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Freelander Maintenance and Repair



  • I can not believe they did that! You have a point about their "buddie" system. I can't believe there has not been a class action suit.

    With all of the almost exact same complaints with regards to customer service, the response from the corporate office I'm really surprised nothing has been done about it.

    I too am a victim. Sorry to hear of your problems.
  • Please count me in. I live in Maryland. Please let me know how I can contact you. You should see the file I have on my 2003 Freelander. Something has to be done. I purchased the extended warranty but once it's up I will be in trouble. I also think it could be a conflict of interest with the finance company and the dealership. Not sure but when it come to situations such a this, they basically stick together.

    Please let me know. I am very interested in participating in a class action suit.
  • I haven't read of anyone having problems with their gas lines. I had to add to the mess that we are already in but as an owner of a 2003 Freelander I too have had all of the problems if not more that everyone else has had. This summer and fall my gas line completely came apart, the truck stopped, I smell the strong odor of gas and there is was underneath my truck.

    This happened twice within a period of 3 months. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Oh, and my truck is again at it's home at the dealership because of the one of many yearly coolant leaks. The hose had to be replaced again it was just there two weeks prior. Now I'm told they had to order a manifold. An insert was ordered and I guess installed in July of this year.

    I purchased the extended warranty because I'm not in a situation to purchase a new vehicle at this time. It's a running joke with my neighbors because they see me in a loaner more than my own truck. Oh and the motor in the rear window has to be replaced also. I was informed that they had to reset the system and the window went down and would not go up. Because I was rear-ended I was told that I would need to get the damage fixed first to prevent two deductible.

    I informed them that they need to install it because when I brought it in the window went up and down.

    Has anyone had this problem?

  • You apparantly know about this car. I have a 2003 Freelander. maybe you can tell me what i should try considering I cannot afford to take it to the dealer and no shops around my house know how to work on this thing. I have 70,000 miles on my car. Until now the only real problems I have had is the brakes seem to go out every year to year and a half plus I had the fuel filter replaced $500. But now .... it started loosing antifreeze we didnt know where it was going it just seemed to disappear. On occasion I would smell it but there was never a puddle so I thought it was burning it. Then one night i was entering the freeway and it didnt want to go over 30rpm so i pulled over, the car was shaking. I sat there for awhile I turned the car off and back on a couple times. It stopped shaking and drove fine. We thought it was bad gas it did it several times over the next few days I drove all the gas out put dry gas, gas treatment and then refilled it with the highest grade gas. Sometimes it still seemed it didnt have as much power. One night (about 4 weeks ago) I came home from work backed the car into the garage and it has never started again. At first it acted as if it wanted to start but now it just makes a loud screeching noise. My boyfriend says it appears that maybe the antifreeze has been going into the oil. I have found a shop that says it may be a blown head gasket $2000. I dont want to take it there and find out the motor is blown and then I owe more money I dont have. Do you have any idea what this may be?
  • i just reread my message above i meant to say the car would not go above 30mph. lol 2 a.m. im tired need to go to bed. I live in Michigan my closest LR dealership is an hour away.
  • I had a 2003 freelander same problem, but at 45k. I had a bmw guy change the fluids coolant and oil and than I traded the car. LR denied my bumper to bumper warranty. The car sat for 1 month while I fought with LR . Its a good time to trade you will find a deal. I do feel your pain :lemon: :lemon:
  • pezzpezz Posts: 1
    Wondering if you ever resolved your heater toxic odor issue. I have an X-Type Jag with the same problem and haven't had any success correcting the issue.
  • Friends,
    Someone who knows how to make it happen needs to get a lawsuit going. I'd be willing to join but know nothing about how to do that.
    There are so many of us out there with so many EXPENSIVE problems, obstinate or capricious dealers and few alternatives cause the Rovers are odd and the tools necessary to repair are unusual and expensive.
    My daughter's Freelander needs a rountine timing belt change. On my Volvos it costs about $3-400 and I do them myself. On the Freelander, the local dealer told me to expect $1500-$1800. The 3 belts needed are $190 + water pump $200 + tensioner $80 + aux belt + thermostat + gaskets + 6.8 hours of labor at $90/ hour. Poorly engineered, outrageously expensive parts means that even without the nightmare other problems, these little 4 wheeled lemons are too expensive to own for the average entry level Rover buyer. What we they thinking?
  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums and have found the info everyone has posted to be very useful.

    I took a chance and purchased an 05' SE3 w/26k the other day...and so far I love it!

    I am however very concerned about the future with my new freind after reading the numerous posts here and elsewhere on the web.

    My main question is if anyone knows if there were any mechanical updates to the 05's due to all the core problems (coolant leaks, tranny & electrical probs, etc.) or is my 05's engine & trans exactly like an 02 or 03's?

    Also, has anyone had any experience working with the Chicago LR Service Dept. at Howard Orloff's on Armitage? If so, I'd like to hear about your experiences and who you recommend speaking with there.

    Finally, any mechanically minded Hippo owners on the forum that could advise me on any preventative maintenance things I should do now BEFORE my warranty runs out in May of 09?

    Thanks for all you help!


    ~ Jeff
    2005 SE3 25k
  • Hello all,

    I have been watching these postings since June 2006. I purchased my 2002 Landrover in January 2006 and had nothing but problems with it from day 3 of ownership. It was actually towed back to the dealership three days after the date my husband and I picked up the vehicle! If I had known that was the beginning of many more problems to come, I would have cut my losses at that point. Since then, I had 4 transmissions, two engines, and various other problems (all related to transmission issues). The vehicle has been in the dealership for over 8 months out of the total less than two years that we have owned the vehicle. In December 2006, the owner of the dealership tried to pay us a little compensation money, due to the fact that I was complaining to anyone that would listen, beginning with the Better Business Bureau, all the way to Land Rover North America. As all of you who have tried to complain would know, I could get no resolution anywhere. In February of 2007, the Attorney General of my State and I had a conversation regarding my issues and he stated that I should contact a lawyer. I actually have lawyers in my family, so I asked them what they thought of my circumstance. After long deliberation, they informed me that a law suit would be extremely costly (a revokation of acceptance) and nobody actually wins in class action suits except for the lawyers. In August of 2007, I finally contacted the Attorney General again to make one final plight before selling the vehicle and taking a huge loss. The AG agreed to take the case. As it is such a slow process, I could not wait any longer and finally sold my vehicle two weeks ago. I had to pay off 5,000.00 that I still owed on it that I could not get on trade in. That really angered me, but to rid myself of the pain and anguish of driving that piece of garbage, it was worth it. The warranty would have been up soon, and I would have been out of pocket on any issues that would have arose. I bought myself a beautiful brand new car and vow never to buy English made crap again.

    The reason why I am writing this is because as I am reading all of your posts, I feel your pain. It angers me that Land Rover accepts no responsibility for the mistakes they have made and will not compensate the public for their pain and out of pocket expenses due to Land Rover's errors. I have tried to write to the papers and any news agencies, but it seems that no one wants to pick-up this story. I would urge everyone to try to contact their Attorney General and see if they can rectify the situation, as the one in my State was going to.

    Good luck and I hope you all find a way to fix your situations,

  • Hi Jeff,
    Just to let you know, there have not been improvements made. I have a 2005 with all the same coolant and engine problems you've had. I have 41,000 miles and my dealer just put in a new engine. I was still under warranty. Actually they put in 2. The first one turned out to be no good, so they put in another they had ordered for someone else. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay the $7500+.
    Good luck,
  • Hi,

    Again my 2003 Freelander is in the shop. I have been told that the coolant could be leaking into the engine. This comes after years of fixing hoses, heater cores and the list goes on. I also found out that the company that made the engines for the Freelanders are no longer in business! I'm assuming because of all of the problems. Not sure if anyone was aware of this. I was told that if they go into the engine and they do not find the leak, I will be responsible for the labor ($1100.00). If they find the leak it will be covered by my warranty. I don't think I should have to pay just because they are searching for the problem and they are unable to find it.

    Keeping my fingers crossed,

  • pflashpflash Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, I finally had enough :( our 05 Freelander was just like may of your's nothing but problems, ours was eating coil packs like candy, every few months it was back in for another one, along with changing brake pads every 10,000 miles, window problems, smells from the hepa filter, the list goes on and on, we traded for a 08 Honda Pilot, they were offering them $1000 below invoice and also got within a $1000 of my payoff for the freelander, I was considering a LR2 but LR would only offer $9600 for trade in and I still owed $14,500 Honda gave me $13,400 on top of discounting their Pilot for over $5000.00 I feel we got a good deal, Hopefully we will have better luck with the Honda, I can't have my wife and 3 yr. old son out not knowing if they would make it back home or have to go pick them up somewhere. Good luck to all of you that still have Freelanders, better get rid of them before the warranty runs out. LR North America is a Joke also, ya they alway's get me in and give me a loaner but come on I was in their loaner more than our freelander. Once again good luck everyone.
  • My 04 Freelander, losing coolant, dealer installed new motor, as approved by LR Canada. Vehicle under warranty. No hassle. Glad I bought the 3 years extended, just about of original warranty, love the vehicle for it's drive/use, but reliability is quite bad. Will be selling it with 1 year of warranty remaining.
  • I had a 2004 Freelander. It experienced so many of the same problems that are mentioned in these posts! Coolant was leaking into some unknown region of the engine, 2 windows had stopped working and there were constant electrical problems. I chose to trade it in and purchase something more reliable. The problem is that the dealers know these cars are junk and its hard to get an acceptable trade in value. Still, I am glad to get rid of it now, rather than be stuck with years of problems! It was an expensive lesson, but now I know never to purchase a LR product !!!
  • I still have a 2003 Freelander with the same Head Gasket & Heater Core Failure, I have had the coolant leak for the past 2+ years (93,000 miles on the Freelander now, but it is just about on its last leg). I never traveled long distances with the vehicle, which is probably why the thing didnt die a year ago. I had tried putting the Barrz Pellets to try and plug up the leak gasket, but that only worked for about 3-4 months, and the problem has progressed now to a point where all the coolant seeps into the engine within 15 minutes of use. I am considering using a product by Universal Products called Blue Devil, that supposedly will temporarily seal the leak, and then look to get rid of the car finally.

    I didnt get the extended warranty, and basically now have to go through a routine of adding coolant each time I drive, getting oil changes about every 2 weeks to drain all the emulsified fluids, have been getting the cylinder misfires periodically, where if I ride it on 3 cynliders for a little it warms up the engine oil and then will fire all 6.

    I just thought I'd share my story, since so many others have done so. I was told by a friend that I apparently have been lucky to get it to ride 93,000 miles, and that this regiment of things I have to do really has been only in the past 9 months that the engine misfires and leak has gotten to this awful point (it was alot more tolerable a year ago, when was requring oil change, adding coolant about every 30 days).

    If a class-action lawsuit was to be filed, please add my name on the list.

    Here's to hoping that I can get another month or even week out of this Freelander. There's alot of forums discussing this, so this is apparently a complete design flaw, and an issue especially warranting class action status.

    I appreciate everyone else's stories, they at least make me feel like I'm not alone with this problem, for whatever its worth.
  • Yes, I feel your pain too. Can you tell me more about the smell from the Hepa Filter? I have noticed this horrible sour smell in our vehicle and can't figure out where it is coming from. I thought maybe our kids spilled something, but do not recall them having anything that was spilled. I have cleaned the carpets with an enzyme cleaner and swept it out thoroughly to no avail. Where is this smell coming from and why? We have had other problems with this vehicle including rotors, variable intake motor power valves, window regulator/motor, spare tire mount, etc. Too numerous too mention and it only has 50,000 miles on it.
    Disappointed Land Rover Freelander SE 2002 Owner!
  • Just thought I'd update that my 2003 Freelander SUV is no longer functional, that oil from the engine has completely filled up the radiator and overflow cannister. The car showed sympomatic overheating and this time the head gasket seal completely failed. I have read that this is the final thing that happens with the head gasket failure and that there is no point to even trying to repair the head gasket or use the Universal Products "Blue Devil" head & head gasket repair solution, that the vehicle is done/unrepairable.

    I've been told that I was lucky to even get 93,000 miles out of this piece of sh*t vehicle. I dont feel lucky, I feel cheated that I bought the Freelander and all it is now is a 2000 Pound Paperweight. I have to now go out an purchase another vehicle, and never again will it be a Land Rover product.

    I tried contacting an attorney who was mentioned/linked earlier in this or another forum, he basically helps only when owners waste money replacing the engine or trying to repair the head gasket for thousands of dollars. I am not wasting my money trying to fix what I have seen and am told is un-fixable, just getting a different car. Very frustrating all of this is.
  • OMG! I wish i had stumbled on these posts before today. My story:
    purchased it from the dealer, it was a loaner car for the company at 9500 miles. Got ,what i thought, was a good deal. Did notice the yearly brake replacement and costly oil changes. at around 45000 miles, the car loosing water weekly. filled it up weekly, took it to the dealers, they did a diagnostic and said nothing was found. Took it home, in a week, it was overheating, couldn't drive to the dealer, took it to my mechanic, they replaced expansion tank and hoses. Problem still occurred. Back to the dealer, said the NEW expansion tank was leaking, replaced NEW parts all over. Noticed car was still leaking water, just every 2 weeks, not weekly. Back to the dealer, at this point they thought i was crazy! Fluid was INSIDE of the car. Coolant had been leaking into my passenger side, floor mat was drenched. Showed the service "professionals" they finally believed me found that heater core was leaking, replaced that. Oh, and my regulator on my back window was out, window was not going up and down, so they replaced that too. no problems until right after my warranty expired. in the last month, i paid $2000 for replacement timing belts, all of the and a new starter. And now the regulator on the other side window is broken and not working. At 55700 miles, that car is costing me more every month than my rent! I will contact my attorney regarding all of this, thanks for posts and info. I hope SOMETHING CAN BE DONE!
  • If you would like more information on the car's engine defective design (even Land Rover mechanics have posted in these other forums advising the Chinese Manufactured K-1 Engine is to blame for all of these over-heating & related issues), also I had the same regulator break on the passenger rear window, cost me about $450 to have dealer-service fix that, and Fuel Pump broke at about 70,000 miles, cost about $750 to fix that (and it breaks because the filter is attached to the fuel pump assembly, so it's designed to eventually clog and require this repair). I agree, the break pads wear and rotors require re-cut and then replacement at every 15,000 miles (so re-cut at 15K, then replace at 30K, and so forth)--

    This was the worst vehicle I have ever owned, including the old used car I got when I was 18yrs old. I hope and believe there will be a Freelander Class Action Lawsuit eventually, but will probably be years from now, at least that was what the attorney said. He also said you can try to sue Land Rover for the repair costs incurred, but its an uphill battle. He suggested getting rid of the vehicle quickly, as did the dealership mechanic that I spoke with in December. Everyone apparently knows this vehicle is junk, but us, or we do now.
  • 17tnt1717tnt17 Posts: 1
    Let me join the rest of you poor suckers who thought (like myself) that you were buying a "quality" vehicle when you purchased the 2002 Freelander. After reading many messages of the nightmares of the maintenance and repair costs, I might as well add my own lovely story as well. I bought my 2002 Freelander in 2004. It had previously been a leased vehicle with less than 17,000 miles on it-looked absolutely brand new. I loved my car. I loved the fact that I was driving a Land Rover and people would stare at it because there were'nt many of these on the road yet. I guess I could actually consider myself luckier than a lot of you since I've had less problems with mine even at 51,400 miles. The first thing to go was the sun roof. It took me two trips to the Land Rover dealership but they fixed it and it still works fine. I've only had to change the front brake pads once. Fast forward to 2008 and I get hit with the first blow. The car literally quits running on the road and I'm able to at least get it to the side of the road. I take it to my own mechanic and he proceeds to tell me that it's the transmission. So it gets taken to the transmission shop next door. I'm not about to take it to Land Rover since my warranty has run out and I'm not about to put out $7000+ to fix the transmission. Just the same, I get stuck with a $5000 repair. One month later, the coolant is leaking and it keeps overheating. Say goodbye to another $2600. Can't wait to see what's in store for me next because I know that it's just a matter of time. I still love my car, but I better sell it while it's still in running mode. I just e-mailed a letter to Land Rover North America. Have'nt heard back yet, but will let you know if there's any light at the end of this tunnel.
  • kbombakbomba Posts: 6
    Did you ever get any info on a lawsuit? It all just happened to me, never saw it coming. No engine, no repair, no sympathy from LR but I do still have a beautiful car loan without a car!!! PLEASE ADVISE to
  • Has anyone else had problems with their brakes wearing out too quick. I had mine replaced in January '07 & they said it was a manufacturers defect. Still made grinding noises and took it back in April 07. Said still had 90% life and was just "dust" making the noises. Continued grinding noises & I finally had someone else look at them. Rotors have big grooves & pads are about shot with only 19K miles on them. Dealership said they may very well be worn out as they are high-performance pad and made out of soft composite material. If they are made out of soft composite material, how can they cause such hard deep grooves in the rotors? In the shop now. Hopefully they will replace them free of charge. Seems brakes haven't been right since I bought used 1 & 1/2 ago with only 16K on it.

    Also, does anyone else constantly smell coolant? One of the Land Rover dealerships confessed they use cheap plastic parts and that's why you smell it so bad.

    And why does it cost $100 for just an oil change? I'm trading this car in as soon as my brakes are fixed before something else breaks. Sunroof motor was bad when I bought it, they replaced it but now I'm afraid to use it. This car has got to go. Thought this would be a quality car. I'll never buy another Land Rover or recommend to anyone.
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39

    Yes, the brake pads wear out fairly quickly on these Freelanders, I would wear through pads every 15,000 miles and the sales rep who sold me the car said it was normal as the weight of the vehicle was so heavy. I had to replace pads at every 15,000 miles and have the rotors re-cut at every 30,000 miles (rotors replaced at 50,000 miles).

    That smell of coolant that you mention is the more serious problem alot of people, including myself, have experienced. If you are smelling coolant, you seriously should check your oil cap to see if you notice coolant in the oil and/or you should also notice your coolant overflow level dropping slowly over a 20-30 day period, which is the Head Gasket Failure issue many, many of us have had.

    Once the Head Gasket Failure starts to happen, you will only get so long before it fails completely and the vehicle is done.

    I seriously would suggest trading it in now or as soon as possible and get a different vehicle while you can. Once the coolant/Head Gasket Failure happens, you might get another 9 months out of it before it completely over-heats and seizes.

    You are correct to never buy another Land Rover again. Get rid of it while you can!
  • ali6010ali6010 Posts: 3
    Yes, we had the same brake and rotor problems when we bought ours 13 months ago. The funky smell is also an issue for us once in awhile. And yes the oil change does cost almost $100. But, since it is synthetic you should only have to change it every 15,000 miles is what I was told.

    We are currently in a battle with an extended warranty company that would not cover the variable intake motor power valves that went out on the thing with less than 50,000 miles on it. We had to replace them to the tune of almost $700. We will probably never buy a Land Rover again either.

    Let us know if anyone knows anything about a lawsuit against Land Rover for their crappy design of this vehicle!
  • I have a 02 Freelander. When it was first purchased I was exhilarated, after all I finally became a Land Rover owner. I liked it because it always stood out and there wasn't very many of them seen on the road. Unfortunately, now I know why they are an extremely rare find on the road. I took care of the car always trying to keep it running at its best; however, preventive maintenance is irrelevant, when it comes to this vehicle. I have become accustomed to the "service engine soon light". One week it will stay on and another week it will go away. At around 50,000 miles, I finally took it to a Land Rover dealer which is very far from where I live. I was informed that there was a vacuum leak in the engine, and that it needed a replacement of the intake manifold inserts, etc etc. At first, although costing thousands of dollars, I was happy knowing that at least the problems were solved and my rover was running normal again.

    The engine light warning was gone and I had a pleasant long drive home. The next day the service engine light soon light came on again. They must of missed something with their 99 point inspection. That obviously was disappointing beyond belief, considering the fact that the whole point of taking the vehicle their was to make sure that anything involved with that warning light was supposed to be corrected. I now have to make another long trip back to the dealer, and I am not too impressed with their service anyway. I thought Land Rover was the best. At the dealership, well at least mine, they expect me to just shell out thousands of dollars with no remorse. The employees were rather rude, and I noticed that none of them drive a Land Rover, Jaguar, or Volvo; although they are the brands that are sold and serviced there. Even my 07 loaner was a lemon as well. At the dealership they try to calm me and pamper me with free food and refreshments. All the free food at the dealership will never compensate for being without my car. After all I did not go there to eat, and all I want is my car fixed right, if that is possible with this thing.

    Personally, I will never buy another Land Rover. They are like German tiger tanks from WWII. They are big, intimidating, and sophisticated, yet they are impractical, over-engineered, and inefficient. My car may look nice, but what is the use of it, if I am not able to drive it.
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    That smell of burnt coolant didnt occur until the later stages of my vehicle's head gasket failure. I would seriously recommend checking that further, as that problem will leave you without the SUV in a very short amount of time.

    The Freelander was discontinued in 2006 and there are no more engines produced, so if you do have a Head Gasket Failure, they would be trying to fix basically a piece of [non-permissible content removed] engine, at a cost of $4000-$5000. None of this is worth the money.

    I will tell you, I did get those synthetic oil changes, but it made no difference at all, didnt help prevent the Head Gasket Failure one bit. If you are doing that to meet warranty requirements, ok, but once I had the Head Gasket issue, non-synthetic oil at Jiffy Lube for the last few months I had the vehicle worked just fine.

    I was told by the Land Rover mechanic at my nearby dealership to simply Trade In the vehicle as soon as possible. I couldnt do so due to a loan that had another year and 1/2 on it at the time.

    An attorney I spoke with said I could sue for costs incurred, but I found it better to not waste the money trying to replace the engine and incur more than the $3000 I already had spent. I bought a different car subsequently, a small sedan that serves me just fine after this horrible experience.
  • btriddlebtriddle Posts: 2
    Hello Bridget,
    If the lawsuit is still going on, you can count us in on being a part of the suit.
    Brandon & Ruben
  • btriddlebtriddle Posts: 2
    Let us know we would be in on the suit as well these cars are nothing more then a money pit. :mad:
  • I've owned this vehicle for a year and it has been a money pit to say the least it has 74k miles on it, I bought it with 67k. I use it as a spare car for teenage son, trips in town no real commuter driving so the usage is very low. In this short period of time I've replaced head gaskets ( which was under warranty I dodged a BULLET on that repair ), radiator fan control module, water pump, coolant leak (and still leaking imagine that?) starter motor and a few more things that I can't think of at the moment. Price tag for these repairs well over $5000 and still counting. Whom ever at Land Rover that designed this vehicle should have been FIRED and whom ever the VP of Quality Control should as well. They all new what type of product they had, this vehicle should have never seen the Light of Day.
    I called LR for help, the customer service rep said ther is nothing they can do about the POOR Quality of their product, CSR suggested that I take the car to the nearest dealer so that I can be hosed again for problems they can't fix. I will NEVER buy another Land Rover product and will tell all about the Poor Quality, Workmanship and Service that I received from the company and vehicle. As I read all talking about a Class Action Law Suit we will be OLD and GRAY or DEAD before we see any JUSTICE. :lemon
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