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Toyota Camry Hybrid Accessories & Modifications

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Talk about add-ons and improvements for the TCH here.

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  • cbear9494cbear9494 Posts: 9
    Longtime lurker and hopefully new TCH owner in a week or two.

    Anyone with experience with Classic Soft Trim installations in the TCH or other cars. We are next in line to receive a TCH with cloth but would like leather. Are considering a sunroof as well. Quoted $1300 for leather and $1000 for sunroof which is similar to MSRP.

    I've read favorable reviews of CST but just wondering if there is any 1st hand experience.

  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    I have no first-hand experience, so this entire message may be useless to you. That said, about a month ago I came across a pretty dire warning from a 2007 Camry owner (non-TCH) who opted for a dealer-installed sunroof, pre-delivery. She was trying to buying the car because she was so dissatisfied with their "craftsmanship". Not to say that no dealer can do the job, but I will say that I wouldn't TRUST any to do the job!

    FWIW, I have heard some good comments about dealer-installed leather.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I have seen some negative comments about aftermarket leather, as well. There was concern about the function of the seat-mounted side airbags, too.
  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    Good point about the airbags. I just assumed the dealers had that figured out, without actually checking into it myself. Of course, I'm not a fan of leather, so I never felt the need to research. YMMV. ;)
  • pskpsk Posts: 18
    I had aftermarket leather added and I am very happy. The dealer used a local shop that does this kind of thing and it was done very fast and easy. I don't think there is any issue w/ the the quality compared to a factory job.

    Why this process works so well is that there are kits that they use, it's not like they are sewing and cutting patterns like I thought it would be. They get a box from a company called katzkin and everything basically just slides on. I went to the shop that installed mine to see how they did it, and then I realized all this is pretty routine and no big deal or mystery.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    has anyone tried to further improve the interior appearance? i.e. leather inserts in the doors, etc.?
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    My Dealer had Classic Soft Trim (Austin) add a sunroof to my Highlander. The install looks as good as (or better than) factory. I had a problem with the roof controller and they fixed it immediately while I waited. I'd use them again if I needed another roof.

    I don't have any experience with their leather. However, I watched them do a couple of cars while I waited. They seem to use experienced staff vs. new kids off the street to do the work.

    Hope this helps! Of course, YMMV...
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Up intil a couple of months ago we put leather into vehicles roughy 20 times a month ( including my own Highlander ). There has been nearly a 100% positive response.

    However recently Toyota CAT gave us some 'guidance' that we should no longer do this as a dealer since Toyota 'may' not be responsible for faulty deployment of the side airbags in the event of an installation error by an aftermarket firm. Thus we no longer offer this service at any price.

    If a client absolutely demands the leather installation we will direct him to the installer - outside of the transaction.
  • cbear9494cbear9494 Posts: 9
    What is "Toyota CAT" if you don't mind me asking. the dealers who don't do this and do keep this in the transaction are taking on the risk. Makes my decision a bit trickier. I wonder what the installation companies are going to say.

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Toyota's sales are divided into regions. CAT is Central Atlantic Toyota ( VA to PA ) as opposed to the NY region or the Gulf States Region. As in everything each region has a different policy.

    The installation companies are likely to be the first line of attack in the event in a damages suit. Most are small independent businesses with little or no capital.

    In the past this was almost never an issue because side and curtain airbags were few and far between located mostly in premium vehicles with leather already installed. Now these are becoming standard all the way down to the econo-boxes so the issue is very pertinent. Put another way the risk exposure for a large manufacturer might be very large with millions of these vehicles going out onto the road each year instead of a few thousand.
  • mndanmndan Posts: 4
    What about adding heated seats only, without leather. Is this still a warranty risk?

    I am planning to get a TCH in Minnesota, where heated seats are real nice. I don't care as much about leather, so I am thinking of adding the heat to the cloth seats. Would this case an airbag problem/risk?

    Should I get the leather added with the heated seats (does it seem odd to have heated cloth seats)?

    It will be faster for me to get the TCH without leather, etc, and add these later for the same or less cost.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I suspect that the leather is required for heated seat because of their durability. I can't recall ever seeing cloth heated seats.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Both VW and Subaru offer cloth heated seats. It's actually a nice combination- you are never freezing cold or searing hot when you first sit down with cloth seats, and the heated seats are very nice on cold days. It's just that heated seats are typically on more expensive cars- which are usually leather.

    I am still debating adding aftermarket leather seats. I've seen cars done with Classic Soft trim- very nicely done- even nicer than the factory leather, IMHO. There are also more color and stitching options with aftermarket leather. I'm not sure about the airbag issue though.

  • aaeeekgaaeeekg Posts: 16
    Does anyone have photos of your car with the factory Body Side Molding (BSM) applied. With the addition of the side airbags the window level has risen, and I just think that the door panel would look better with the trim. I am also interested from the chip/ding protection perspective but am concerned about how it may look.

    Have ordered a Desert Sand TCH and am wondering how the matching BSM would look. I also wonder about installing black BSM along with the mud flaps. It would sure be nice to see them in advance.

    I'm curious that I have yet to see a car with BSM installed. Is it not fashionable these days?

    I'm always a decade behind on these things. Just ask my wife.
  • lungdoc63lungdoc63 Posts: 55
    I asked my wife about your idea -she said aggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Hope that helps - as if your needed that added to your wife's. (Psstt -I'd have to say aggghhhh too- sorry)
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Have any of you installed aftermarket wheels? What did you get? Did your TPMS work with them and if not can you turn the sensor system off?
  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    i ordered a dash cover through toyota for my 07 came back with a cut out for the passenger air bag where there is no cut out in the dash...i checked with an auto detailing place, they made a few calls and could not find a place to order from that makes the dash covers for the 07 TCH...please let me know if you know what direction i can find one...thanks
  • ggurr54ggurr54 Posts: 30
    I have a white TCH with body side molding. They look good. I didn't order them the dealer just happened to have an unsold TCH on the lot with them on. I got my car after a wait of about one hour.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 737
    I just read in the owners manual about a possible negative effect on the nav system after window tinting.

    Can anyone address this?

    Has anyone tinted their windows and had negative effect on the GPS???

    Have an appointment to get mine tinted today, so quick responses would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,069
    What your manual must be referring to is the fact that the GPS cannot "see" the GPS satellites through metal. If the GPS antenna is mounted inside the car, metallic window tint, wired rear defrosters, windshield mounted radio antenna, or a solar reflective windshield can affect reception.

    So I guess it depends on where your GPS antenna is mounted.

    Edmunds Moderator

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  • primo2primo2 Posts: 31
    i have had no problems with the gps because of the tinting...i asked to make sure that there was no metal in the tinting...with metal in tinting, i know it can affect radio reception as well...i will try and upload a picture of my TCH to my carspace
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Look into ceramic tint for you back Window. My last car had NAV and I got Ceramic tint on back and the standard metallic tinit on the sides. This will not interfere with GPS. While I do not have NAV in my TCH I am considering mouting an after market unit and will put the antenna in the back so I got Ceramic in the back window to be safe. I also find that metalic in the back window even without NAV can interfere with AM/FM reception since that antenna is in the rear glass.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 737
    Thanks for all the replies!

    I got the tinting done without metal, and yes, primo2 and keithl, they call it ceramic... thanks! Solar Gard NR Charcoal. I put on 35% and 23%. I believe the law allows 33% on front windows in AZ. Looks great, and the nav and smart key work just fine.

    The tint shop told me of a Mercedes they recently tinted with metal, at the owners request. Next day, after she went shopping, she couldn't get back in her car! Had it towed to dealer. Dealer said it was the metal tint! The tint was removed and ceramic put on. I guess Mercedes has the reciever inside the car for their smart key feature.
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    Does anyone know about color-matched mud guards for the TCH?

    I've only found the black ones on-line. However, I've seen pictures with matching guards.

    Can't see putting black mudguards on a white car.

  • mrsjenn25mrsjenn25 Posts: 10
    Hellooo my fellow TCH owners :)

    I am the proud owner of a white fully loaded TCH. I was just browsing in the fourums and there two things that I have not figured out yet:

    1. One owner stated there was a way to change the NAV
    so that it will allow you to input addresses while

    2. "We have the NAV system, and I also find the trip
    computer screen to be "entertainment". We strive to
    collect little regenerative cars...."

    Just curious if anyone knows how to fix the NAV to allow the input and what the "little regenerative cars" are?

    Thanks!! :)
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    I stopped by the dealer today. There is a part for the (white) color keyed mud guards. However, they are backordered. I will advise when I get more info.
  • mharris813mharris813 Posts: 20
    Why yes, I "hack" mine regularly... Select the Volume option (in Nav), then press the volume icon (upper left) then the blank area (lower left) and repeat... (volume/blank), then another screen pops up, select OVERRIDE and press for 5 seconds or until it beeps.... then you are IN!!!! This will stay on until you turn the car off and then you'll have to do it again....

    Of course, it is best to do this with a passenger, and not be distracted while driving... blah, blah, blah.... ;)
  • aaeeekgaaeeekg Posts: 16
    Well for the moment I've listened to your advise. I picked up my loaded Desert Sand TCH on 7/25 and kept it as smooth as a baby's bottom.

    Actually it was part laziness as I figured out that I can add it at anytime. OK, I have wised up enough to forget about the black trim but am still considering the matching BSM. Did I see another post suggest that matching mud flaps might also be available?

    Still deciding. Has anyone got pictures?
  • rpinchotrpinchot Posts: 1
    aaeeekg wrote:
    > Still deciding. Has anyone got pictures?

    Here is a pic of the Body Side Molding:

  • aaeeekgaaeeekg Posts: 16
    Nice picture. Thanks.

    I like the look. (But I haven't warmed up to Jasper yet.)

    I'm liking the look without molding too.
    Now that I have mine, I'm just liking more and more about the TCH just the way it is.

    Body side molding and mud flaps might be good ideas to help protect the paint, but I don't know that they are all that effective.

    Comments anyone...
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