98 derango 44RE transmission 5.2 solenoid code

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I have a 98 dodge derango 5.2 SLT 4WD with the 44RE transmission model and my "P0751 shift solenoid A performance or stuck off" code is on but the car runs like a top. Shifts just fine and runs fine. I even replaced the solenoid brand new and the code keeps showing up so I'm really confused on how or why the code is appearing. And until I find out what the cause is I can't get it inspected. Thats the only code that is appearing too. If anyone has any information on this would be very helpful!!


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    Here's some good info on this trouble code. As you will read, this code doesn't necessarily mean the problem is with the solenoid. Trouble codes do not identify the defective part. They only tell you the system that is in distress:


    If you want to make any attempt to fix this yourself before going to a transmission shop, it looks like your best options are to change the transmission oil and filter, and after that, check the wiring harness and connectors that are part of the solenoid circuit.

    The tutorial suggest a "transmission flush" but I wouldn't recommend that on an old unit.

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