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I believe my clutch has frozen on the air compressor can I pull out the fuse to see if I can still drive it before I have to buy a new one and which number is the fuse. I do not have a owners manual I just bought it 2 weeks ago.


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    Well if it's actually frozen (seized) then the belt cannot turn. On some cars you can just remove the belt but on most cars (and probably yours), that same belt drives other things.

    You might check on the Internet for ONE OF THESE

    It's called an AC by-pass pulley. You should probably call the vendor and make sure you're getting the right one for your particular year and engine size.

    You might want to weigh the labor costs of doing this by-pass with the cost of a new AC compressor installation. Also, it is quite possible that if your compressor seized, it may have sent debris throughout the AC system, which means a much more expensive repair. What I mean is you might replace the AC compressor and that may or may not solve the problem.

    Good luck with this--at least now you know the options and pitfalls.

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