2011 Avalon engine codes: P0302 P1604 C1201. slow to start?

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good day! my problem is about a 2011 Avalon that is slow to start, sometimes it takes multiple tries. this has been a developing problem for 2 years. 2 trips to CarMax a year apart (It was purchased there - and a new battery was installed there on the first trip in) and then a later trip to Bob Howard Toyota (The local Dealership of choice) and "nothing is wrong". 6 months later finally i get a dash light that i can check codes from. this is what I've got: Cylinder 2 misfire P0302, Startability Malfunction P1604, Engine Control Unit C1201. any guidance concerning how one might proceed with diagnosis and repair would be greatly appreciated. the car has less than 64,000 miles and is a daily driver of 5 to 15 miles each day depending on the necessary errands. this is Mom's car that i am trying to look after. again any guidance would be appreciated. thanks

while i'm here there is also a problem with the rear sun shade that goes up and down in the rear window: it get stuck and makes a terrible racket. it is stuck "up" now and make a very loud grinding sound when you put the car in reverse. i have gently pulled it down and it retracts but it gets stuck back in the up position whenever she drives it. when you push the dash mounted button the sound will stop but the shade stays where it is. what might be the fix for this? is there a fuse for this that i can pull to stop the operation for now? again, thanks for the help.


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