Nissan Versa vs. Scion xA

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    Hi all.
    I've been lurking here for quite some time and want to extend my appreciation for all the helpful info. Here's my question:

    My wife and I are expecting a child soon and are moving to California in 3 weeks, at which time we will purchase a car. I have been looking at: Versa, Corolla, Scion Xa and Xb, Matrix, and a couple Hondas. We are a bit concerned that, with a stroller in the car, the Xa and Versa may just be too cramped. I have recently received a good deal on a 2006 Xa with under 10,000 miles for $700 under blue book (so under $11,900). I have also found a dealer in my area willing to sell base model Versas for $13,250, or MSRP. Now of course the question is, if they are big enough for our needs, which is the better deal?? And if not, any opinions on the Matrix/ Vibe?

    Thanks a ton.
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    I have a feeling you would be able to put the stroller in back of the Versa, Corolla, or Matrix w/o lowering part of the rear seat. I don't think that would work with the xA, and if it did it would be the only thing you could a haul in back. Not sure about the xB.

    The Versa is a bigger and more comfortable car than the xA. If you will frequently carry adults in back (e.g. grandma and grampa with the baby) I think the Versa would be the heavy favorite. However, the xA does have standard ABS, which the Versa does not. Does the used xA have the side airbags package? I think that is very important, especially in these small cars. It's standard on the Versa.
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    More than g-ma or g-pa, if this is your first child I would be willing to bet that your wife will want to be next to the baby fairly often. At least for a while. Back seat comfort on the subcompacts is definitely on the Versa's side. If you move up to the Vibe/Matrix or even Corolla or Civic then obviously you have now moved to the compact class and adequate backseats will be easier to come by.

    It sounds as though you don't want to spend a lot of money. If that is the case then I would probably vote Versa S over the xA. If you want to spend more then the picture gets more complicated.

    Whether a stroller fits is largely up to the stroller. You would be amazed at the crazy configurations and "features" they can add to strollers. In general I think the Versa would work. I don't think I'm getting a bag of golf clubs in there side to side though.

    I would ask a few more questions like: is this the primary vehicle, are you planning on more kids, etc. but from what you said I think a base Versa would serve you well.


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    The big questions here is, how long are you going to keep the car? Remember babies get big fast, and also what IF your wife gets pregnent again.. Will any of the cars you are looking at be big enough for 4...

    You also didn't say how much you can spend a car.. My personel feeling would be, get the biggest car you can afford now. Have you thought of a 06 Altima, I'm sure you can work out a sweet deal on at the dealer.. That would be a great car for the family.

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    I would definately pick the Versa over the Scion xA. That little 1.5L motor feels like it is being beat to death every time you try to step out into traffic.

    Personally I would take a look at a new Ford Focus. An NEW 2007 SE 4-door can usually be had for around $16,000 and right now there is a $2,000 rebate if you finance through Ford Credit.

    Focus was on Car and Drivers 10 Best list for like 5 years in a row. Focus comes with a 5yr/100,000 mile power train warranty.

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    My golf clubs WILL fit, side to side, in my Versa SL with the back shelf on, which covers them when the hatch is closed. They would not fit in the Scion xA I just got rid of. Versa is bigger and better.
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    Flippin' SWEET!!

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    Technically the 07 Focus is not a new just "redesigned" its the same basic car since 2000.... Now too sure why Ford wont import the REAL Focus from Europe, its shares the same platform as the Mazda 3 and Volvo 40... Now why is Ford giving people 2K back on a 2007 !! Because it a piece of crap... BTW, it has made the Car and Driver top 10 list in the last couple of years....

    Tony :shades:
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    Ford doesn't import the "new, improved" Focus from other lands because it would compete price-wise with the Fusion. I think what they need to do is get a B-car over here; they have some nice ones in Europe. Something that could compete price-wise with the Versa and other B-cars, but be a better car than the U.S. Focus--which is not a terrible car, but is showing its age.
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    I think what they need to do is get a B-car over here; they have some nice ones in Europe.

    Actually, the latest rumor is that Ford will unveil the next-generation Fiesta as early as NAIAS Detroit in January 2007, since Ford has said the next model will be sold in the USA (it'll be assembled in Mexico at one of Ford's Mexican assembly lines).
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    let it compete with the Fusion, they are two completley different cars going after two completely differen't types of people
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    The other aspect of competing price-wise with the Fusion is that the Focus would then cost thousands more than hatches like the Fit, Versa, and Yaris. I think most people in the U.S. believe hatchbacks are "low-end" cars. The higher-end hatches haven't done that well, including Ford's own Mazda6 hatchback. I think the new Focus would do better if Ford introduced a low-end hatch to take its place, then it could position the Focus vs. cars like the Rabbit.
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    I don't see the logic there...

    The Mazda3 is a Hatchback and it sells VERY well.. The Mazda3 isn't in the same catagory as the Fit,Yaris or Versa.

    The Focus ZX5 has been selling very well, and I think it would sell better if it had the same platform as the Mazda3.

    My take on the American car companys is this, if they want to survive they need to make cars like the Fit and Versa. My last car was a 2000 Ford Contour. One of Fords "world cars" granted I had for 6 yrs and never left me stranded. But it wasn't screwed together very well. The Focus is put together the same as my Contour, since it was part of that "World Car" Campiane. Mazda3's are selling very well and I think the same would happen for the Focus.. GM's cobalt is a joke, my Versa is a FAR better car and more technology for the same money... Both GM and FORD need to see these new cars from Nissan and Honda and be scared...

    With the Arrival of the new cars from Nissan for 07, GM and Ford need to watch thier backs...
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    This opinion about the new Focus being too pricey for the U.S. isn't my opinion. I read it in the press awhile back. What is your opinion as to why Ford doesn't bring the new Focus here right now, if cost is not the issue?

    Most Mazda3's I see on the road are sedans, and overall sales aren't that large compared to compacts like Focus, Cobalt, Civic, and Corolla. Also I see very few ZX5's on the road.

    Anyway, I suppose we should get back to the Versa...
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    Well here in Phoenix the Mazda lots don't have many Mazda3 hatchback, they sell very well here, the Sedans are another story.

    The Current Focus and 07 Focus both have HUGH incentives to buy, before buying my Versa, I almost bought a 06 ZX5 SES, MSPR was $17,400 but the dealer was willing to sell it to me for $14K... NOw if someone is on a tight budget the ZX5 looks like a great deal, but its not, its a 6 yr old car with a midlife redesign in 05. Same Engines, tranny, the car can't compete with the Versa. I'm glad I bought my Versa its a MUCH better car...

    I have no idea why the European Focus doesn't come here, its being sold as a Mazda3 and Volvo S40 & V50 here in the states.

    Tony :shades:
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    A month or so ago, a BusinessWeek story claimed that Ford says they are losing $5000 on Each North American Focus sold.

    Kinda hard to imagine the C1 being worse than that, heh.
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    well I can see that since they are giving them away..... Look at the incentives, This is the problem with the US auto makers (mostly GM and Ford.)

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    The engines and 5 speed were completely replaced in the Focus starting in 2003 when the 2.3 PZEV motor jointly developed by Ford and Mazda was rolled out in "green" states in the hatchbacks.

    In 2004 the same motor was rolled out nationally (only PZEV in green states), but displacement dropped to 2.0. Still, HP jumped 6.0 over the prior Zetec (in non-green states - in green states you got PZEV and 150,000 mile emisssions warranty, but no extra HP). The Duratec 20 and 20E, as they are designated, are lauded for smoothness and wide power band.

    In 2005, the stodgy sedans were stodgy no more - they also got the Duratec 2.0. Since formerly they languished with a 2 valve per cylinder, 115 HP engine, the upgrade was enormous. Mileage was, however, great with the stodgy engine - 27/36 with stickshift. With the more powerful Duratec, mileage dropped to 26/34 in 2005 and 2006. For 2007, mileage jumps back to 27/37, some of the most awesome American mileage figures since the Neon. With no horsepower loss!

    If you follow the Ford press releases over the years, there has been a lot of other subtle work on the car - they moved the sedans to 15" wheels (getting rid of the former 14") and were able to increase the front disc brake diameter which helped a lot with braking power and wear. They redid some parts of the front steering rig (I forget which pieces exactly) to improve the already fine handling). Consumer Reports, notoriously hard to please, Recommends the Focus, and commends it for having some of the best small car handling (with special nods to the steering) handling around.

    The car needs a serious styling update, I agree. The ZX3 held my interest for a long time, but it HAS been an 8 year model run without a major update (the minor refresh was SO minor - except for the interior - that in hindsight I am surprised any of us noticed it). BUT Ford made a wise decision not to go with the revised European/Japanese platform - first, the change in Europe was made primarily to allow AWD, which is justified for this car in a marketplace where it is perceived more like a Toyota Camry here (big, in other words!); second, none of the cars that I have seen that use the new platform have the "sit high" seating postion used to great advantage in the American Focus - the Mazda3, for example, returns to a "low slung" feel. Given the MANY refinements and incremental changes over the years, IMHO the Focus is one of the BEST small cars out there - 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, PZEV emissions in green states, smooth powerful engine, slick manual transmission, etc.

    What Ford needs to do, is to follow GM's lead and "reprice" the Focus - it is simply overpriced in comparison to the Cobalt, for example, and only excessive rebates bring it back to a meaningful price point. MSRP Focii are overprice; TMV Focii are a bargain.

    The Versa, in comparison, has a lot of "newness", and that is great, BUT Nissan under cost-cutting Ghosn has a poor recent quality control record and defect rate - just check the JD Powers and Consumer Reports quality surveys. So the jury is out on the Versa for at least a few months of feedback here.
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    Regarding Ghosn, he has done a wonderful job in turing around Nissan. The whole lineup starting in 07 will be from his thinking and management. 10 yrs ago the only Nissan I liked was the 240sx. Granted they have had a few issues as quality goes, but I don't see that with my Versa at all, in fact, my car is ahead of our 05 Altima SE....

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    here is a girl's point of view on your question... :)
    i drove both the matrix and vibe, TONS of rooms in them and they dont feel too your wife would appreciate that but their gas mileage isn't as good as smaller cars (meaning they dont get close to 40 mpg..more around 30-32 but they have more powerful engines, 103 hp for scion and 120hp something for the vibe/matrix) i also test drove the xB and in my opinion, i think it would be the best pick for a familly with a baby.more options come standard in it and it is cheaper than vibe/matrix and it gets better mileage too. go try one and you will see how roomy it is!!! access to rear seat is super easy and it would work great to put/take out the baby in/from the back seat. again, i did like the 2 cars but i would pick the xB. the vibe/matrix gets excellent reviews from CR(they recommend it) and the xB got the best wagon car and cheaper cost to own at edmunds. have fun deciding and let us know!!! ;)
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    because I feel like it is more of a car enthusiasts's car. It just seems to be a "funner" package than the 2007 Nissan Versa. However, the new Versa is a good deal and looks to be a comfortable car to drive. I have not driven the Nissan Vera but I have driven the 2006 Scion xA and loved it. I like it's 32 mpg city and 38 mpg highway getup, too.

    On the test drive of the xA I brought my 25 y/o son along and he sat in the back seat. I drove and the salesman was in the passenger seat. During the drive, while on I-15 here in eastern Idaho, I looked back and asked my son how comfortable it was back there.

    Was there enough leg room?

    Answer: "Yep!"

    Was the ride comfortable?

    Answer: "Yeah, it is!"

    Nuff said. I liked the comfortable feeling of the driver's seat and didn't mind the center guages, though they are kind of a novelty.

    The 2006 Scion xA is a real possibility for us. So is the 2006 Kia Rio LX sedan and the 2006 Kia Rio5 hatchwagon. Meanwhile, the 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 moves nicely along at 116,700 miles now. While driving back from Arizona we got an oil change for the Sporty in Flagstaff, AZ (nice town BTW) and we got a fuel injector cleanout. Wow, what an immediate help for the Sportsman's ghastly mileage. Way better gas mileage now. Over and out.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

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    i agree with you, i love the xA!!! more than likely that is the car we will get in the fall, the xB was one of my choice but my husband is worried about the driving in the snow with it :surprise:
    (all the weight in the back and not much in the front)
    so that leaves the xA ;) there is one thing i am a bit disapointed with the scions...the color choices...the aveo offers much nicer colors (in my opinion) and since they are targeting the same people (20's----i am 35 but that is beside the point :P ) scion should offer some fun colors!!
    the aveo, rio5hatch, the vibe, the caliber and some other come in that awsome burnt orange..i wish the scion would too :cry:
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    Well the biggest difference between the Versa and Xa is the size. The Versa is a bigger car, a co-worker has a Xa and I let her drive my versa, she loved it over her Xa. the A/C in the Xa can not keep the car cool here in PHX, these days and the Versa has more power then the Xa.

    BTW, don't judge the mileage that the EPA says the Xa will get you wont get it.

    The Xa sent the standard for the subcompact class a couple of years ago but the I like the Versa is a much better car for the money..

    Tony :shades:
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    do you ever drive down to Casa Grande? The reason I ask is my wife and I were driving back to Idaho and stopped in Casa Grande to stay at a hotel there. While plying Casa Grande's streets in search of food we were stopped at a stop light and a red 2007 Nissan Versa pulled up alongside us. I had never seen one on the streets before. There was a young man driving the bright red Versa...was that you?

    I took notice because not only had I not seen one before on the street but that guy didn't have his A/C on(his windows were open)and it was in the upper 90's and humid! We were definitely running our A/C in the Sportsman.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

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    I do get down to Casa Grande for work, twice a week, but mine is Onxy Blue (metallic blue) and I always have my A/C on when I'm driving, I'm getting too old to sweet.

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    WOW! Back in town after a brief holiday (I am in Europe right now which is why I can't see any of the cars- lots of Ford Focuses though!) So much input, I don't know where to start! Thanks everyone and I'm glad to see the discussion.

    Okay, money IS a factor. We want a hatchback, it will be our only car, and I don't know JACK about cars which is why I want something relatively new, reliable and with a good warranty. ;) We are planning on keeping this car for a long while and have thought about having another child in maybe 5 years.

    I have only driven an '87 Ford Escort (my first car when I was a kid) and a ZX3 with way too many miles on it and with a crushed seat from a rather plump man looking to sell it. My impression has been pretty bad. But the Focuses are all over here in Germany and the 4-door hatchbacks look extremely roomy. It is a consideration and the resale value is pretty low so I could probably get a good deal on a 2005-2006. The Matrixes are kinda pricey- we're looking to keep it around 12-13k... but I just love the size (and mileage). I don't drive fast- except in my computer games- and am used to the somewhat-underpowered European cars (just sold a 2005 Skoda Fabia 101hp).
    I am really up in the air here. I am hearing positive and negative from all sides. I guess we'll just have to test drive. A couple remaining questions:

    Is the technology of the Versas so superior to say the xAs? Or Focuses (which I realize are built on older techonology)?

    What are my main points of difference between the cars (Versa, xA, xB, Matrix, Focus)?

    I really just want a reliable, small family car that gets good mileage and is safe.

    Thanks a ton!
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    well if resale isn't a major factor then get yourself a 06 Ford Focus, Ford is giving them away, last I saw they has $2500 rebates, PLUS $500 for a total of $3K. The 07 Forcus are out and I'm sure they will deal very well on them.

    But the Versa is a better car then the Focus and Xa, with the Versa you get Side Air bags as standard Equipment...

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    hello again!!

    have you look at the kia rio5 hatch? cute little car, it has 110 HP ( a bit more than the xa, aveo, fit and yaris but not the 122hp of the versa) the only one in this category that offers 6 air bags standard! and it is still cheaper that the matrix,it does get 35+ mpg plus if you want to keep it for a long time, kia has a 10yrs/100,000 powertrain warranty, plus "the bumper to bumper" warranty is 5 yrs/60.000...anyways, that is more than any other car maker. at least, give it a "look" it is a car worth putting on your list, order the brochure from the kia website and go see on the rio5 2006+ forum , they all have good comments on the car!!! the same can't be said about the focus, the owners in forums talk about many bad experiences ( sometimes right after purchase)and many of them wouldn't buy that car again...and from what i saw, it is a bit more pricey too.personally, i would not buy a ford car, but that's me ;)
    there is also the new dodge caliber, starts at 13.500$ (or close to that price) for the base model,(really it is a BASE model-not much comes with it) and doesn't get as good gas mileage..but the look is is pretty much the same size as the pontiac vibe and it offers the AWD option but it is $$$ (close to 20.000$ with it)
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    thx canuck. i am very biased towards Toyotas and (less so) Nissans. The Kia may be a good car, but I know I'll never go that way. And as for the Ford, I am quite certain I won't go there either. Honestly I am at this point just debating between the Scion xA, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Matrix.
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    i understand your point of view! my husband is sold on toyotas too. we dont actually own one now due to various reasons, one is that he bough/sold 8 cars in the past yr :surprise: and he hasn't come across a good deal on a toyota truck lately.
    anyways, i will pick a scion more than likely, and that is after doing a lot of research and test driving.IMO they just offer the best quality/value/options/look combo
    i just thought i would share of bit of infos i got after looking all over for a car under 15K, that was getting 30+ mpg.
    my last thought: i owned a subaru justy in 1989 and this car was SWEET!!! about the same size as a scion, had the AWD option on it,and was getting great gas mileage too. the quality of the justy was without any comparison with the metro, festiva and others sold at that time! i wish this car was still available, i'd buy it without looking at anything else. :)
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    The justy was also one of the first cars with CVT. in 1989 I was too young and poor to be driving a new car but I remember the CVT.
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    thx canuck. i am very biased towards Toyotas and (less so) Nissans. The Kia may be a good car, but I know I'll never go that way. And as for the Ford, I am quite certain I won't go there either. Honestly I am at this point just debating between the Scion xA, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Matrix.

    Good call on the Kia.

    Out of the 3, it would be a tough decision between the Matrix and Versa. You don't want the xA - hate to be blunt, but it's a good car for a teenager, not for a family.

    The best deal pricewise would be on a Pontiac Vibe - identical to the Matrix in every way (they're manufacturered on the same line in the same factory), but generally there are much better discounts available on the Pontiac.
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    my justy was 5 spd and 4wd, not awd as i said in my previous post. it was a 3 cylinders but was doing the job just fine! i paid 5.500$ (canadian) and it had 36.000 km on it. that was back in 1989 so i guess that was not so cheap cnsidering that in 2006 in am looking at 10-12k brand new cars!! ;)
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    I'm a single, 40ish professional who has been looking at high MPG cars with manual transmissions, airbags, and ABS. I was nearly ready to buy an xA when I started getting interested in the Fit. Today, on the way home from the local Honda dealer (where I was told that they had no Fits on the lot and the next one -- singular, and with an automatic transmission -- would arrive in a month) I saw a Versa drive past. I did a double-take. It looked much bigger and more solid than an xA.

    With the xA, I didn't like the fact that the rear seats didn't fold flat, which really ate into usable cargo space. Also the trans was geared very low, so high RPMs (not that this is necessarily bad -- I used to drive a motorcycle, so I'm used to it -- but it does eat into the MPG).

    Any comments on how much cargo you can cram into a Versa? Are they easy to load? Is the 6th gear useful, or is it just for play? What made you purchase a Versa over the xA (or the Fit)?
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    The rear seats do fold flat on the xA.

    I'd say for a family with a kid, I'd go for the Matrix. You can't beat Toyota quality.
  • barsonbarson Member Posts: 34
    I test drove a manual transmission Versa today. It was good -- quiet, smooth ride. Not a buzzbox feel at all. From what I remember from my test drive of an automatic xA several months ago, the xA has a stiffer ride, which I actually enjoy, but it's not critical to my decision. The Versa seemed to have quite a bit of driver's head and leg room (I'm 5'9"). The gearing was fine and reminded me of the motorcycle I drove for 7 years -- I could hit easily hit 6th gear at 45 mph, but the engine was doing a reasonable 3100-3200 RPM at 70 mph. Rear seats fold flat without removing the headrests, but they do not lay flush with the cargo floor :)

    One thing that impressed me greatly was the internet salesperson who took me for a test drive -- a grandmother with a very calm, friendly, low-key approach who answered all my questions about manual vs. CVT, etc.

    In contrast, I visited a local Toyota/Scion dealer where a salesperson said "we don't get many xAs because we don't sell many." He didn't offer to have me drive one of the two xBs on the lot (we did a complete circuit around the lot), nor did he suggest I look at a Matrix or Corolla as possibilities, so I'm not surprised. :mad: I've emailed another Toyota/Scion dealer 30 minutes away. Given this experience and the one I had at a different dealer last year, I wouldn't be surprised if sales are suffering.
  • barsonbarson Member Posts: 34
    Looks like there's height adjustment with the driver's seat on the SL Versa only, not the S. As far as I can tell there's no height adjustment on the xA, nor on the Fit. From what I recollect the xA's seat is pretty high -- better visibility than the Versa. Does anyone know if the xA has adjustable lumbar support on the driver's seat?
  • barsonbarson Member Posts: 34
    My saga with Toyota/Scion dealers continues . . . after responding to my initial email, the internet sales manager at the dealership 30 minutes away hasn't emailed or called in the last 2 days to set up an appointment for an xA test drive. She's not out sick, because the receptionist at the dealer has said "she's with a customer right now" when I've called. I've sent a follow-up email and left two voicemail messages, but no response. Next week I'm visiting another state, and hope to do some test drives there.

    If my decision was based solely on buying experience, the Nissan dealer would win hands down.
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    I am not sure as to why the Scion dealers in your area are like that.

    In Texas, mainly the DFW area and its environs, Scion dealers are well known for their excellent customer service and they always take care of their customers/potential customers. They also sponsor many Scion events at local racetracks and even hold barbecue's for Scion-ers. Check out, the community has helped me a lot in determining which dealer to shop at first.

    I have not decided as to whether I will buy a Scion yet, I'm holding out until spring for more info on the next generation of the xA.
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    We surprised our 17 year old with a Scion Xa 2 weeks ago. I can't stop trying to bribe the keys out of his hands. It is so much fun to drive. It handles very well.

    The deal was under an hour. We didn't know about the "no hassle" until we were at the dealership. My husband and I were "just shopping" when we went to Toyota. We never thought we'd find a full powered car with a sticker of $14,000!

    Great Drive!!! :)
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    If you come to San Francisco, go to SF Toyota. These people are an absolutely fabulous dealership for Scion.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,204
    why are we talking about Sicons in a Versa Forum ????

    Tony :shades:
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    Read the title. This is a Versa and Scion discussion.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,204
    Well if YOU really read where these topics are at, they are under the VERSA forum with a title called Versa / Scion...

    Tony :shades:
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    Take it easy Tony. No one made you boss of the board.
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    AND it is under the Scion forum also. Because it's a discussion about BOTH the Versa and the Scion. That's why it's called "Nissan Versa vs. Scion xA". It's for people to compare the two cars. What a concept!! It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!!!!
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    Comparison of a 5-speed Versa with an automatic xA:

    - the Versa had better acceleration than the xA; the larger engine (1.8L vs. 1.5L) and 5-speed more than compensated for the Versa's extra 340 pounds. Personally I am interested in the 5-speed xA, maybe it's peppier than the automatic.

    - despite the center mounted gauges, I thought the xA's dash was more stylish and functional than the Versa's. All the xA's knobs and buttons were easy to identify and reach,and the wheel mounted stereo controls were very useful.

    - both vehicles felt roomy on the inside, but I seemed to sit higher and have better visibility in the xA.

    - rear seats do fold down flush with the rear cargo floor on the xA (with the driver's seat pushed all the way back and with the headrests on the back seats -- I had the salesperson demonstrate it); on the Versa the rear seats are not flush with the cargo area when folded down, making stowing large boxes, etc., a little awkward.

    While the Nissan dealer was just down the street and the salesperson was extremely helpful, my xA test drive took place in Florida, several hundred miles away. Given the attention I was given, I guess it's no surprise that the Florida dealer I visited sells 300 cars a month. Very unlike the Toyota/Scion experience locally.
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    The Versa is the best car for the money I have ever driven in my life. Period. Scions are cheaply made, have a lackluster engine, and when there are 3 people in the car, drops gas mileage by a good 3-4 mpg, so without any delay I would definately assure you that the versa is much better for the purchase price.


    The Versa, though roomie and more comfortable, may not suit what you need. The Mazda3 is a bigger car, and now that you are to be a parent, it's in your absolute best interest to get a vehicle that will last you for quite a while.


    I have owned 1 ford and 1 GMC, both of which died horribly and were poorly constructed for useability.

    Once again:

    - Mazda3
    - Nissan Versa
    - Honda Civic / Accord
    - Toyota Corolla (Matrix is no good)
    - Nissan Altima (used)
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    I stumbled upon this discussion thread and was happy to see that the discussion was centered exactly around what I'm trying to decide on. Currently looking at versa, fit, yaris, impreza wagaon and xA (my wife has one and I've loved it, however don't really want to have the same car).

    I'm really torn on whether I really need an awd option.

    It seems, that for the same features, the AWD for the subaru adds up to 19420 vs. the 14925 for the Nissan Versa S with the power option and ABS and auto trans.

    Has anyone manuvered the Versa in snow, or over mountain passes? I snowboard often, and would like to know how well it does in that weather with chains on and without.

    Since I really only need AWD 20-30 days out of the year, I'd hate to spend an extra 4000-5000 just to have AWD. I'd rather put $100 towards some heavy duty chains and some emergency equipment in case.
    Also, having that extra 8 mpg on highway for 320 days out of the year when i don't need the AWD would really save even more money. I commute about 50 miles a day round-trip I would say.

    Thanks for the great info. I was already heavily leaning towards the versa, and this has just about tipped me over. Now it's just a matter of what I really need.
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