    from what i understand, you aren't sure the car started with a full tank of gas.
    estimating gas usage by seeing how far the fuel level dropped is not accurate.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    When I took delivery of the car it had 75 miles on it, and was showing little less then full tank. But I'm sue those first 75 miles weren't driven with ease as the saleman were out driving the car.. So the first tank really didn't cound.

    The current tank, I filled up took 10.3 gallon of a 13.3 tank. So every 1/4 mark on the fuel gauage is roughly 3.5 gallons. So i ROUGHLY figured out that I'm currently getting 32 MPG. But wont know offically until next week when I have to refill it.

    Tony :shades:
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    I now have more than 1000 miles on my Versa SL with CVT. All with the A/C on and most going fast between OKC and Dallas. The cruise works great and holds 80 mph up and down the hills. Less than 30 mpg, but that is expected at that speed. Level ground the rpm is about 2800 @ 80. Goes up to about 3500 up hill, but a very smooth transition. Much more comfortable and quiet than the Scion xA I was driving. My only concern is that the A/C isn't as cold as I expected, but it has been over 100 here since I got the Versa last Wednesday. I'm taking it in tomorrow for an inspection of the A/C to make sure.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    regarding the AC I live here in Phoenix and we have been beween 112-113 and my AC works perfectly.... So far my mileage has been in the mid 30's..

  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Ok people just finished my first tank.. 328 miles and it took 11.6 Gallons to fill up, basically 29 MPG, which is much less then I was expecting... I have 557 total miles on the car. The fuel light went on, so I had abount 1.5 gallons left before running out (tank holds 13.3 gallons) I'm hoping the MPG picks up, On this tank I was very good on not trying to be ricky racer in the car, I tried to keep the revs down before 3K driving around town and keep the car at about 70 on the freeway. Now this is with he A/C on all the time, here in Pheonix it has been 110+....

    Only time well tell.

    Tony ;)
  • okcmitchellokcmitchell Member Posts: 9
    My Versa is at the dealership as we speak for two reasons: I still don't think the a/c is working as well as it should, and there is a "rattle" under my dash.

    Since you are in Phoenix and it is even hotter than here, do you leave the sliding knob pushed to the right for recirculating the air inside, or do you ever let it mix with outside air by sliding it to the left? The service dep't guy said I should keep it in "recirculate" mode all the time, but that is not what the owner's manual says on page 4-5. Its says for quick cooling you move the lever to the recirculate position, but..."be sure to return to the circulate position for normal cooling." The dealership service guy maintains that the owner's manual is wrong and that all Nissans work his way. That has never been my experience with previous Nissans or any other car I've owned. What do you think?
  • doromachidoromachi Member Posts: 21
    I think the guy at the Dealer is full of it! Yours is a new vehicle but there have been instances that people have become victims of carbon monoxide poisoning because they did not let fresh air into their vehicle while a exhaust leak was somewhere it would get into the car. Odors will linger and air will become stale with out refreshing.

    Sure it's hot there and one will cool quicker if it uses the same air for a while. We in West Texas have a problem like yours. I think, "put on recirculate at full speed. Open a window about halfway to let as much hot air escape as possible and when you begin to feel the cool air from the vents, close the window. After a minute or so, return to normal cooling." Works for me.

    It does require longer periods of time to completely cool a vehicle with outside air because not only are you attempting to cool the inside but you have to cool the hot air coming in before it gets to you. Modern A/Cs are designed to do this.

    Buy a inexpensive meat thermo, one with a 3-4 inch shaft with a dial on top. Drop it into one of the vent outlets. Drive around a while. If at open road speeds the air does not settle in a about 40 - 44 degrees it's not working! Slower speeds the compressor is not as efficient. Freon - 12 was much better than the R134 at slow speeds.

    Don't let that/those guys snow you. Prove it to them that it's not working with a Thermo as described above. :(
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    I keep the knob to the right "Recirulate" I can leave the car outside in the sun for a few hours get into the car, and by 5 minutes the inside is cooled down to a comfortable temp, by 10 minutes I need to turn the fan down to #3 or I start to freeze.... Our 05 Altima is the same, a very good A/C...

    Tony :shades:
  • okcmitchellokcmitchell Member Posts: 9
    Now I have 1300 miles on my red Versa SL. A/C problem was a non-problem. Rattle was a fiction of "pike pass" hitting the rear view mirror.

    Another 400 miles down and back from OKC to near Dallas in 100 degree heat was easy breezy. Cruise set on 80, very quiet and stable. MPG suffers at that speed, but still got almost 30.

    Couldn't be happier with the Versa.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Today was 118 here in PHX and was out driving my car, and couldn't be happier with the A/C...

    Tony :shades:
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    Have been reading Versa Blogs for almost a year. The car is now out but no blogs report REAL MPG. all are just guesses. No actual owner fill-ups and check. I think I want a versa, but need MPG input before I order one.
  • doromachidoromachi Member Posts: 21
    I have put two tanks through my Versa. Did a lot of spot checking before using a full tank to compare. First one was 28.X and the second was 31.X. (forgot the tenths). I drive about 20 to 25 miles per day. They are about equal as to City (small one) and Suburban which is 45MPH max and several stop signs.

    Have not had a long Interstate or major hi-way run. My guess would be a 26-28 in a major traffic situation. Low thirties for small town/rural area.

    Hopes this helps. It is a super ride, quiet as the Grouch's Avalon on the road with more room in the back seat for knees and feet. If it holds up mechanically I'm going to be well satisfied.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    well I think if you go back to the beginning of this suject you well see a couple people, including myself post REAL WORLD NUMBER...

  • pernaperna Member Posts: 532
    The service dep't guy said I should keep it in "recirculate" mode all the time, but that is not what the owner's manual says on page 4-5. Its says for quick cooling you move the lever to the recirculate position, but..."be sure to return to the circulate position for normal cooling."

    Personally, I just leave my Maxima in recirculate full-time during the "dog days" of summer. Once it starts to cool down in Sept/Oct, I'll turn off recirc until the next summer. I think the problem with leaving recirc on year-round is that after awhile, mildew starts to form (from the condensation) which of course makes the air reek.
  • tadatada Member Posts: 4
    I have a little over 800 miles now. My first tank was 29 mpg. My second tank was 29 mpg. All city driving - I commute 43 miles each way in Denver traffic. Next tank should be better - more highway driving. I hope the 6 speed can at least get mileage in the 30s.
  • benduprebendupre Member Posts: 121
    I just topped up my second fill up since buying the Vers SL with CVT last Tuesday. I got 323 miles, put in 12.5 gal (filled til it spilled out). So that's 25.84 MPG. I live 12 miles from where I work and it's all interstate. Very little in-town driving. Had the air conditioner on for every mile (won't turn it off 'til October probably). There was at least an hour's worth of sitting in the car idling while fiddling with the SIRIUS radio and setting up the blue-tooth phonebook. Gas is $2.94 here right now so it's still almost $40 to fill up. Oh well, it still beats my V6 sable which never got above 20MPG.

    The car has 637 miles now so it should be through it's break-in period. Maybe the next tank will be better, I'll post again next week.

  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Member Posts: 62
    I was thinking buying hte versa...
    but after seeing your mpg values, I hesitate. My Mazda 3 -5 door gets 25-28 mpg in city like driving (all around Madison, WI), and that car is larger and has 160 hp...
    kind of disappointed with all your numbers. I expected more. maybe after breaking in it gets better.

    At work we have 2 honda Fit (automatic) and they get 32-35 mpg in city driving (I work for the city of Madison, so they never really leave city boundaries). Once on a long trip to an exhibition I had one of the fit and got 38 mpg driving 75 mph.

    Just for compariosn, maybe someone comes up with better numbers for the versa.
  • doromachidoromachi Member Posts: 21
    Before making a final decision believe you should ride and drive a Versa.

    I own a Versa with CVT. The first fill I got an unbelievable 38+ on a 127 mile run. Had a tail wind about 30 mph. Was anxious to see what it did.

    Since then with a combo of rural/city about 28-30 was the best. Have not had a chance to get a true interstate/major hi way run.

    The car is unbelievable quiet on the road, handling is great, and the seats as comfortable as a car costing in the 20 grand category.

    If mpg is your only concern, the Fit or maybe the Yaris is the way to go. If you want a quality car, with room to spare inside, upscale upholstery, radio, etc., you should certainly consider a Versa. Just sit in the seat of a versa then the Fit and Yaris and consider which one you would like to spend a few hours in.

    There is more than gas mileage to consider in purchasing a vehicle. Again, if mpg is your only consideration, skip the Versa. If you are after quality, and and comfort go Versa.
  • mac444mac444 Member Posts: 9
    My wife and I stopped at the grocery store last night and we had several small bags of groceries. Since we were both at the back of the car, my wife was able to unlock the hatch since she was close enough to my key that was in my pocket. Keyless entry is great and it is standard (here in Beijing) on the Versa/Tiida. Take the Versa for a ride and you might forget to ask about the mpg. The other features are very compelling.
  • mac444mac444 Member Posts: 9
    MPG ratings might not be the figure that is most important when comparing small cars. The Versa has the strongest engine of most subcompacts but only costs about $100 more per year in gasoline compared to the highest MPG rated Toyota Yaris. ($14.45 per week for the Yaris compared to $16.38 for the Versa). I would take the Versa any day!

    From New York Newsday. (

    How much are you paying to drive to work? Data below compare eight fuel-efficient vehicles with the 2006 Ford Explorer, based on a 30-mile daily round-trip commute, 150 miles weekly.

    VEHICLE: EPA mpg - City - Gallons - Cost
    mileage estimate (mpg) used

    Toyota Yaris: 34 mpg - 4.8 gal - $14.45 per week

    Honda Fit: 31 mpg - 4.8 gal - $15.85 per week

    Nissan Versa: 30 mpg - 5.0 gal - $16.38 per week

    Kia Rio: 29 mpg - 5.2 gal - $16.95 per week

    Hyundai Accent: 28 mpg - 5.4 gal - $17.55 per week

    Chevrolet Aveo: 26 mpg - 5.8 gal - $18.90 per week

    Hyundai Elantra: 24 mpg - 6.2 gal - $20.47 per week

    Toyota Camry: 24 - 6.2 - $20.47 per week

    Ford Explorer: 15 mpg - 10.0 gal - $32.76 per week

    NOTE: Cost is based on Wednesday's AAA average price of $3.276 for regular unleaded; estimates are for automatic transmissions. Toyota Camry data are for four-cylinder model; Ford Explorer data are for six-cylinder, four-wheel drive model.
  • standepuystandepuy Member Posts: 23
    I tried out the Versa Hatchback (with CVT) and while driving back to the Dealer the MPG display was 19.9 at 40 MPH. How is the car ever going to get 30MPG? :confuse:
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Interesting, what display showed you MPG ?
  • doromachidoromachi Member Posts: 21
    Driving on Rural and City, about 50% each, I got 33.4 on the last tank. I drive very conservative. I don't care to know how fast it will move nor how fast it will run.
    Planning to take a 300 mile trip soon, all interstate. That should give me a good hi-way reading.

    Like the Versa more each day. No bother to me but has anyone noticed that there is no ash tray or lighter in the vehicle?
  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    I am unaware of a digital mileage display in the Versa - does anyone posting here have one in theirs? Of course, ours is an S-model but the catalog/website does not mention this, either. Our first tank (with my heavy-footed wife driving) averaged 29 mpg with the 6-speed and mostly two-lane driving.
  • voltronguyvoltronguy Member Posts: 10
    That was the either the trip meter or odometer. The first time I drove one I thought it might be MPG too. If it was the odometer snatch that car up!!
  • standepuystandepuy Member Posts: 23
    ooops - I asked the salesman if that was the the MPG and he said yes (if I'd gone a few more tenths I would have figured it out on my own). It is the trip reading. my mistake. ;)
  • standepuystandepuy Member Posts: 23
    I'm waiting to see the sedan which won't be out until January 2007 (according to a local Sacramento dealer) but with all the raves about the hatchback I had to give it a try. Hope the nice ride and quietness holds up during the life of the car. Some of the ads for the Versa show a Golden color but it must be the lighting in the photograph.
    The colors are limited - (no gold, just the basics). :mad:
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Ok I was wondering there for a minute..
  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    When I test drove Chevy Cobalts, all the cars' computers showed between 14-16 mpg. That was based on nothing but off-the-lot short test drives. My actually Cobalt (also a stick shift) delivers 33-34 mpg on my commute and gave me 37 mpg on a trip to Yosemite.

    It's all about the driving patterns.

    (And keep in mind the gas mileage isn't an "instantaneous read" its the average mpg since the computer was last re-set.)

    (If you want to ballpark your future freeway mileage- figure out how to do this BEFORE you pull away from the dealer's lot - reset the mpg computer when you first get on the freeway. Of course the numbers will be absurdly high until you get off the freeway and drive the few blocks back to the dealer, whereupon the numbers will "settle down" to a more realistic level. CITY DRIVING is the big gas mileage killer, and it doesn't take much to beat down otherwise excellent freeway cruising mpg.)
  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    BTW, I keep track of both my DIC (mileage computer display) mpg number AND calculate the mileage tank by tank, and the figures I used were based on my calculations, not the slightly optimistic DIC.
  • voltronguyvoltronguy Member Posts: 10
    OK, we finally made it though our first tank. We have an SL w/ CVT. A little dissapointing at about 26.3 MPG in mostly "city" driving. I'll chalk it up to brand new car still in the break in period, and I can't be sure the dealer gave us a full tank. I'll post again down the road.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Ummm the Versa does not have a MPG computer..
  • benduprebendupre Member Posts: 121
  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Member Posts: 62
    not sure what is going on...
    could please only people that have actual mileages post here? Fill up the tank, set the trip meter to zero... drive 300 miles, fill it up again and then calculate mileage..
    no more 1st tank readings where it is not certain if the tank was full..... no more mpg-meter readings (that obviously don't exist :-)
    if the mpg numbers stay the same as posted, that would be diappointing..
  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    We got 29 mpg on the first tank and will report the second tank mileage today. I can't say we are disappointed but we were hoping to average 30 and hit mid thirties on the interstate. This may yet still happen.

    However, I am always skeptical when I read other mpg reports. One reason is that my wife drives with a heavy foot :P so these figures rarely apply to us. The other is that some people have no idea how to calculate mileage. I work with a man who swore to me his new Dodge Durango, loaded with wife, kids and luggage, averaged 26 mpg on vacation this year - no way, no how.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Mileage dose vary no doubt about it, so far I am averaging 28 combined this is after 4 tanks. I don't race about and for the most part keep the RPMS under 3K around town from a standing start, on the freeway I usally average 70.

    In two week I'll be driving to San Diego from Phoenix so I'll have a good freeway mileage...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Don't be too quick to dismiss your co-worker's claim. I have averaged 25+ mpg in a '99 Grand Caravan with a big V6, loaded with people and luggage, on long trips. If the guy knows how to keep a light foot on the pedal and watched his speed, and almost all the miles were on the highway, it's possible albeit difficult.
  • w9cww9cw Member Posts: 888
    That's the computer's instantaneous MPG readout, which could be from 0MPG and above. It all depends on throttle opening, and other extraneous inputs to the computer. Close the throttle, and I'll bet you see a very high MPG.

    Forget the computer . . . calculate MPG the old-fashioned way. There's is absolutely no way the Versa is gong to get 19.9MPG in real world driving - unless you sit at idle for long periods of time
  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    We put 320 miles on the latest tank and averaged 27.12 mpg. We have a 6-speed S model and drive 60% interstate and 40% light two lane. Expected better averages although this is acceptable mileage for us. I'll be interested in seeing some averages from long freeway trips.........
  • oregoneoregone Member Posts: 11
    Versa SL manual:
    1st tank: 29.09 mpg
    2nd tank: 34.22 mpg
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    you want what is funny is, the VERSA does not come with a MPG computer... IF your car has one and its not a Versa PLEASE post that in your message so people don't get confused.

    Now regarding getting bad gas mileage, If someone hot dogs the car around town I beleive the versa would get 20 MPG...

    NEVER say NEVER...

  • benduprebendupre Member Posts: 121
    I usually like to eat lunch in my car parked in the shade at McDonalds with the AC on listening to the Sirius radio. I think that's the cause of my 25MPG numbers. I'm avoiding that for a week so as to get a more accurate picture of mileage. Will post later.

  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    I have had a Grand Caravan, as well, with the 3.3 V6. My wife averaged 16.6 MPG in the vehicle. Steady interstate travel at 70 yielded right at 22 for us with a light load.
    I am admittedly stubborn but will never believe a 4500 pound, V8 driven SUV with the aerodynamics of a barn and carrying a load of approximately 1,200 pounds will average 26 MPG anymore than my Titan would (it gets 13-14, by the way). Did his electronic display, at times, read 26? Maybe, but that is one instant in time and not a true average. Our Caravan display would read 70 MPG going down our driveway.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Did you ask him how fast he went? I'd get the 25+ mpg with the GCS at 60-65 mph, but it went below 25 over 65. Downhill, foot off the accelerator, the mpg meter used to hit 99 (the maximum).
  • gaboogaboo Member Posts: 4
    In a short-but-sweet press release Nissan announced that it is revising downward the estimated EPA combined city/highway gas mileage for its Xtronic CVT-equipped Versa sub-compact. The original estimate was 38 MPG , which has now fallen to 33 MPG . Nissan offered no explanation for the adjustment. All Versa models are powered by a 122-hp, 1.8L four-cylinder engine. :sick:
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    VERY interesting, I wonder what kind of fallout this well have for them. Since most people buy the Versa for the fuel saving it was to have given us....

    Tony :shades:
  • wave54wave54 Member Posts: 211
    You can calculate and share your mileage at:

    The site will keep a log for you and include your figures in a total for that model and year for others to use and compare. No entries yet for the Versa.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    That's a really old press release, several months old I think. That was back when Nissan announced an estimate of 38 mpg for the Versa before the EPA numbers came out.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    EXCUSE ME.... the window sticker has the EPA rating on them... My window sticker has 38 MPG and my car was sold 7-9-06, so how could this be SEVERAL months old ??

    BTW, the government is one who rates the EPA rating for the cars not the manufacture.. I wonder what made Nissan came out with the new numbers....

    Tony :shades:
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