Nissan Versa Accessories and Modifications

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    Does anyone know if the versa will be offered in the US with all the accessories its Japanese counterpart (Tiida) has?:

    Im particularly interested in the section that makes the surface flat when the seats are folded:
    Hopefully this will be available in the US as its important for me to have a flat surface when the rear seats are folded down, otherwise I will consider the Honda Fit as this folds flat from what I can see.

    also, the 'pet carriers' are pretty cool!

    If these little treats wont be available in the US when its released here, does anyone know if its possible to purchase from Japan and have them shipped?
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    I notice many wants a flat cargo when the seats fold down. Here is an accessory that make the cargo flat by putting on a "shelf". Not sure will it be available in North America and it costs about 220 US.
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    Ok I realize that the versa isn't really intended to be used to tow things, but what about something small? Is there some type of towing package that would allow me to connect a bike carrier or something similiarly small?

    I am an avid biker and would like to know if this is a possibility.
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    I notice three main areas of concern crop up, flat cargo area, pet carrier, and bike hauling.

    I have an answer for two of these.

    The pet carrier is a generic thing available through several vendors, I have seen it at my local petsmart before.

    As for the bike, Sarris makes a great thing called a Bones (which holds three bikes) or a Bones2 (which holds... two! bikes). The bones is a wishbone shaped thing (meant to go over a spoiler of a sedan/coup/etc) but which works great on hatchbacks. I got mine years ago for my little subaru and I have been able to use it on my subie, my mom's subie forester, and my little Sidekick (which is a covertable/tracker thing and has a half door at the back). This thing doesn't scratch or marr, and it extremely easy to install and remove (there are six straps to place and tighten) and it'll probably be cheaper than the hardware for a hitch mount. I've used my bones to take my bikes from eastern Kentucky all the way to northern Michigan without incident.

    As for the cargo thing, that looks so cool!!! I can't see why they wouldn't eventually sell it in the US, and if they don't, you'll be able to get it off eBay as soon as some japanese guy realizes that he can purchase a ton of them and charge us for them. That would probably be cheaper than ordering it direct from a Nissan dist. in Japan.

    So, I guess that I ultimately lied: I had solutions for all three...

    --cheers! :blush:
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    The list of Bluetooth compatible phones on the nissan website seems to have quite a few older phones listed. I'm wondering if this is the most up-to-date list. Alternatively, If anyone has experience with a phone that's not on the list, I'd be interested in hearing about it.


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    What is the specific website for the Bluetooth phones? We are thinking of getting a Palm Treo 680 and wondered if it was compatible with the Versa SL.
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    The list is downloadable from However, they list compatible phones for the Quest and the Maxima, but not the Versa. The only Palm listed is the Treo 700W.

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    Zeta products has just released a custom armrest just for the 2007 Versa, here is a link to the product s_id=193 , I currently have a 2007 Honda fit with a zeta arm rest and its been working flawlessly!
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    I have the Treo 650 and have no problems using the Bluetooth....

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    I am getting a Blackerry Pearl. Is it compatible?
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    Just got my new SL CVT in time for Christmas. Just love the car. Have driven about 1,200km and averaging 8.5L/100Km or around 28mpg(US). My only complaint is with front wheel slippage when accelerating from a dead stop if I'm heavy on the gas pedal. (I have Michelin Ice on.)
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    yes, the CVT is geared really low to start off and it does spin the front tires easily, the only way to stop this is, don't drive to agressively from the start.
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    My sidekick 3 works well with the Versa... The only problems I've had have been occasionally the Versa has not picked up my calls... but if I remarry the connection, it works fine (this is a common problem with bluetooth devices and "super phones" in general and so I don't attribute it to the Versa in particular).

    I've only had this problem once in the three weeks I've owned my Versa.

    - :blush: -Kmbr
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    The only real problem I have had with the bluetooth and my Treo is, connection at start up, once a month or at worse twice a month it wont pick up the phone. I have to restart the Treo and the phone connects to the car. like you, I attribute this to the phone not the versa. So far I've had the car now for 6.5 months and really love it..

    Tony :shades:
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    Well, this answered my question to you from the other board... you are well past your break in and your first service by now!!

    Do you have a problem with people being able to hear you when you're talking "on your car"? I get a lot of complaints about sounding too far away... When I was looking at the Versa online (this summer) I thought it said the speaker hole was on the steering wheel, but it is actually on the ceiling... I haven't see anybody comment on this...

    -- Cheers! :blush:
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    I have 7900 miles and yes, people have complained that it sounds like I'm talking far away, I just speak up alittle, other then that the system in the car works great..

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    I've tried to set up my Blackerry Pearl, no luck. Any advice? By the way, as the weather gets colder, my V is getting worse mileage, is is common. I love the car though.
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    Yes, it's common for a car to get worse fuel economy in cold weather, for a number of reasons.
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    Here's a quick fix if you don't care for all that bland black plastic on the front of the Versa. Lots of cutting and fitting before you install.
    The chrome trim has double sided tape and you had better get it right the first time! Other than that, it's only a half hour job. Use the 'Slideshow' feature to check it out.
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    I think this is a problem with any car-bluetooth phone of this sort. I have had people in BMW 7-series call me and they're hard to hear, too!
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    Any luck with the Blackberry Pearl?? I am getting my Versa w/ bluetooth tomorrow and I have a blackberry pearl...just wondering if you managed to get it to work and what the problem was?
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    it seems they're having a hard time hearing people calling them from their Blackberry's.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    I got my Versa on Friday, it is now Monday and I used the bluetooth w/ my blackberry pearl a few times this weekend with no problem. Sounded pretty good, with regular speaker-phone type quality. Didn't need to shout or raise the volume. ;)
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    OK, so the photo link on the above posting died. I will include the latest photo gallery items I have on our 07 Versa.

    If you use the 'Slideshow' feature, it will enlarge and auto-scroll the photos.
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    That's the kind of stuff you should put in a Guide on your CarSpace page! :shades:
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    HI Kewl,

    Not sure what you mean..i.e. you don't want photo links on this forum?

    Let me know and I will delete it all if that's the problem.
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    No, photos are fine. But you can put a how-to guide on your CarSpace page as well. If you don't know about it, CarSpace is like our automotive version of MySpace. Take a look at my CarSpace page to get an idea what it's about...

    To get to YOUR CarSpace page, just go to, sign in with your Edmunds ID and PW and fill in your profile info to get going. You'll see the Guides link at the top of the page. You can also post photos and videos on your page.

    If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to click on my username and drop me an email. That's why the hosts are here!
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    nice job, really makes the car look sharp
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    Yesterday I had to pick up my daughter from her job, but I was trying to fit my bike ride into my day. So I folded down the rear seats, slid the passenger seat forward a bit, and managed to get the bike inside the Versa so I could drop the car off with her and ride home :shades:

    Was a tight fit, but it worked. I'll have to take a picture next time!
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    Do you remove the front wheel when transporting the bike? I built a riser for the cargo area so the floor is flat and that helps with the bike and other larger objects. The riser only cost a few bucks for the lumber and it open so I don't lose the storage space. It's also portable so I don't need to keep it in the V when not in use.

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    Probably would have been easier, but no, I got the bike inside without taking the front wheel off!

    I have some ideas on building a riser for the hatch area myself. Maybe even one that folds flat when not in use so i can keep it in the car and pop it up when I need it.
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    Does anyone know if anyone makes a stick-on protective piece for top of the back bumper to keep it from getting scratched when you place items in or take them out of the hatchback? I had a piece for my Murano that really saved the paint back there and I can see that it might be handy to have on the Versa as well.
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    Hi. Would it be possible for you to post a picture and a plan for your riser for the versa's cargo area?
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    It's pretty easy. Take a 6ft. section of a 1X10 and cut it into 3 equal pieces. Cut one piece in half to use for the ends. Screw (or nail) the pieces together. I use the shorter pieces on the inside. If you use them on the outside, you'll need to shorten the length wise pieces by two inches.
    I made two of these boxes so I can cover the whole cargo area when necessary or use just one when two aren't required. For transporting my mulch bins (42x21), two is better. For one bike, one is plenty.
    The best part of this open design is that I give up very little storage space in the cargo area. The wood can also be painted to match if aesthetics are important.

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    Thanks a lot.
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    We just got a 2007 Nissan Versa SL and need to get extra keys for the family made. When contacting the Nissan dealership, they said each key will cost me $246!!! $85 for key, $50 for remote and $100 for programming. That is absurd! They also said that one can't work without the other, so I just can't get the remote and drive key-less and I can't just get the key and drive manual. Does anyone have the real story? I feel this is highway robbery. Also, please let me know if you found any other way to copy your keys. I don't care much about the remote at this point.

    Thank you! Stephanie
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    If your taking about an Ikey, the numbers they're giving you sound correct.
  • srbastsrbast Member Posts: 6
    We are talking about an Ikey. However, we don't need multiples of those. We would just like to have a regular key to get in the car and start it manually, too. I'm not going to be giving everyone a $246 key. Any knowledge as to where we can get them cheaper or if we can just make copies of the metal key and use that? Thanks!
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    The metal key (if your talking about the one that comes out of the Ikey) is just an ordinary key. Any locksmith should be able to make one.
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    Do you know this for a fact? We're going to go tomorrow and try. Nissan said that a locksmith can't do it. Of course, that could be because they want the $85 for it. Here's hoping!
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    I don't see why they couldn't. but, the metal key will only unlock the doors and glove box. you need the fob to start the car.
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    That's where I get confused. What is the FOB?? We bought this car used and it didn't come with the owner's manual, so we have to get that. I don't see why a metal key wouldn't start the car.
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    It depends on the trim level, but the cars with the intillegent key system don't have a mechanical key to start the car. the ignition swicth is built in, like the selector for heating controls. instead of a key, they come with a fob. in order for the ignition switch to work, the fob had to be within a certain range of the car. They also have a mechanical key, because if the battery dies, the fob will not be able to unlock the doors. But once in the car, there is no keyhole for the ignition. it looks something like this. Thats from an altima i think, but the one for the versa isn't much different

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    Yes, my remote looks just like this. HOwever,there is a mechanical key hidden inside of it. And there is a slot in the ignition for the mechanical key to go in. I'm looking forward to having the time today to bring it to a locksmith and see if he/she can make a copy. And then see if it works without the fob nearby.
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    I have recently purchased 2007 Nissan Versa SL w/ convenience package. Still getting use to driving the car since my last car was a jeep.

    Has anyone installed a roof rack to their versa? I'm looking into Thule and Yakima racks to carry a luggae carrier, bikes and a kayak.

    Thanks for the help! Here's to 30mpg!! =)
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    You can have a locksmith make a copy of the key, but it will NOT start the car. It will only open the doors and trunk/hatch. In the ignition, the tumblers will turn but the engine will not start. The key has a security chip in it. If you take out the mechanical key from the ikey fob and look at the bottom edge of the plastic part, you'll see a hot glue plug where the chip was inserted.

    If you want a key that starts the car, you'll have to have the dealer make one for you. However, the price they quoted you sounds like another fob (which is why it's so expensive). Make sure you tell them that you want a mechanical key and not another fob. It's the same key as on Versas without the ikey feature. Different dealers charge different prices. I've heard of prices varying from $50 to over $100. Ask around.
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    Got it. Thanks for clarifying that. Geez...I guess I won't be getting many extra keys for this car.
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    Removing versa top dashboard panel seems not easy. Can anybody pass me the procedure to do so? I want to upgrade the two small vents on the top each side.
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    Hello john193,

    Did you ever find a roof rack for your Versa? I just bought a 2008 Versa SL and haven't been able to find a rack yet.

    Thanks, Alex
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    :confuse: I just bought a 2008 Versa, did anyone find a roof rack yet?
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