Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8: Test Drives

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Tell us about your test drive here!

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    Before I bought mine, I was able to take a test drive. The salesman did not go with me, just sent me and my wife out, and he didn't even ask for a driver's license! (though my mother-in-law had just ordered a car that day.)

    The road was still wet from rain that day, though not too wet - the tire tracks in the freeway lanes were mostly dry. It was cool, and definitely very convincing! In fact, the car was so exciting that I forgot to check out several things I had questions about, like steering wheel audio controls! Of course, it ended up that I ordered one...
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    Prior to buying mine, I was able to test drive it. The salesman came with me. Actually, the salesman insisted on driving himself out of the dealer with me as a passenger. He drove 300 feet into the next parking lot and said OK let's switch seats. I said, what was the purpose of that and he said the dealer doesn't like allowing test drives in the GC SRT-8. The one I bought was 2 of 2 coming to their dealer for 2006. 1 of 2 was test driven over 200 miles (mine had 43 which included my drive) and took a little beating so they stopped allowing anyone to test drive it. I drove it and was taking it easy at first, then the salesman encouraged me to get on it. I did just that, we returned to the dealer and I bought it right there!! I knew I was buying it when I went, but one drive and I was thinking, boy I don't care what this costs me per month!!
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    My test drive was outstanding. Since I drove the SRT-8 I cant think about buying another car. I just ordered me a 2007 in Black with all the extra's. It should be here in March. I live in Germany so it takes a bit longer. I had to fly back to Texas to test drive one and the dealer ship had a $10,000 mark up on the car. I would have bought it right there but, i can order them tax free over here and I didnt care to pay $14,000 more than I had too. Mine was $44,000 with everything and the 2007 model.
    If you know anything about cars, this one is a beast. Its hugs the road like a BMW and I know because I have one.

    The number 1 reason I bought it was for the resale. Most cars lose money so fast but this is limited and with the 6.1L it will hold better than normal.
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    This may not be the right forum but anyway, took a '06 trailblazer SS for a test drive today, corvette engine, pretty sweet. Also looking at the SRT8, does anyone have experience driving both of these vehicles? The SS had a pretty smooth ride. I've heard that the SRT8's ride is pretty harsh. Currently drive an '05 acura TL which rides like a go-cart. Not looking to replicate that ride. Thanks.
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    Yes, there is a better forum for this (look around this same area, there's an srt8 forum without the test drives subtitle)...but I'll answer this here - get the tbss if you're female (can't tell from your name)...and that's not an insult or anything, it's just that 90% (or more) of the tbss' I see on the road are driven by females (ymmv). Also, they are significantly slower than the srt8 - look at my carspace pics for when I took one on at the track (one of only 2 I've seen driven by a male, by the way!).

    My srt8 is my daily driver (for now!), and I actually look forward to driving to work (and home, of course!). I am very happy with it.
  • megasrt8megasrt8 Member Posts: 37
    The Jeep SRT-8 is nothing short of amaizing in terms of performance, engine sound and looks.

    However, I preordered mine before test driving, and now can note its hang-ups (currently have 10k miles on mine).

    1) Transmission leaves something to be desired (poor shift points, 3k rpms at 80mph, ...)
    2) Pretty harsh ride under poor road conditions (but the trade-off for it's outstanding handling)
    3) No color option for interior
    4) Cheapest e-brake handle I've ever seen
    5) Heavy doors swing close on your leg when pushed open (more wife's complaint, but happens to me too)
    6) no passenger "jesus" handle above window pillar (again, more wife's complaint)
    7) The "glub - glub" factor!! Horrible gas milage (another trade-off with performance)
    8) Cramped rear seating when front seats are all the way back (which mine is - I'm 6'2")
    9) Still no towing hitch available (bought mine with intention of pulling my SeaDoo's)
    10) Limited mod options

    Regardless, I wouldn't trade it in for anything else - not even the Cay TT. Best performance SUV money can buy
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    Took a black '07 out today for a test drive. Impressions:

    1. A real head-turner. My college-age daughter described it as "bling-ghetto" and said that was a compliment.
    2. The exhaust note is perfect, deep & throaty without droneing.
    3. The massive torque, combined with the AWD & 5spdAT, is incredible! The drivetrain seems always up on its toes, even compared to my supercharged '03 SVT Cobra and turboed Typhoon.
    4. The ride/handling tradeoff is right on the edge. On bad pavement it gives you second thoughts, but on on-ramps its all smiles!
    5. This feels like a beast. It feels serious, heavy and brute quick, an unusual combination.

    I plan to drive an TBSS next week to compare. I know it wont be as brutally quick, but I am interested to see the ride/handling tradeoff, as well as the backseat room (it was better on the SRT8 than I expected). There is no question though, that the SRT8 is one sweet unique ride. Enjoy!
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    "That 6.1 Hemi provides a wide torque band with a peak of 420 lb-ft (and 420 hp), giving this vehicle Cayenne Turbo-trumping acceleration for half the price."

    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8: Still a Jeep -- kind of
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