Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, Engine Power Reduced

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I'm just want to let people be aware that in 2015 GM issued 2 letters (NOT A RECALL) on the 2011 Chevy Impala in regards to Service Stabilitrak , Service Traction Control, Engine Power Reduced. The letter contained you're vin# of your vehicle. The letter stated that you do not need to bring your vehicle in for service unless you have this issue with your car. They said that they extended the coverage to 120,000 miles and or 10 yrs whichever came first. The letter also had an attachment for a refund if you had this service done but of course it would have been needed to be done at a GM Service Center. So far I had this issue twice with my car. Once in 2013 which it was covered under the warranty and most recently last week. I knew I had the letters somewhere and dug them out. Then I went to car part place and had the codes read. The 2 codes that came up matched the 2 letters that I had from GM. I then watched a u-tube video to see how long the repair would take. (An hour or less so I see) So, I made an appointment with the service dept. and never mentioned the letters. When they called to tell me it was the accelerator pedal & sensor and it was going to cost $455.00 to repair and then I mentioned the letter. He pulled up the VIN number and sure enough it was covered at no cost. He seemed surprised and said he had no clue about the letters for this issue. I wonder how many people they ripped off. Needless to say when I picked up the car they only charged back GM $110.00 for part and 63.50 for labor....they were truly going to rip me off. Even if you have a 2010, 2012 or 2013 have them check the vin# to see if this is covered. If you already paid for the service at a GM dealer go and get your $$ back. I hope this helps someone.


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    I have a 2014 impala and have had it for 3 years now. I bought it with 40k miles on it and it now has 126k . It has never given me problems until this year. Over the past 3 months I’ve dumped almost $4000 in to getting repairs from drive chains, to tie rods to wheel bearings and to struts. After I had the drive chains replaced at a gm dealer the check engine light had came on, I brought back to them and they had no idea why it was still on. They reset codes again and it stayed off for two weeks till it came back on. I decided to bring it to my local repair shop to see if they could figure it out and to also replace tie rods and wheel bearings. They fixed all of that and did an alignment for me. I paid them and went and got in to my car to start it up and it started shaken horribly reading service stabilitrak, service traction control and check engine light was flashing and then it died. I went back in and told them what had happened and they hooked it back up to their computer and were unsure. It has been at the shop for almost a week now and they still have no answers. Im so over dumping money in to this dang car! Done with Chevy after this impala!
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    This could be the shop's fault as much as the car's. They should be able to figure this out. A good shop doesn't just fix the easy stuff.
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