Freelander Maintenance and Repair

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We current own a 2003 Freelander SE and have had nothing but problems with the product and service provided by Bill Jacobs Land Rover of Naperville.
We are trying to get some benckmarking information/data on how many problems (i.e., failures, etc.) that the freelander has had and if there are other folks out there who have experience problems with LRNA and/or Bill Jacobs?


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    I have a 2002 Freelander SE and have had nothing but problems with it as well. Already had to replace the transmission and fuel pump. Car has been back to dealer at least 4 times with sunroof problems. Car is out of warranty effective 6/06 and now I am wondering if I should just unload it as repairs are expensive. I can't afford to buy a new car and am afraid to purchase used and get stuck with someone else's problems. am very disappointed in LandRover as I expected a quality vehicle.
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    I have a 2002 Freelander S and have also had nothing but problems. I wasn't too worried in the beginning as I figured by 40,000 miles or 4 years everything bad would have worked itself out - NOT SO!!! For the record I had all routine maintenance done at the dealership from which I purchased the car until I moved out of state. I now go to another dealership for my "routine" maintenance.

    While under warranty I had the following work done:
    3 window regulators replaced
    Battery replaced (car had to be towed to dealership)
    Heater Core leaking - replaced
    Air conditioning "blower/fan" assembly replaced
    Various squeaks - packed with "anti-squeaking" tape
    Brakes and brake pads badly worn - replaced
    Rear seat ashtray - replaced (wouldn't stay closed - although it has never been used)
    Side mirrors replaced for flaking paint
    Rear seats sometimes get stuck in down position - dealership "unable to replicate"
    I'm sure I've left some things off, but those are the things I can think of. Also, this list does not include the recalls which were taken care of by the dealer during routine maintenance. :surprise:

    Now that I'm not under warranty (as of 2/06) I have had the following work done:
    Brakes and brake pads - replaced AGAIN for wear - my car only has 37,000 miles....
    Intake Gasket blown due to overheating caused by faulty coolant system temp gauge - replaced intake gasket and temp gauge assembly
    Heater Core Leaking (AGAIN) - replaced - is the 3rd time the charm with these?

    My car spent most of June in the shop for the overheating issue and is scheduled to go back in on Monday :sick: - due to a ALL NEW bizarre jerking/shuddering/almost stalling that started a week ago while driving. Talk about scary!! I also got the infamous flashing #4 yesterday - which is SURPRISE - an indication that something "could" be wrong with the transmission. Again, I only have 37,000 miles!!!

    I'm not sure if this helps - but if you have repaired the car - I would UNLOAD it as fast as you can!!! You can purchase several used SUVs - newer models than 2002 for about the same price as you can get for your LR. Good luck. I know I'm going to need it next week! ; ( c.
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    So sorry to hear about all your trouble. I DO wish you luck for next week. Mine is going in next week also for the FOURTH (or fifth, I've lost count) sunroof repair. Do you have the "lemon law" in your state? Here, if a car can't be fixed on the third try, they have to replace it...for serious problems like your issues. Are you going to unload your Freelander? I am sure I can get another used SUV for what I can get for mine, I am just scared to death to buy someone else's lemon!
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    Hi All,

    I own a 2002 Freelander S type. All in all, at 75,000 miles, it has outperformed my other car, a 1998 Volvo V70.

    The positives have been the consistantly great "on road" handling. I still love the way the vehicle drives, and the JATCO tranny. It also is a very sturdy little truck, and I was glad I owned it when my wife was rear ended by another vehicle (which was totaled). The cost of repairs to my Freelander was one left tail-light lens, @ $94.00.

    One the other hand, I have had a problem with water leaking under the driver's side carpet from the AC unit, and exhause fumes which invade the cabin (corrected by keeping the re-circulate button depressed at all times.
    I have thought at times that the dealer ( Prestige Land Rover, Paramus NJ) never gets the repair right the first time, after bringing the vehicle sometimes 2 or 3 times for the same repair.

    All in all I am happy with my Freelander, though I did not feel comfortable with it out of warranty, and purchased an extended warranty from LRNA to 100,000 miles. Before that time is up, I will probably trade it in, or give it to my son if it still is in one piece.

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    Hi Steve, REALLY glad to hear you are happy with your Freelander! I should have purchased extended warranty but it was too expensive. I am sorry I didn't. Sure hope I won't need it. Just want all to know that the dealer I purchased my car from - Land Rover Princeton (NJ)- IS THE BEST!! EXTREMELY customer oriented.
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    We own a 2002 freelander and it is a nightmare. The car has less than 50,000 miles. We have owned it for 1 year almost to the date and have put less than 7000 miles on it and it has had 9 service problems. The sunroof, the windows, the door locks, the thermostat, the radio, the speakers, the indicator lights and the latest problem is a transmission gone bad, third gear is out. All of this in one year and 7000 miles! It is rediculus! I have spent 2 days on the phone with Land Rover dealer and consumer relations at corperate office and am getting nothing but road blocks. I definitly think two(or more) voices are better than one..what do you suggest. Also does anyone know if there are any louisville ky forums for disapointed landrover/freelander owners? Have a suggestions on how I go about finding one? I am not familiar with forums, I found this on accident... :mad: :lemon:
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    My suggestion is keep at Land Rover USA (Corporate). Be insistant with them. I had to pay to rent a car when my transmission needed replacement (under warranty, thank goodness) and they gave me a $250 LR gift cert (to use at any dealer). After bringing my car to dealer at least 4 times for sunroof repair, Corporate authorized replacement with NEW sunroof. Don't give up. Let them know how disappointed you are with such poor quality from a, supposedly, reputable car company. Considering what they charge for their vehicles, they can afford to help you. Curious...did you buy your LR from a dealer or private owner?
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    Hello folks, I purchased an 02 freelander of july 05. So far I've had a quite a few problems with it, and by the looks of it from every forum I've visited, so has anyone else who purchased one of these overpriced lemons :lemon: . I traded my 2000 F250 for the mistake of my life, and i still have 4 years to pay it. One day last summer I pulled out to pass another vehicle and as soon the rpms raised from shifting into passing gear, the engine light came on and the computer went into limp mode :sick: , after hobbling home and in need of new teeth from the shaking of the engine...I called land rover and asked them what I should do, they told me to bring it in and have the tech check for trouble codes, but told me by my description that it was only a small sensor that needed to be replaced. Well after they printed off 2 pages of trouble codes and quoted me with an authentic land rover price, :mad: I decided to do a little investigating on my own before letting them do any work and before I had to take a second mortgage on my home to have it fixed. When I took the first spark plug out I had a good idea what went wrong. The VALVE COVER GASKETS were leaking, but not outside the cover, they leaked into the spark plug sockets, which in turn caused a misfire in the plug from grounding out in the oil deposit to the side of the spark plug boot,causing the boot to burn down the side, which in turn caused the computer to spill out a million trouble codes for the fortunate land rover dealership. So back to land rover I went and ordered a new set of gaskets, spark plugs and boots for my my surprise they dont sell boots seperatly for landrover coils...if you want those go to BMW and ask for boots for the 2.5 liter..they might cost a bit but at least BMW took into consideration that the sparkplugs,boots and wires might go before the coils and at least give thier customers that option. After collecting all my parts with my crippled landrover, which by the way I was told it was alright to drive,(by the landrover tech) that it would take me where I needed to go but would use a bit more fuel to do so, the thermostat failed and the engine overheated. Not to the point of damage, I shut it off and had it towed, and of course went back to landrover for a new thermostat as well as all the intake gaskets and O rings that it would take to replace it. Once back home with all my parts, the first thing i did was change the easiest cheapest part... the sparkplug boot, and what do you know, the freelander ran fine. So for the rest of the day I replaced the parts that needed replacing all costing approximately 500.00, an extreme difference of 2000.00 in parts that the dealership claimed that I needed, not to mention the 18 hours of labour it would take to change them at 95.00/hour. In total I saved myself close to 3500 due to a leaky valve cover ;) . Well I thought that I would be the end of my story, but now the front struts are done, the passenger side window mechanism broke inside, the radio/cd player quit working and now the back glass will not go down when you go to open the rear cargo door. The front windshield cracked to the bottom for no apparent reason(no stone chips), and now the rpms fluctuate when it shifts into 4th gear...which makes me shiver, all I can hope for is that my landrover freelander will hold out until its payed for. If I were to give an oppinion on this vehicle, i would have to say purchase a dodge neon or pontiac sunfire you will get way more for your money with less hassels. For those looking for a good place for repair information go to It costs a bit to sign up, but the information will save you thousands.
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    Oh God! I am SO SORRY you have been going through all of this. (Ironically) had to laugh when I saw your subject title. Very well put! I feel I acted the same. I was vain to think I could own a LandRover. Lucky you know something about cars and was able to do the repairs yourself. The dealers are thieves!!
    Thanks for the repair website. I will keep it "just in case"......
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    I purchased one of the first Land Rover Freelanders to be sold in the United States. I bought it from British Motor Cars in San Francisco, which is a very good dealer and I would recommend them anytime. However, the Freelander stinks. In late 2002, with only 8,500 miles on it, I began to have problems. The dashboard lights would come on and the car would lose power. It cost me over $1,000 before the dealer, which was not British Motor Cars because I had moved, figured out what the problem was. Then, it cost me $800 to get it fixed. One would think the car was under warranty. I guess I was wrong. After that, the computer on the engine began to have problems. It cost me another $800 to get that fixed. After that, the electric window motor failed. I will never have another Land Rover. These things are garbage. :lemon:
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    My Freelander SE has overheated 4X among other things. The dealership fixed it 3X and told me each time it was a different problem. I have had so many repairs done to this vehicle. I am so disapointed and frustrated. :( I have put so much money into my truck that I have had to let other bills go. Now my credit is ruined and I cant purchase another vehicle. erghhh !!! :mad:
    (thank for letting me vent here. Glad to know I am not alone).
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    My back window motor is broken too. The part is $500.00 plus shipping. That dosent include labor. Everytime it rains.... its aweful.
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    I am considering to buy this car with 34K millage on it. I love the looks but have no clue of such cars maintainance costs and risk of repair that I am taking. I do want a fun and sporty car but certianly don't want to keep spending money on it or sending it for repairs often.

    I read mixed reviews on relaiability, I am completely clueless what to do. Kindly help me please.

    I also need advice on the price the quoted price is around 18K. It has the following features.

    ABS, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Cassette, Compact Disc, Cruise Control, Driver Air Bag, Dual Front Air Bag, Five Passenger, Front Rear Side Air Bag, Front Side Air Bag, Heated Seats, Leather, Multi Compact Disc, Passenger Air Bag, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, Premium Wheels, Remote Entry, Sun Roof, Tilt Wheel, Traction Control
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    You didn't state which car you are buying. The 2002 Freelander does not have all those air bags so I am thinking you mean another car or year. My experience with the 2002 Freelander SE has not been good. AND repairs are expensive (at dealership). Consider something Japanese. They are much more reliable.
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    I too was looking for sporty and fun.... and reliable. Thinking Land Rover would be reliable. But have found nothing but headaches and repair costs that I cant afford. My problems started at around 40,000 miles.

    I would suggest a Ford Escape or a Rav 4. They say they are reliable.
    Plus they are Sporty & fun.

    I will never buy foreign again. The repair costs are twice the price.
    Good luck. ;)
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    To all Freelander owners: What ever your problems :sick: just report it to NTHSA. Freelander ->:lemon:
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    My freelander is in the gargage once again. My TRANSMISSION went at 65,000 miles. I am so upset about all the trouble I have had with this truck. It has financially ruined me. I cant even trade it in... or sell it. : ( :sick: :mad: :lemon:
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    Reading your message - I felt like I wrote it !!
    SAME PROBLEMS... : ( :cry:
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    I did report it to the NHTSA. I want anyone who is even thnking about buying this truck to be warned of the problems I have had so they will not go through the same headache and heartache. I am learning alot from reading this threads. Wish I would of researched this truck and found this site before I purchased it.So hopefully others will learn from what we have all experianced with our Freelanders. : )
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    I bought the Freelander in 6/03
    In '05 the engine sucked a valve (is what they call it) needed to be rebuilt - approx 5.5K - I was over warranty by 3K miles but they covered it. I had to pay 1K for timing belt and other parts - quote since it's apart lets do the maintenance. Rear window motor went last month - another common problem.

    Started to hear other clunking noises in the front end when turning - not sure what that is.

    Last week - Transmission started slipping - dealer quotes it 5400 - like 4600 hundred for the trany and 1000 for some leak plenum leak above the tranny. Car has 68K miles and I do not have the extended warranty. I still owe 6100 on it

    Dealer said they;d give me 3K for the car - Joy - can you guys screw me any more please?

    I will be contaced the lemon law site hopefully something happens with this piece of junk car.
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    No luck with lemon law site
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    Ouch.... we all have been burned very badly by our Land Rover Freelanders. I can not believe all the people that have such horrible troubles with this truck. Land Rover should step up to the plate and offer to buy back these vehicles or something equivalent. After going over the 50,000 warranty... I have had so many problems and the dealer had my truck more than I did and the labor there was outrageous....I ended up having no choice but to take it to private gargages. And from what I have learned here in New York where I live. Dealers and Garages do not even want to touch these trucks... and when they do.... its still extremely costly. Its a no win situation we have.

    If I were you..... while your transmission is starting to slip.... get rid of it now ! Mine starting slipping last month.... and its gone now... I cant not get anyone to touch repair it for any less than $5000. The most popular Transmission shop in our area even turned me down telling me he will not take these trucks anymore due to past experiences with them. But I will not let this go. Whats going on with these trucks are not acceptable... I work for attorneys and I am going to get answers and action.
    We should all get together on this. Are you in ??
    Whos in ?? Lets fight this all together. Something must be done. :mad:
  • jimnyjimny Member Posts: 4
    I'm in - what do we need to do?
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    My 2002 SE is back at the dealer again. Getting a new engine. I'm exhausted. No words left to express the depths of despair. Only one more year of payments until I can sell it and break
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    I too am a victim of this sad excuse for a vehicle!!! :sick:
    Is there any end to these costly repairs?!?! :cry:
    I have heard tale of a class action lawsuit...
    WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!! :mad: :sick:
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    There has to be something we all can do to get help.
    This truck is obviously a lemon. I am waiting for a call from Land Rover. When I get it I will tell you what they suggest or hopefully offer. We should keep in touch with eachother and get something going ??? Any suggestions ? We should begn asap. My truck is sitting in the garages lot.... I cant afford to replace the tranny....I also am still making payments on my freelander... 2 more years !! I am driving a borrowed truck from a friend. After all these repairs..... this truck has hurt me and my family financially... and its not even close to over with. : (
    I am game for any thing we can do.
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    I am really hoping someone out there can help me. I too have had several problems with my 2003 LR Freelander. It's been a constant battle trying to keep this truck on the road and VERY expensive. I've replaced tires and brakes every 25,000 miles, 3 of the 5 window regulators, fuel pump, tappets, everything you can imagine.

    My latest problem is this: A few months ago while driving in a terrible rain storm, the truck "bucked" and the check engine light came on as well as the drive indicator flashed "F4." I took it to the LR dealer in Woodbridge NJ and was told I need a transmission. I had no symptoms (slipping, etc.) up until this point. The lights all went off the next day when I picked it up and drove it to a transmission specialist. ??? I had the transmission replaced and drove the car for another week and guess what? It was raining, the same thing happened again. I then took it back to the transmission specialist who said he needed to replace the computer on the transmission. He did so (we're up over $4,000 in parts, labor and rental cars by this point). In any case, I drove car again for a couple of weeks and guess what, it was raining once again and the same symptoms happened again. I can't get a good diagnosis obviously. I've tried everything but it's obvious that something is getting wet (we have coated the wires to the tranny).

    I'm starting to think I never needed the transmission, the computer or any of these expensive repairs but I just can't get to the problem. It's sitting in a garage right now, I went and bought a new Toyota FJ Cruiser. I sure hope this truck last me longer than the Freelander and costs me less money. I'm ready to go on an antidepressant this thing has caused me (not to mention my husband) so much stress. And I'm with a few of the others that wrote in, the dealers treat me like I'm the step-child bringing in my Freelander. I have done all the proper maintenance on the vehicle, unfortunately I drive a lot (for work) and have high mileage. I would just like to get it fixed so I can sell it and try to recoup some of my money! Please help!
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    I just got off the phone with Land Rover.... and once again I get the "your vehicle is over warranty and there is no recall for your situation" line. When I explained how many people are suffering due to this truck (which we all know they are well aware of)... they didnt care. They sold us these trucks and they dont care what happens after that.
    I am so frustrated and broke. There has to be something that can be done. I am going to start posting all over the internet about how bad these Freelanders are and how Land Rover will not stand up to them and help out the people who trusted in them to buy them in the first place. Bad business Land Rover ! :mad:
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    I too am feeling pain w/my freelander. I bought the car in August of 2006. Today the front brakes and rotors had to be replaced for the 2nd time. I have 26,000 miles on the car. The service guy said the car is so heavy the brakes need to be replaced every 15,000 miles. i don't recall reading this anywhere or being told about this prior to buying the vehicle. Anyone else experiencing brake issues? It seems as if I have a lemon on my hands!
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    OMG! I am so shocked and appalled at the service we have all been receiving regarding this vehicle, it make my blood boil! I have a 2003 Freelander and it has been in the shop twice for overheating the first time they said it was the heater core and they replaced that and when I went to pickup my car it was a mess inside since they had to pull out the dash they had removed all my cd's from my center console and side pockets and just left it all on my seat, the car looked like it has been broken into. It is now in the shop today for overheating 1 week apart and after spending $400 for a rental car, I missed 3 hours for work this morning. I am however feeling a little lucky I still have my warranty for another year, but am terrified of what might happen in the next year!! The dealership customer service is the worst I have ever seen! No apologies, no we will take care of this and get it resolved, nothing. I had brought my car in about six months ago for my service engine light (along with other things that didn't get resoved untill now)coming on when I come to a stop and now it doesn't even come on at all! From what is seem/sounds like is that I should get rid of this car!? The things I love about this car are the heated seats and the front window defroster. I know my question is obvious should I dump it while I still have the warranty or deal with Land Rover headquarters?
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    Dump it quickly. You have the exact same problems I had.
    My truck over heated 4 times. It spent so many times in the shop. That was just the beginning. I too LOVED this truck. Until all this stuff started happening. It only gets worse once the warranty is out. The Tranny will go. $5000.00 to get that fixed. My truck is sitting in my friends gargage right now. I cant drive it cause I cant afford to fix it due to all the other repairs costs. I will be making payments on it for 2 more years. I cant even dump it.... no one will buy a vehicle that wont run and need a very expensive tranny.
    The service engine light is on with one problem after another with this truck. : (
    I have had 4 sets of brakes and roters.... and much more.
    My back window regulator is dead. $500 to have that fixed.
    The repair costs after warranty are sick.
    Sad part is, I didnt have much wrong with my truck the first 30,000 miles......then when it came close to warranty the over heating, electrical and other problems started occuring..... (should of been a sign for me to get rid of it)

    At this point driving anything even a tractor to work would be a beautiful thing.
    I learned my lesson...... BUY AMERICAN.
  • trburtontrburton Member Posts: 22
    I babied my Freelander for 55000 miles. Not a scratch. Never replaced Rotors & replaced pads only once. Loved the handling & snow traction (800 miles from Tn to DC & back in 8 inches). No problems until transmission started slipping at 45000. It was replaced under warranty. Engine made noise when I picked it up at Dealer. Noise continued in cold weather at startup. Dealer said "not to worry". In August noise started & engine disintegrated. Land Rover said it was my problem. Since LR Nashville is buddies with LR Credit(Both are located in the same surburban area of Nashville), without my consent LR Credit paid the dealer for engine replacement & added it to my note. I would not make the payment, LR Credit demanded $5000, two attorneys said it was illegal to add repair bill to my note. LR Credit repossed the car 7 days later. NEVER BUY A FREELANDER OR USE FORD CREDIT (aka LR Credit, Primus).
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    I too babied my truck. Always kept it clean inside and out. Parked in the shade at work and in the garage at home always. I installed side runners, bug deflectors and window gaurds. This truck looks absolutely beautiful. But I cant drive it and cant afford the expensive tranny for it. Been trying everything I know to get it fixed.... but have bad credit and cant get a loan. : ( Land Rover told me they wont do anything for me. Great help they were. I will never a land rover again. I have told everyone I know about my problems with this truck and that Land Rover will not do anything to help any of us out.
    I was told yesterday to give it back to the bank. Buy a cheap veichle to get around in until I can get my credit built back up again enough to buy a decent american vehicle.
    At this point it might be my only option. : (
    Such a shame. Such a lemon.
    Good luck to you. Thanks for your story. Its good to know we are all not alone with this mess of a truck Land Rover has built, sold us and turned their back on us with. :cry:
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    Hello trburton. I am having similar problems with my freelander. The car ran perfectly until it bucked once. I called the dealership and they said since I was overdue for timing belts to quit driving immediately. I did that and had it towed to them. Now apparently due to an oil leak I didnt know I had the entire engine must be replaced. The dealer will not even run the engine long enough to diagnose the oil leak. They want $5000 to purchase and install remanufacture engine. That doesnt even begin to address the potential transmission problem. :mad: What is there to be done? Anyone with any suggestions it is appreciated.
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    sadly enough, through all the problems we all have been having with this truck. Land Rover will not help out. My truck has had so many issues and I have spend so much in repairs that I am strapped beyond repair myself !
    My truck has been sitting with a dead tranny since november. I cant afford the $5,000. to have it fixed and I am still making payments.
    I would suggest that if you can afford to get it so and quickly get rid of it. I think everyone would agree with me on this too.
  • abeattieabeattie Member Posts: 1
    It actually makes me feel better to see how much trouble everyone else has had... hate to say it. My 03 Freelander is just garbage. I've had everything (but tranny) done at least once (some twice). After the second overheating they actually changed the engine block which had to be ordered from a factory in the UK and took an additional 8 weeks before I got my car back in the summer of '05. It has been back again three times for other warranty work - heater blower (3x) electronic windows (2x) heated seats (2x), windshield wiper ...really annoying stuff. Other things continuously go brakes (2x) (vehicle has less than 40k) radio, it goes on and on. In the last three and half years my wife and I estimate we've been without our truck for at least four months (2.5 because of the engine alone).
    I wish I owned a LR authorized service shop...job security!

    I can't get LRNA to do anything. If there is some legal recourse (lemon law doesn't apply here) please advise. :sick: :mad:
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    Oh man, reading this makes me want to throw up! We too have a 2003 Freelander. I have loved this vehicle until recently. First of all it has around 60k on it and we bought it used with about 40k. We had the brakepads replaced last year, the squeaking brakes won't stop (I knew from the get go that LR was infamous for their brake problems) but have a feeling they need to be replaced again (and as we all know, they aren't cheap). A couple of months ago I noticed the heater/a/c fan would not work, but didn't think anything of it until yesterday where here in Denver it was 12 degrees and my heater completely quit working. Then last night my husband took it to get gas and it died at the pump. We jumped it and he took it to LR today and they said something about the heater core and it is hard to get to. At $125/hour for labor I don't even want to know what the final cost may be. Also the radio acts wacky, it is on but the volume won't work and we don't think the front windshield elements are working either. I really like this car but don't want to wait for the transmission to need replacement since this seems to be the common denominator with all of us. I had a Toyota for 10 years and never had anything major happen to it and these "luxury" vehicles fall apart. I can't believe there isn't some type of recall. Seriously...... :cry:
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    I have a 2002 Freelander. My transmission went out at 53,000, LRNA said good luck your warranty is expired. The dealer wrote 49,000 odometer on my paperwork and only charged me labor, $540.00. They didn't mention the timing belt, that went and so did my whole engine. Nobody mentioned the recall on the child lock. My 3 year old found the problem for me. Now my car is sitting in a private shop waiting for a $5,000
    used engine. I'm in, lets get LRNA. They know the problems and they commit fraud
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    My engine had went too. Before my warranty was up. How bad is it when you have a vehicle that is supposed to have a reputable reputation and its engine goes at $30,000 ???? and it only gets worse after that !!! Trannys and all !
    I cannot believe Land Rover doesnt or hasnt done anything for any of us. Its not like they cant afford to recall them all. In fact it would be a good sales and publicity move on their part.
    I am sorry to hear you have these problems with your truck.... we all feel your pain.
    So what is LRNA and how do we sign up ??? I am in too.
  • formerroverfanformerroverfan Member Posts: 2
    we also have an '02 freelander, bought it used with 53,000 miles on it ( it now has 73k ) never had any major problems with it ( except with the brakes ) until 2 weeks
    ago, our truck doesn't want to go to third gear, and the check engine light went on, we took it to a mechanic last monday and we were told that we need to replace the transmission ( $3,500 ), does anyone know if we there's still a trade in value for a truck with a replaced tranny?
  • h2oleoh2oleo Member Posts: 6
    My Freebie has been in the shop for over a month now with coolant leaks. It has about 60K miles and started overheating. The kicker is, I DID buy the extended warranty from Land Rover, and APCO, the company that supplies the extended warranty, decided not to cover the problem because no one could prove "where" the coolant leak was coming from.

    My dealer was able to get LRNA to provide a new engine, but we are still working out who will pay for labor charges. Obviously this has been a world-wide problem with the Freelander. Apparently there was an attempt at a class-action lawsuit in Australia for this same problem, and there is a whole website in the UK dedicated to the same. Below are 2 websites that really opened my eyes to how widespread this problem is...

    Sad that Land Rover as a company has not helped out more with this problem. No doubt they have lost a large amount of support from their consumers!
  • wildroverwildrover Member Posts: 18
    My Freelander over heated 4X within 6 months... each time I was told it was something different. I was out of a truck for 4 months...I really dont think the dealer knew what was wrong with it. It over heated again at 51,000 miles. The dealer said since it was over warranty I would have to pay...and they needed to keep it awhile -due to getting the part they needed to fix it. So with that headache, I took it to a private gargage and they fixed it in 2 days and for half of what I was quoted at the dealer. I then drove that truck for over a year with no more over heating problem so I know the private gargage finally fixed the problem.
    I have had so much replaced on this truck you would think each time it would run beautifully and for a long time with no other issues. Wrong was I --- over and over and over. :cry:
  • sick_hipposick_hippo Member Posts: 2
    My 2003 Freelander is about to go out of warranty, and everywhere I look there are reports of pre-mature engine failures due to cooling issues related to failed head gaskets. Has anyone received compensation from LRNA for extended warranties or buy back offers? Had to leave my car at the dealership today, because, you guessed it, :sick: leaking coolant! :sick:

    Very sorry this car has the reputation it does, really enjoy driving it!
  • drinkingjoedrinkingjoe Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 freelander just went in the shop yesterday for overheating. I haven't had a call back from my dealer yet, but after reading everyones' post, I called land rover. They were generally unhelpfull and rude, with an end result of p**** me off. I think land rover needs to respond to what is happening with this car. (and isn't it odd that the new LR2 will be based off a volvo platform)
  • jameswinglejameswingle Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Freelander which as been nothing but a headache. The Landroverr corporation has the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. The following is just a portion of one of the many letters I have had to send :
    "As for the business at hand, I feel that all your service department did was a half hearted attempt to mask the problems with my vehicle. First of all, I have driven the vehicle that your company serviced only 247 miles and I have already had to put in a half gallon of anti freeze. In addition, when the heater in the vehicle is turned on, there is a strong smell of anti freeze inside the vehicle and a film has developed on the inside of the windows. A mechanic with minimum training should know that this is a serious problem, but yet your "certified" mechanics were unable, or more likely unwilling to address this problem. As for your corporations attempt to claim that the vehicle was not cared for properly the following factors apply: "

    The problem is still not fixed and now they are claiming a loose clamp on one of the hoses leading into the thermostat. We plan to get rid of this lemon as soon as possible, but I hate ripping off someone as Landrover has done me.
  • nikky7nikky7 Member Posts: 4
    We have a 2003 Honda Civic. We have owned it since it was new. This winter when you turn on the heater there is a burning toxic odor. The odor makes you so sick we can't drive the car any long distances. We have had it back to the dealer for repair 3 times and they can't find the problem. Anyone have this problem with any make or model of car? And is there any solutions to fix the problem?
  • dsjeffreydsjeffrey Member Posts: 1
    I guess i am just starting. I have an 03 Land Rover Freelander SE3. Unfortunately the lease I guess I am just starting. I have an 03 Land Rover Freelander SE3. Unfortunately the lease was up and my wife loved the car so we bought it. That is when the troubles began. It was towed in 12/9/06 for a burst hose. I have complained each time it has been in of "hot smelling." The only time that complaint is listed is a service on 6/04. I guess they finally found that one. I went in to pick up the car after replacing cooling hoses, Thermostat, coolant expansion tank and something done to the top end of the motor (not listed on the R.O.). When the car started it had a loud knocking sound. Back in the shop again.
    I finally got the car back with a rebuilt motor under warranty 1/12/07. I Had it towed back in 2 hours later with coolant dripping out. I picked it up Friday only to return it again Saturday with coolant still leaking. It doesn't leak coolant anymore. However the new motor feels like a 4 cylinder rather than a 6. It makes a gurgling sound when starting out and feels like it is about to stall at a low idle. The response from Land Rover N.J. was basically that the tech says that it is performing as it should. I have driven this car for three years and know how it feels.
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Member Posts: 40
    Please look at our other freelander site. Mine is in the shop again today. This is 4 times in 2 months.....a total of 32 visits in two years...unreal.....
    We are really getting our class action in order. Please pass this on. Email me at [email protected]
    I will be meeting with a lawyer soon and we will all be joining in to get what is owed to us.
    I was planning on getting rid of my car this weekend, but due to the spewing oil this morning....that's out.... :lemon:
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Member Posts: 40
    They have sent me on my way after installing a strut backward...a faulty steering rack (twice) . Now after about 32 visits my car is in today for the 4th time in 2 months. I had a full transmission replaced....then my bushees failed and caused my car to go into limp mode....but then they blamed the throttle the second time...both times I was on the highway during rush hour traffic and nearly got killed. We are organizing a class action...this is for real. Please email me at [email protected]
    We will be doing our best to put together a petition once I solidify counsel. Thank you for passing this on, if you can, and/or participating...we need all the help we can get to hold them responsible for this vehicle. :mad:
  • kitten2kitten2 Member Posts: 14
    Hi - I had complaints about a burning rubber smell within months of taken my brand new 2002 home. I mentioned it a every service and they said they couldn't daignosis - it was proabably nothing. I am sure it was soemthing as I have nothing but a headache since and recently had to replace the engine. Please get in touch with [email protected] if you haven't already.
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