97 cougar ignition issues

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I bought a 97 mercury cougar xr7 recently. Previous owner had broken key to ignition off in the cylinder. Driving home all lights died on car but because ignition was stuck in on position car kept running. Original key was in pieces couldnt be fished out and whoever had damaged lock attempting to. I bought replacement switch, learned how to put it in, appeared to have installed correctly. Attempt to crank, it made one little thuu sound like 1 sec, didnt hear turnover of any kind. Took battery to be checked n charged turned out be extremely dead, got new battery, replaced rusted. + battery connector, replaced broken - battery connector. Dash indicates getting juice, door dings, radio plays. ..still no crank, noticed dash power still on even when keys taken out of ignition..scared of draining battery disconnected it..took ignition out again made sure went step by step on install, there is a wire directly below ignition cylinder not plugged into anything..no idea if it was connected to anything b4 ignition relaced, it appears to me like it should ...should connect on side of switch cylinder left side not long enough to go anywhere else , tried to see if i could see open spot but no luck finding it, not sure if it is particially broke since it doesnt stay in spot next to lock cylinder or if its supposed to look the way it does and just needs to be plugged in somewhere. Could this be reason nothing happening after ignition cylinder install and battery replacement.im chasing my tAil here please help me identify the wire and where it goes n why car wont start..help!!!!


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