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I have a 2008 Chevy Impala LS with 146K miles on it. This morning was the first time this happened to me... I was on the highway on my way to work and got this error message. I have little to no acceleration power anywhere whether it be on the highway or municipal roads. I also noticed that my transmission is banging really bad when I accelerate to ANY degree not just on the highway. It is specifically noticeable when coming through a stop light from a complete stop seems like every time the car would shift the transmission is banging I can feel it through the floor of my car. I'm not sure if this is at all related to the "Engine Reduce Power" message I got earlier but I didn't have any issues with the car until that message came up this morning. I was able to keep ,my car at 70 on the highway this morning only because I was at that speed when I got this error message and had enough power to keep myself going at the same speed. However, I know I wont have the same luck this afternoon when I leave and will most likely (would be the smart thing to do) call a ride to get me home tonight


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    You'll have to get it scanned to read the trouble code or codes. This might be something like a throttle positioning sensor, or accelerator pedal position sensor, or possible steering wheel angle sensor---or some wiring or connector issue related to one of those sensors. There are other possibilities but usually when people have this message, it's one of the above. A good mechanic should have this squared away without too much trouble unless the wiring is the issue--that can be time-consuming and tricky to find.
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    It sounds to me like the ECM put your vehicle in "limp mode," which is why you got the message "engine reduce power." The vehicle is designed like this to protect the transmission. Speed in this mode is generally around 30 -45 mph. The reason that this engaged the limp mode is most likely because the transmission is shifting hard. I had a 2007 Impala LT that had a similar shifting problem. I would stop at a light or stop sign and then start to take off and the car would just creep along and then it suddenly would bang like you described and shift into second gear. I found my problem to be the 1-2 gear shift solenoid. I bought a complete solenoid kit off of Transmission Parts USA. This kit contained 2 shift solenoids for 1-2 & 3-4 shifts, 1 electronic pressure control solenoid, 1 pressure manifold, & 1 torque converter clutch solenoid. I am not sure exactly how much it cost, but it seems to me it was around $100-$125. The transmission seem to run better then when I first got the car after I fixed it and the shifting problem was gone. As Mr. Shiftright indicated you do need to get it scanned first because you don't want to just throw money at it in hopes of fixing the problem. Again, my comments are based on my own personal experience. The replacement of these solenoids are not extremely hard, but it is a bit of a job and one that I would not necessarily recommend for someone to take on who has limited mechanical experience. No insinuation is directed to you. It's just a bit tedious and messy because transmission fluid runs out while you are repairing it. You also have to be careful with the wire connectors because they are some what small and fragile not to mention the need to keep the inside of the tranny clean where you are working. I wore latex gloves when I did mine. So have a pan ready to catch the fluid when it rolls and take your time and be careful.
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