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  • greenplasticgreenplastic Member Posts: 1
    I'm getting a Versa today :shades: How do you guys like the car so far?
    This site has info on the roof rack, but my dealer doesn't have it. Not sure if it's only available in Canada.
  • alphabritalphabrit Member Posts: 8
    Why thank you, Greenplastic, I forwarded the page to my dealer, haven't heard back yet but at least I know it exists somewhere!!!
    As for liking the car, I LOVE IT, which kind of surprises me, having driven an 8V truck for years!
  • iengraveiengrave Member Posts: 1
    J.C. Whitney has two, one Alumium and one ABS Plastic. I believe both of them would require the drilling of pilot holes in the roof.
  • alphabritalphabrit Member Posts: 8
    Thank you Jengrave. I just got a removable roof rack made by Highland. It works perfectly with my kayak and being removable means I don't have to put holes in my car or lose gas mileage. If anyone is interested it is the Highland Superfit costs about $30 thought it would be flimsy at that price but it is pleasantly solid (alum)made by Cequent - manufacturers of Draw-tite. Note to anyone buying one, insert the straps BEFORE putting the bars on the towers (instructions say otherwise) I threw away the J clips as of course there is no place for them and got a strap to go through the vehicle. Couldn't be happier. :)
  • amckenzamckenz Member Posts: 3
    Thanks much...I'll check it out.
  • tyou08tyou08 Member Posts: 16
    Hi alphabrit,

    With the strap goes under the roof, can the windows or door be closed tight? Are the bars parallel to the car or across the roof? how many bars? Can your kayak be secured safely by it? How many pounds is your kayak? I am looking to do the same.Thanks
  • alphabritalphabrit Member Posts: 8
    Yes the doors close tight, it works very well, the bars (2) are across the roof as (not sidebars) and yes my kayak is very secure. I have a picture in my Carspace if you like to check it out. I am very pleased with how it works, have taken several trips with it.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Has anyone found an internet site with the parts to add Daytime running lights to a 2008 Versa 'S'? I believe DRL is standard on Canadian vehicles, so suspecting that that parts would be plug and play....if available anywhere.
  • beachgirl1beachgirl1 Member Posts: 4
    Purchased the basic 2008 Versa Hatchback model, not thinking that not having power doors and windows would be a problem.

    Realized now that the door locks are a problem because it is difficult to reach from the drivers door into the rear doors to unlock.

    Trying to make up for this by having power locks installed on an alarm. Been to three alarm places and none have actuators that fit the car door. Each place said if I can get the actuator from Nissan, they will install.

    Called three Nissan dealers, not one of the parts departments can tell me what actuator Nissan sells that will fit this model.

    Has anyone done this and where did you go for the actuators? If you got them from Nissan, do you have a part number?
  • franko1franko1 Member Posts: 15
    Gas cap is difficult to remove due to high vacuum. Dealer say's design problem. Until resolved , use wrench to remove. I ordered a" stant" gas cap for $15. that does not have to be removed . Just place pump nozzle thru both flappers and fill. Pump will shut off automatically, as before. No light on dash came on, so far. NEATO!.
  • ycrtsbycrtsb Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone have any information about adding a cruise control module to a 1.8 S manual hatchback? I don't want the power package (not to mention it's almost impossible to find in the hatchback), but cruise control is one of my wife's non-negotiables, along with power mirrors, which fortunately are standard on the S trim.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    I have the electrical schematics for the Versa but would not consider myself to be an expert on the Versa cruise control electronics. However, I bought an auto hatchback which we bought with the power package (readily available). It may be that the manual versions are configured more stripped down and hence can't find the power. I didn't even investigate whether you could get the HB in a manual.

    However with cruise controls now adays, most cars cruise controls use the existing vehicle computer (eg. drivetrain sensor that tells vehicle speed to the computer and speedometer, throttle position is drive by wire and controlled electronically via potentiometer to the cptr, etc). I suspect even if you were able to buy the controls, that the engine computer software would have to be upgraded and changed.

    Personally, I did investigate adding DRL Daytime running lights to the vehicle, since that is standard in Canadian vehicles. The part difference is pretty straight forward, however I checked with three dealerships and couldn't find one smart enough to figure out how to order them since there was a cabling assembly also associated with it that wasn't a typical US part. I finally gave up out of frustration, not that important.

    My suggestion is that if cruise control is important, then you buy a vehicle with it on it already.

    UPDATE: I just checked the service manual. The cruise control is a function of the engine computer. Uses existing input from the brake switch, the stop lamp switch, the clutch switch, the steering wheel cruise control switches, the park/neutral switch, the combination meter (speed control), and the Powertrain computer for powertrain revolutions.

    I guess this is end-of-model year and inventories are low. Even Fitzmall has slim pickens on a S-model HB with cruise. Have about 1/2 dozen SL's w/cruise, but they are CVT....big difference from a manual.

    Versa HB

    Good luck
  • ycrtsbycrtsb Member Posts: 4
    Well, my non-negotiable is having a manual transmission. So, either we wait until a local dealer gets a manual HB with power/cruise in stock, or one of us bends, because the difference between a manual/no power and an auto/power/cruise is about $1800.
  • flavifeflavife Member Posts: 20
    The sight complication that I see is that the Versa has a drive by wire throttle which has a servo/stepper motor on the throttle on the carb. This means that there is no cable from the gas pedal to the throttle on the carb that could be acuated by an external cruise control servo. All the throttle controlling is done by the engine computer that senses the movement of the gas pedal and then sends appropriate raise or lower commands to the servo on the carb. Any add on cruise control would have to be able to instruct the engine computer to control the servo on the throttle.

    2009 Versa S Sedan
  • jss5jss5 Member Posts: 2
    Had a dealer offer to install cruise at his cost which he said was 270 on a 5 speed 1.6. Had another dealer actually install cruise on my hatchback s with six speed. warranted for 36 months by dealer. Second dealer said his cost was about 500? Seemed like a big spread for two dealers only 30 miles apart here in the Florida panhandle.

    I think you can try to negotiate it as part of your deal and get it warranted by the dealer.

    good luck!!
  • jedi517jedi517 Member Posts: 1

    What kind of strap did you get, and where did you get it? Thanks
  • yndangerousyndangerous Member Posts: 1
    I got a question, I have a Nissan Versa 08 Sedan Hatchback and one of my options for my car is daytime running lights and im thinking about getting headlight flashers like the ones that cops have. Is it possible to get the headlight flashers while having daytime running lights?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have headlight flashers on your car. I'd be willing to bet that the first time you used them where law enforcement could see you, you'd get stopped for impersonating a police/emergency vehicle.

    So you might want to check into that before you proceed
  • shannyp20shannyp20 Member Posts: 2
    ;) I have had my Versa for 2 years and I really like it. I have had a few small issues but they have not swayed my opinion. Now my 2 smart keys have stopped sensing the car. It's getting annoying to take out the manual key every time. Can this issue be fixed?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I would assume that the smart key problem can be fixed, but I doubt there's a d0-it-yourself fix. Since you say both smart keys have stopped working, it sounds like the issue is with the electronics in the car that sense the keys and not the smart keys themselves. You could try getting a replacement key, but my gut is telling me that they're not the issue.
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  • crown5crown5 Member Posts: 24
    Dealer installed one for me for $700. all inclusive.
    It uses remote speed sensor and remote throttle control operation.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    That's right in the range the dealer told me when I bought our 2007. The 2010 (which did its job in protecting the wife when she stopped for a car stopped for deer and a pickup coming from behind didn't) and the replacement 2011 we pick up in the morning came with cruise
  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    I just bought a manual hatchback Thursday..i really didn't want the power package, but they only had two manuals,both it. so I bought a magnetic grey one. I'm really liking it so far..
  • crown5crown5 Member Posts: 24
    Woa? not good?
    Was your wife driving in open or bush when she hit deer?
    Guess you are satisfied with th Versa to get another.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
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    Was your wife driving in open or bush when she hit deer?

    She didn't hit a deer. Someone in front of her stopped for some deer that were coming out of the woods, my wife stopped behind her, then along came a Ford F-150 that didn't see the stopped vehicles, plowed into my wife, and drove her into the front car. I have a friend who's an accident reconstruction specialist and he figures the truck was going 35-40 mph when it hit the Versa. Back end crumple zone certainly crumpled, and the car was driven into the left rear of the vehicle in front with enough force to destroy the right front of the Versa completely. The right front wheel would up about a foot to the rear of where it used to be. At first glance, the car looked bad, not horrible, but to give you an idea of how much it bent, the driver and passenger seats no longer line up.

    We have 82,000 miles on the 2007 Versa, HAD 12,000 on the 2010 (which we only had since Memorial Day), and love the 2011, so yep, we're definitely satisfied with the Versa. Only change I'd make is to start with better tires from the factory. The 2001 had 11 miles on it when I switched out the Continentals that came on it for Cooper CS4's
  • crown5crown5 Member Posts: 24
    You will probably have lots of respect for that little car.
    As most of the reviews mention its looks betrays its interior size.
    I drove a focus wagon before thus underestimated the versa's cargo capacity; I can put just as much in there! Love the magnetic grey; it does not show dirt very much.
    It's also good on the highway and if you have cargo or three person rides quite decent.
    Suspension was an important feature for me as the focus suspension was weak and short lived. This one should las a while if we don't get fed up with it.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    We tend to put a LOT of miles on our cars and our Versas have served us well. We've done several loooong trips with our two daughters in the car and have survived quite comfortably thank you!
  • ycrtsbycrtsb Member Posts: 4
  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    I'm amazed how roomy it is...That definately was why I bought it...a very nice ride,too...Admittedly soft, but very pleasant.
    i do wish the front seat bottoms were height-adjustable,though.
    The manual shift is rather clunky,too. But overall, I'm extremely pleased with it!
  • jerzgirljerzgirl Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2011 Versa and would like to carry my kayak. I can get new feet to retrofit my Thule system, but I was wondering wear fellow paddlers tie down the bow and stern of their kayaks to the car. My old Subaru Outback had nice big metal tie-down loops under the front and rear ends of the car; I didn't see anything like that under the Nissan. Thanks!
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