Jeep Grand Chereokee keeps stalling after starting it.

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I have a 2007 Grand Chereokee 3.7L 6 Cyl, that ive recently swapped the engine for a new one after the old one failed. After the job was done, when I was driving the car completely shut off, then it started back on with out any hesitation. I went back home and it did it again on idle. I checked all fuses including fuel pump relay, and all of them seem to be good, checked all grounds and all good, changed throttle body, crankshaft sensor, and still doing the same thing. No check engine light, or any other warning lights are on as well


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    Please Help
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    Have you checked thoroughly for vacuum leaks?--given the engine swap, this could certainly be an issue. You can use brake clean, or even a good cigar, to check for vacuum leaks!
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    That is one of the the first things I did, and the weird part is that no warning lights what so ever go off on the dashboard speedometer. Not even the check engine light.

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