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New Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This is one of the best reviews ever. Thanks very much for taking the time. :shades:

    Congratulations... to the both of you ;)
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I just picked up my super white TCH last night! Got a little under MSRP (not significant though) and only had to wait a week for it to get off the truck. Even though it's a 'base' model it came with the moonroof, VIP alarm, Remote start, spoiler, and the accessory package. A loaded one unfortunately doesn't cost much more than this one, but I didn't feel like waiting, especially since the Tax credit will probably drop after this month. :(

    Wanted leather but would have had to wait a few months- I saw an example of aftermarket leather which was very supple and nice- maybe better than Toyota's.

    The car handles much better than I expected- not much worse than the SE I also test drove. They've certainly made a lot of improvements to the ride and handling. Still really quiet, almost Lexus levels. Plenty of pickup, much more than adequate for driving around town.

    I've had the car for less than a day, but my wishes are:
    1. Break away side mirrors. I can't believe it doesn't have them! I'm sure the cars in Japan have them! (probably power folding)
    2. Memory seats. (are they keyed into the remotes?)
    3. Nicer exhaust sound. (I know, picky, but it sounds too much like a tin can!)
    4. Power outlet in the center console storage.
    5. Side mouldings. (I know they're an option)
    6. Backup camera option with the nav (might have waited for this)

    I know, all nitpicky, but there really isn't much to complain about. Very well made and designed. I'm quite happy with it!

  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    The federal tax credit will stay at $2600 until Sept 30. After that it will be $1300 for 6 months (or is it 3 months?).

    State credits will vary.
  • orgalorgal Posts: 27
    Even though it's a 'base' model it came with the moonroof, VIP alarm, Remote start, spoiler, and the accessory package.

    So you were able to get a spoiler? I had not thought those were available yet...?

    Also, how does the remote start help it is a hybrid and doesn't take anytime to warm up?
  • sandetmsandetm Posts: 7
    Drove by my local dealer this morning and had to stop when I saw they had their second TCH in the back of the lot (I got the first). It was red with a spoiler. If I remember right it was $190 option on the sticker. I believe earlier posts indicating that a spoiler was not available yet were referring to add on accessories.
  • lungdoc63lungdoc63 Posts: 55
    I was told that they occasionaly come with spoiler from factory. However, if you want dealer to put it on, you have to wait til they get the supplies. It is $190 or 195.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    It came with the spoiler- installed at the port. I didn't have it added on.

    I don't realy need a remote starter- also installed at the port. Remote starters are good if it is really cold outside and you want to warm up the car before you get in it. Just turn the heater on before you get out of the car the night before, and when you remote start it from the warmth of your living room, in 10 minutes you will step into a nice warm car. Yeah, I don't know how useful it will be for me here in Seattle though.


    edit: ahh, other people responded already. It's a $295 option. If you add it on at the dealer, I'm sure they'll charge installation.
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    I've had my TCH less than 24 hours now and put 58 miles on it. I am blown away. This car is quiet, rides and handles well, and MOVES. The seats are really comfortable and finally I have a telescoping steering wheel so I can get both arm distance AND leg distance right where I want them. It's VERY comfortable. No headroom problems for my 6 foot tall passenger even with sunroof, and plenty of leg room. Headrest is perfectly placed for me. The sound system is really great, too. I am not sure how much new I can say that hasn't been said. But I had to say it!!

    Believe it or not, the first TCH I ever laid eyes on is mine. So I just bought a car I had never seen or driven. I did drive the XLE 4 cyl and 6 cyl models.

    The trunk is smaller than I am used to coming from Gen 3 Camry. But we think we can do our bike vacation this summer in the TCH instead of the CRV.

    The nav will take some figuring out. I did use it to direct me home from an errand today (about 15 mile trip) and the route was the one I always take. Never having used nav before, I am very impressed. The learning will be fun.

    "What a long strange trip it's been..." - from first giving my name to a local dealer in January, to multiple deposits by April, through justifying to myself that it's okay to buy such a luxurious car and it is not a sin to pay MSRP, and finding such generous people sharing knowledge and tips with each other along the way. AND - finding that there are good decent salesman with integrity out there. Thank you all. Keep on truckin'........
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I guess ya never know what will happen when a pebble tossed.. might actually cause a ripple.

    'there is a road, no simple highway
    between the dawn and the dark of night
    and if you go, no one may follow
    that path is for your steps alone'

    Jerry Garcia

    another great road tune.

    Congrats, annie :D
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    My wife and I live in Metro DC. We set out today to purchase a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid. We came home having signed papers on a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Life is full of surprises.

    I drove the Accord, liked it, loved the performance...I'm a performance kind of guy (and really not somebody you'd consider "Green"--my hybrid motives are HOV related). It was impressive, but i didn't fit especially well in it (6'2, long legs). Price was about 27600, trade offer was $6200.

    I knew that Fitzgerald Toyota in Gaithersburg had a Barcelona Red '07 Hybrid that had recently come on, so sort of on a whim we decided to check it out. Fitzmall had like 4 hybrids, they had just sold one when we got there. The Barcelona Red Hybrid had a Bisque interior and was optioned with a sunroof and power mirrors. I thought this was a nice middle ground between the way optioned up interior. As soon as we saw the vehicle, it was like getting hit in the gut. My decision was going to be much tougher than I thought. The "fabric" interior really isn't fabric--its like a fine suede. It felt great. The look of the car--particulary in that color--was stunning. It looks fresh, new...expensive. The interior was well laid out, the key fob impressive, blue tooth, etc.

    We took it for a test drive. It was faster than I expected...a little sluggish off the line perhaps, and maybe a little jerky. As the drive continued, i got the hang of it. Once it got up to speed, it felt great. Still, I was torn. We had some lunch, then came back. Meanwhile, the car was drawing massive amounts of attention. Literally, people were all over it, I heard somebody say that was the one I wanted. I asked for another test drive, and this time took it out solo. I drove it pretty handled better and felt more solid than I thought it would.

    The MSRP of the car was 27698. Dealer price was 26797, with a processing fee of $99. That was it, no other charges. I was aware that many of you are waiting for your TCH's, and had paid MSRP or perhaps even more. My sense was that in this market, $800 off MSRP was a very good deal.

    Perhaps the clincher was the dealer offer for my trade--$7000. $500 over Carmax and $600 over KBB. It was a fair offer. I really wanted to get my wife leather seats that were heated, and this car didn't have it. But she absolutely loved the TCH and said she could easily live without the heated seats--the MP3 capability (Accord doesn't have) made up for it as far as she was concerned.

    The dealer was as patient as could be, and zero pressure. I felt a ton of pressure, however, because I had no doubt that that car would sell today. It was a transfer fresh from another dealer in VA, so it had only been on their lot a few days and was attracting a ton of interest. Finally, I decided to take the plunge, and we did the paperwork. I pick it up Monday.

    I hope I made the right choice. Giving up some performance will be tough for me, I'm kind of an aggressive driver. However, I feel like the TCH can handle it, and 189 HP is adequate for a car that size. Road and Track has it at a 7.3 0-60 time which is actually equal to my Intrigue. So, I have joined the legion of TCH owners.

    Funny how life works.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm kind of an aggressive driver. However, I feel like the TCH can handle it, and 189 HP is adequate for a car that size

    I think you'll really enjoy the TCH BUT if you continue to be an "aggressive" driver I wouldn't expect the high FE many of us are experiencing.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    That's a great report. Thanks for sharing it. Keep us informed on how you and your wife interact with it.

  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Just bought my TCH on June 2, and just completed a trip from Phoenix to central Texas and back.

    Got 38.52 MPG for the long trip, NOT INCLUDING a 42.50 MPG jaunt from El Paso to Phoenix on the 26th. That EP-PHX run was at an average speed of 70 MPH, according to the car computer.

    That's at speed limits from 65 to 80 MPH. Once, I made a video of my dashboard with the cruise set at 77 MPH and the real-time MPG was hovering between 40 MPG and 55 MPG, depending on the slight incline or decline of the Interstate.

    Lovin my TCH !!!
  • I picked up my new "baby" the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid on June 27th! I'm stoked. I'm trying to find reasons to drive right now it's so nice. It's silver, doesn't have the NAV system which is OK with me. It's probably the nicest car I've ever driven maybe even been in (since I've never really sat in a luxary car before).

    I went from a 1995 Eagle vision which was doing well to get 17-18 miles per gallon in town even when I paid attention to how I drove (rarely in the last couple of months would I exceed 2000 RPM's on that car). Now I'm further challenging myself to get the most out of the electric motor. Two trips yesterday I bettered 40MPG according to the Eco drive readout. This morning on the way to work from a "cold" start it was in the 32 MPG but i only drive about 3 miles to work every day.

    I find myself traveling the speed limit a lot more wanting to use the electric motor as much as possible. I find myself easing off the line.

    Heck if it werent for the approach and incline of the bridge I cross to go over the ohio river each day, I would hardly tax the car at all!

    I didn't buy the TCH solely for it's FE. I bought it because it was the most comfortable and roomy car I've ever experienced. I test drove a Mazda 6, a Honda Accord, a Pontiac G6 and Grand Prix, a Nissan Maxima (or was it their altima I can't remember) a Camry LE and a Camry SE. and they Hybrid was just the most comfortable and most enahanced featured vehicle I've ever been in. It looks great too.

    The only drawback was I couldn't get one in the barcelona red or blue ribbon metallic. I pretty much settled on Silver.

    It's a great day to drive a TCH!!!
  • degdeg Posts: 14
    :D They unloaded my Barcelona Red TCH yesterday evening at 7:00PM. MSRP-Moon Roof, Wind deflector, Leather, Mud Guards, Carpeted floor mats, Body Side Molding, Tint. 30,848 total out the door. INCLUDING the install of the Sliding Armrest!!! WHich I would NOT have asked for IF it wasn't for this forum!! The dealer is putting on some of the above. Any other items of interest this forum would recommend??? I had asked for FOG LIGHTS and "no can do" was the answer. Thanks for all the information!! Waiting for replies from all on "any other local item I need"!!
    In Arlington Texas and purchased my TCH from a family owned Dealership in Duncanville Metroplex Toyota. 2 month wait-no deposit required. People are great. My friend got his Prius from them YESTERDAY!! Waiting for the replies. :) My wifes car is a PRIUS. TEX!
  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    If you would take a few pictures of your vehicle, many of us would like to see the body side moulding and tint on the barcelona red. You got a great price considering all the add-ons you got.
    You can post pictures on
  • mharris813mharris813 Posts: 20
    YES,YES,YES, need pix of REd, with options.... cause I just ordered mine today, and it won't be here until sometime before the 20th! Withdrawls already!

    m :)
  • I'd like to see some pictures of your mudflaps in full side profile and maybe from the 3/4 view from the rear?
  • degdeg Posts: 14
    :D They are still installing the dealer options. Went over today because I was having some items put on the Prius. When I get it -- should be Tomorrow or Monday --- will take pictures and post where the others have. I didn't mention in other post but it has the "GOLD" package on it ='s all emblems in GOLD. Will shoot and post as soon as I get it. Best interest rate i could get was from the credit union 6.19. :) My Wives car is PRIUS, TEX
  • degdeg Posts: 14
    Picked up the Barcelona Red TCH today. Has a total of 30 miles on it of which i put on 15 driving back from the dealer. I will take and post pictures tomorrow or 4th of July. Items of note - No Deposit, 2 months from date of order recvd-Duncanville Texas, Metroplex Toyota, Family run dealership where I worked with a Mom/Dad/Daughter team. Super to work with and no pushing at all. Wanted ME to be happy!!! A unworkable concept for some other dealers I have seen in the TCH forums.
    Price: $32,205 Including 2k IN TT&L. All items MSRP - Gold Pkg, Wind Shield, Sliding Arm Rest, Body Side Molding, Leather, Tint -- All Dealer installed. Heated Mirrors, Rear Spoiler, Mud Guards, Carpet, Moon Roof and Bridgestone Tires came with car. :) :D :) My wives car is a Prius and I am a happy new TCH owner- :shades: TEX in the Metrplex!!
  • mharris813mharris813 Posts: 20
    We just picked up our new Barcelona Red TCH, fully loaded. It was a great relief, as my hubby had never seen the color red on the camry, and was holding his breath! He LOVES it. We've only driven it home, set up the home link, and paired a bluetooth. Well, we did map our address on the NAV, but I am reading the book now. I'll have to play with it all day tomorrow. I am amazed at how complex the NAV system is!!!WOW. Seems more detailed than the Acura TL we were test driving for 10 days.

    More tomorrow! :shades: :shades:

    By the way... I need a DVD demo disc to show me all of the features! THAT would be WAY cool!!!!
  • ourdad1ourdad1 Posts: 7
    I did not have as pleasant outcome from the same dealer as you did. My saleslady would not return my calls until I contacted the owner. I ordered mine with the Sirrius installed and it was not done. My salesperson was too busy to go thru all of the paperwork aqnd features of the car and had her daughter do it. Two days before we picked up the car our salesperson made it clear that to finance thru them would be 6.75% (Toyota Financing) but that they had several other lenders to pick from. Supposedly we were going to go thru the various rates and lenders. That didnot happen. As a matter of fact the finance manager looked very surprised when we asked to see the other rates and lenders. Had I known that I could have financed thru e-loan for much less. I have referred one of my clients daughter to Richardson Toyota since then and she picked up her TCH last week and was very happy with the transaction.
  • dmhltd1dmhltd1 Posts: 31
    I ordered my super white loaded TCH in March and got it in mid-june. I love it. It's quieter than my solara was. I've only filled up once. I got about 480 miles on the tbe tank before the low fuel light came on. I also found out, as others have, that it only took 14 or so gallons, meaning there were close to 3 gallons left in the 17 gallon tank. That could be 120 miles more in range. The peak mileage I've attained is 39.6 but the tank average was closer to 34 mpg. I have been doing my best to conform my driving habits to minimize the time that the engine runs. Unfortunately I have too many unavoidable 1 mile round trips to the store. That spends most of the time using the engine to replenish the battery. I'm amazed with $3.00 gas how many people want to tailgate me and fly around me while I'm traveling the speed limit on battery. Guess they can't wait to get back to the pump. Hope they get a clue someday.
  • Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth to the forum - especially after reading various grousing about "real world" mileage.

    I have had my TCH 6 weeks now, and couldn't be happier. It is the loaded one with Nav/Leather/Sunroof and I paid full sticker....30,590....and so far think it is worth every penny. I have put just under 3K miles on the it and am getting 42 or 43 mpg. As others have noted, I have gotten better mileage as time as passed, but don't know if this from me learning the "tricks of the trade" of the car breaking in/learning my style. I suspect a little of both. My worst tank average was 39.5 on my first tank. Subsequent tanks have come in at 42.5, 43.5, 43.3, and 42.7.

    I do drive to try and maximize my mileage. but not fanatically so. In fact I have learned that it isn't really to your advantage to try and stay in pure electric mode. It just wears your battery down faster, and when you end up in VERY prolonged stop-and-go (pretty common in Chicago) you can end up with not enough juice to be able to idle without the gas engine - especially with A/C. There is nothing worse than sitting stopped in a hybrid with the engine running as you watch your mpg drop in front of your eyes...

    I've learned the best secret to mileage for me is coasting....I've really learned the timing of the lights on my daily commute and now now where I need to punch it up a notch to make the lights, and where I can coast because I CAN'T make the next light (no matter what the guy in back me thinks)....

    I am in the suburbs of chicago, so I do alot of my driving on roads that are ideal for hitting that sweet spot of 35-40 mph where i can idle back into pure electric. I just coast where I can...then kick in gas motor to bring me back up to 42 or so and then coast some more...of course this is the midwest and the roads are basically flat, so that helps alot.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Your conditions, presently, seem perfect for the vehicle you bought. :shades: Congrats.

    A headsup, having travelled in the Chi area for 15+ yrs, winter driving will decrease your Fuel Economy by 10-15%. I'd expect your winter FE to be more 34-35 than 39-41 mpg.
  • gandyfiregandyfire Posts: 36
    Picked up out Jasper Pearl in Chicago Tuesday afternoon. Heading back to Florida was such a pleasure. The Nav system was right on. I especially like the prompt on the interstate as to which lane you need to be in when another highway comes up. The POI feature on the exits works well also.

    First day we only drove about 350 miles since we left the dealship after 3 pm. Got fuel in Ft. Campbell Kentucky and it only took 11.3 gallons with 488 miles ( 43.1)

    Made it to Valdosa Georgia on the next tank and it took 12.3 gallons with 523 miles (42.5) Most of the time drove 70 but varied a bit due to not wanting to run constant speed for breaking it in. Total distance second day was 800 miles with no discomfort from the leather seats.

    Got up this morning and drove another 100 miles to work....but hit a racoon that did a 360 in the road and did some damage to the area under the front bumper and tore a piece off that is attached. Tomorrow it goes to the insurance company to get checked out and then to local dealer for repair.

    Overall I enjoy the car tremendously!! Three days and 1350 miles...
  • rossanavrossanav Posts: 1
    I have owned my Camry Hybrid for a little over 1 month and have loved it until now. Twice in the last 48 hours it has accelerated on its own without me stepping on the gas pedal. Both times my 13 year old son was in the car. I took it in to the dealership today and they basically blew me off. They claim my floor mat must have been on the gas pedal (it wasn't). Now I am afraid to drive the car. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • sibbaldsibbald Posts: 106
    Seven days with our car and the first 500 km of mixed driving was 49.6 mpg according to the computer and 49.8 mpg actual when I filled up. Can't believe how accurate the computer was to the real figure! So, I think we can call it 50 mpg which, for a 3600 pound car is incredible. After my top up, highway only, I am averaging 53 mpg. Imperial gallons, ah..... maybe.... ;-)

    I love this car!! Actually, last night after calculating the mileage and non stop talking, my wife told me I was more than welcome to sleep in it.

    I wonder what she meant by that?

    Cheers, Tom
  • I agree completely...I actually think we could conserve ALOT of gas in this country if the instant mpg gauge was made standard on every vehicle. As long as gas is over$3/gal, I think most people, if shown the mileage their driving habits produce, would hcange how thry least some of the time.

    The most unexpected benefit to my TCH is the reductiuon in aggravation and annoyance when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Rather than just ticking me off, it has now become a game ...the Hybrid Mileage much can I pad my tank average during this glorious opportunity to run in electric mode (while still keeping the batteries charged enough to idle in electric whlie stopped).

  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    i have had my TCH Blue fully loaded for 2 months 4 days...still love the vehicle...get compliments everytime i am out...not just from adults...children of all i travel from Souther California to Las Vegas NV a couple times a puts a smile on my face when i can top off and only pay 15.00...just got the windows tinted...well worth the costs...heading back to CA on sunday...i look forward to the drive moreso now than before...a very happy TCH owner
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