My 2003 Dakota 4x4 suddenly stopped running Need advice

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To start, I'm the original owner and the truck has been very well maintained. Was just in shop a month prior to problem starting for routine inspection and maintenance. Drove to a location, came back to vehicle and it cranked but would not catch. AFter repeated attempts had it towed to mechanic shop. Thought it was cam sensor. Turned out not to be. Then believed to be coil, replaced. Not that. checked fuel lines, getting fuel. Finally got it to run but would not stay running. Then again, failed to catch. Replaced computer board, not the answer. Next Coil, and plug wires. The shop, to their credit felt so badly they did not succeed they would not charge me for attempts. Advised to take to dealership as their diagnostic computer would be more updated than their system. Dealership was told all that first shop checked. Continued to search. Said timing chain jumped a tooth, replaced it. Still not solution. Replaced distributor would run but not fire on both sides. They also checked each ground wire and none faulty. Roll over sensor not the issue either. Again, stumped. ANY IDEAS? I need my vehicle back and running...


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    Good grief. What a fiasco.

    In any event, you might try this website, as they list some of the best trained technicians in the business. Click on "repair shops" and hopefully, there is one in your area. I don't see why proper diagnosis and skill can't find the problem without expensive guessing.

    Sometimes on very old vehicles, very peculiar things can happen. That's why the technician who tackles this has to go right back to basics, and assume nothing.
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