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I have a 1993 Ranger 4wd automatic. At 1st startup loud clattering noise and some vibration felt in truck fkr a few seconds than goes away. Does not mean any fluids and no slippage. However, if I do d if I try to pull out with transmission selector in 2nd gear, I than feel slippage. If pulling out in any other problem.


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    Not sure about the noise you are hearing (maybe worn valve lifters?) but as for the transmission, if it's an A4LD, you can do a number of checks---fluid check, clean the governor, adjust the vacuum modulator. and this transmission also has adjustable bands, which may improve your situation.
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    Noise is really loud from transmission area.  Changed filter and fluids and vacume lines....also new vacume modulator.

    The noise will go away if I press the gas peddle and bring up the revs just by 200rpms

    How do you adjust the bands?
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