I Don't know what's wrong with it anymore

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I own a 2007 Maxima with roughly 171k on it and I cant get it to run. Was driving to work one day and the car jerked and my TCS sensor came on along with the Check Engine Light. Replaced the Cam sensors, VVT solenoids, Crank Sensor, Trans Speed Sensor damn thing still wont run. Will turn on for 10-25 seconds and stall out like a standard..Anyone have any clue what the deal could be? Trying to avoid having to take it to a dealership.


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    Well you're going to have to get a good scan tool and find some codes to work with. Looks like you're just guessing and working in the dark. You might also need a spark tester, a fuel pressure gauge and a noid light to test for injector pulse.

  • Usaf14353Usaf14353 Member Posts: 2
    I took it to a mechanic at first and every time they scan it it keeps saying it's the crank shaft when it's a brand new part. The plugs and coils are also new.
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    The code doesn't tell you what part to replace. It only tells you what circuit/system is in distress. It's also possible, of course, that a part could be bad right out of the box--but these sensors can be tested. You may need to go to someone with a higher skill level, if that's really all they had to tell you.
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