Hyundai Accent Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Please use the following discussion to post your experiences when shopping for an Hyundai Accent, including how much you paid if you'd like. Thanks.


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    Well, the Hyundai-owning chapter of my life started to slowly begin yesterday. I've long been yearning for either an '06 MT Elantra GLS hatch, or, more recently, really yearning for an '07 MT Accent SE hatch. Unfortunately, the lot's on-hand models that I test-drove were a MT Elantra (but sedan), and SE Accent (but AT). Oh well -- at least I got to feel what a Hyundai MT feels like, and it didn't meet my fears of being too "rubbery" or loose. I really enjoyed it, in fact.

    I was there mostly to test-drive before I begin shopping/comparing $ in earnest, so the I-have-nothing-to-lose offer of invoice on an Accent was met with a there's-not-a-chance look of futility from the sales crew. What surprised me was a similar expression when I spitballed $13K for an '06 MT Elantra GLS hatch -- I figure at the end of that generation and calendar year, that wasn't at all an outrageously sub-invoice offer (especially since some Edmunds posters have apparently scored in the $12K region). (These offers would have been on models they didn't have on-hand, but found in the five-state upper-midwest region.)

    All in all, probably best that they didn't have either of my desired models on-site then -- while I have set my personal budget to allow for the car loan I've already been pre-approved for, I didn't expect the jump in my insurance premiums that would come with it (which I found out about once I called my guy after leaving the lot). :surprise:

    All-in-all, I'm going into the comparison-shopping phase now pretty much holding the MT Elantra GLS and MT Accent SE as equals -- what the Elantra lacks in mileage, it pretty equally makes up for in pep and power (my 10-minute drive being the only indicator, plus the knowledge of 28 additional horses). All things as they are, I'd slightly prefer the Accent. Anyone think my target goal of $13K (pre-tax) for either is unrealistic?
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    If the Elantra has no options, I think $13k is possible, but if you only qualify for the $1000 rebate, $13k is a bit under invoice. You might try making that $13k (plus mats!) offer on Friday night or Saturday this week, maybe catch the dealer while they are trying to meet a monthly sales target. For the Accent SE, $13k is nearly $600 under invoice and there are no general rebates yet. Plus it's a fairly rare car. But if you can catch that dealer trying to earn an incentive, just maybe...

    Another advantage you have on the Elantra is that automatics are more popular than sticks.

    I would not be surprised to see rebates appear on the '07 Accents in a month or two, after the '06 inventory is gone.

    Keep in mind that there is a short-throw shifter kit for the Accent that is supposed to be available through dealers. The shifters on the Elantra and Accent are a little tall; I've heard that adding an aftermarket short-throw kit to the Elantra makes it more fun to row.
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    I was poised to replace my ailing Saturn commuter car before winter hit and thus had my eye on an '07 Accent SE Hatch w/ MT.
    I live in CT and the closest car that met my specs (I requested 2 color options) was in Reading, PA. After realizing how rare the MT's are at this point I was able to negotiate down to Edmunds TMV but couldn't get them lower. Other then carpeted floor mats I didn't get anything extra.
    The dealer was able to locate the car and have it 'driven' in from PA within 3 days. Downside was it had 400 miles on it when I received it but at least the dealer was responsive.
    As dealers catch up on the inventory of this gem and competition tightens up you may see rebates but I believe it may be awhile.
    The delivery went well however a bit of infant mortality kicked in just 3 days after ownership. Manual transission on occasion will kick out of 4th gear and into neutral. New transmission is on the way from Korea and now I can be seen around town in a SanteFe loaner. Still ticked about it but have resolved myself to give them 1 shot at fixing it until I elevate it. :sick:
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    Hope you get your car fixed fast. At least your dealership provided a loaner car and Hyundai is sending you a new transmission. Keep bugging your dealership and Hyundai to make sure they fix and fix it right.

    Doesn't bode well for quality control at Hyundai though
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    I just picked it up after the dealer installed a new transmission. So far so good, I'll keep ya posted. They had my car for about 12 days, which I suppose is not too bad considering they had to have the transmission shipped from Korea. Nonetheless, the SanteFe was a nice ride while I was waiting. Only time will tell if this was a 1-off lack of initial quality event. Nice too have the wheels back nonetheless. I'll post my early fuel mileage within a week or 2 :D
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    Thats great you got it back quickly. Hopefully you wont any issues from here on out. Good luck with your new SE (I really like that car and they are very rare here in Southern CA).
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    I'd be careful! I had a 2000 Elantra wagon that I got rid of after 60,000 miles and 4 transmissions. Yes, 4 of them! It kept blowing sensors which would cause it to shut down on the interstate or wherever I was and the fix for the bad sensor was another transmission. They even replaced the master computer once!

    Another thing I learned, they don't give you new transmissions. Hyundai uses rebuilt transmissions so ASK as to what you're getting.

    On the other hand, my 99 Accent has been great. Besides a coil, all I've addes is gas and oil. I own it and won't part with it.
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    2007 Hyundai Accent GS hatchback stick with air...price paid: $12,300 (invoice).

    The buying experience was that same typical tense deceptive affair that I've come to expect of a new car purchase. This one was particularly nerve-racking, with one salesman handing us off to a second salesman about halfway through the process (the ole good cop/bad cop routine), and since we were looking for the best rate on the financing, we also had to deal with the business manager. These people practice deception on a daily basis, so, unless you also do this, you are at a distinct disadvantage in any negotiation. We ended up getting the car at invoice, which I was satisfied with. They did however try to make an extra few hundred by overstating the cost of some added dealer accessories on the car, and figuring our state sales tax at a higher rate that it should have been. We challenged them on the sales tax thing, and they straightened it out...we let them have the higher than normal markup on the few dealer accessories (it only amounted to about a hundred dollars).

    I really love having a new car, but I really hate the hasssle of buying one.

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    My brother who lives in Asbury, KY has a 1997 Elantra wagon with 180,000 miles and original engine and tranny. He has had two small issues. This post seems to be written by someone who is 'downing' the product. I will give you his phone # and as a former Toyota owner, he will gladly tell you and show you his green elantra wagon that is still running and working great.
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    Prosource, I think we I just got one bad car in a bunch of decent ones. I don't doubt your brother's good fortune. My 99' Accent has been a dream and I won't part with it. In fact, I bought a 96' Accent off a friend just for run-around purporse so the wife can park her gas guzzling Pontiac.
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    How much did you pay for you Hyundai Accent GLS 4 door? The dealership I am working with is charging me $14,800 + [tags and tags]. They are offering the Sports Premium Package in this deal. I would like to know if this is a good deal for me.
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    Im thinking of buying an '06 accent hatchback. Can I ask how you went with the fuel mileage?
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    Hi, just a little over a month ago I replaced my '99 Accent GL with an '07 GS hatchback with auto, air, and upgraded stereo. My local dealer advertised it for $11,991 with the $500 discount, and another $500 owner loyalty discount. I called them up and verified that was the real price; no college or military discounts pre-applied, and they told me it was correct. I went down with my current registration to prove I currently own a Hyundai, and they charged me $12,991 minus the $1000 cash back for a total of 11,991.
    Not a bad deal considering I paid about $1000 less for my '99 over 8 years ago (which still runs great and has over 206,000 miles clocked). Very little maintainence has been required, as I change the oil every 25,000 miles with Amsoil, and do the timing and drive belts every 60,000 miles. Thats not bad for an inexpensive, reliable small car, especially with the gas prices these days.
    Be kind to the people you meet on the way up, because you're going to meet the same people on the way down.
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    I was offered by a dealership a GS 3 doors hatchback 2007, manual with the AC package. It is from leasing according to carfax(the dealer says it was driven by Hyudai worker from Korea) and has 8 month ownership according to carfax. has 16,000 miles. clean accident history.
    I am thinking of offering 9.5K (the dealer asked for 11.4K)
    is 9.5K too much?
    Does anyone know what is the real price for a new car as this one?

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    We will be selling our 2007 Hyundai Accent, which has approximately 3,000 miles.

    The car had an unusual problem -- it came with a faulty engine. Part of the engine was just replaced -- the short block. Several months ago, the head gasket was replaced.

    The repairs were done under warranty.

    Assuming that our car's engine problems are now completely solved, I was wondering if anyone knows if having a new engine put into a 10 month old car would affect the car's resale value.
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    I think you can do better.....On June 29th i bought an ELANTRA....SE.....for 14,280 plus T&L......2007 model. You should be paying way less for an Accent
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    My wife woke up at 2am & said she wanted a new car & I had to get it for her. After driving a Vibe & Yaris, I was going to drive a Honda Fit & VW w/dual clutch tranny. On the way I stopped at the Eastside Hyundai dealer in Totem Lake, Washington & saw a 2008 two door Accent hatchback. After a limited test drive(got stuck in a traffic jam), the nice salesman offered $10,500 with lifetime oil changes without me saying anything. Got my wife, she liked the Accent & we bought. Total time from her 2am statement....16 hours.

    My wife loves her Accent more every day.

    The car had no radio(had speakers), but even that turned out to be a good deal. Later researching car radios, I found a high quality Dual HD radio w/I-pod input for $100. HD radio, you say? What's that? It is digital radio...extraordinary sound! Orchestras are crystal clear with huge amounts of detail. Instruments (& voice) are as you have never heard them. Previously, HD radio was expensive. But prices are plummeting downward, with my Dual head unit, JVC & others now coming out with radio integrated with HD tuners.To buy radio without HD radio is a big mistake if you have HD radio stations in your area. Reception in my fringe area(20+ to 50 miles way) is excellent. Get HD radio.
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    My folks are shopping for an Accent SE, and I'd like some updates and info please! They got an OTD offer of $14k
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    OTD isn't very descriptive, as taxes on this vehicle would be from $100 to 1100 depending on state.

    The 07 accent SE auto msrp 16000 wholesales used for about 11000 via or others. A useful target on an 08 would be 20% over the wholesale price of a used one so the High 12's low 13's would be where you're at. If there is a fair amount of tax and reg you are in the ball park. If not or the cheaper 15400 manual tranny you have a bit to go.


    My folks are shopping for an Accent SE, and I'd like some updates and info please! They got an OTD offer of $14k
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    The offer ($14k) is without taxes, but with all fees. I guess it doesn't matter now - we didn't realize that the crash test results were not on par with the best in the class; this being my mom's car, my dad won't even consider it.
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    I just purchased an 08 Accent GS with no options in Oregon. Out the door only 7995$. I live in Washington so I had to pay the sales tax, lic, and registration fees in my state of 810$ for a grand total of 8805$. I would have wanted a/c but I couldnt pass up this one. This engine seems to rev at higher rpm than I am used too. In 5th at 60mph the engine will tach at 3k. Does this seem high or does anyone have any experience with an accent. thank you vince
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    you got a real grate deal on that car not a bad car for what it is. that is normal with the trans My dad has a 1999 same engian loves it has close to 200000 miles on it has the 5 speed trans manuall. keep us updated good luck with it you will love it thankyou for reading.
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    Hi- I just bought a 2008 Accent 3 door manual with A/C and upgraded radio, CD XM. Manual everything else for $11,500 OTD including all taxes. So, base price was probably about $9.5K
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    I'm in the market for a new hyundai accent 2008 this coming month, july. I can wait a couple more months if that means a better deal, no problem.

    I'm wondering what are some good asking prices I should stick to.

    Here's what I'd like to get optimistically:

    Accent GS manual, A/C, ABS - $11,000 OTD

    Accent SE manual - $12,500 OTD.

    Are these unreasonable? (considering the time of the year, availability and the models coming in the fall) or too high haha ;) ?

  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Looks ok. Hard to tell. Taxes can vary by state from $100 to $1100. Dealer fees can be $50 to $500. Break it down: MSRP Taxes, Title, dealer fees, price paid OTD. Sedan or Hatch too ,
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Taxes are 10%, so I'd say no.
  • marcogallo1986marcogallo1986 Member Posts: 1,164
    you did real whell grate car you have the same car my dad has same engian and verry few options just ac that is it no power locks or windows good luck with it what color is your car grate car thks car is over looked thankyou for reading.
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    The 2009s are arriving on lots here. The rebate on the 2008s is $1500 here in Washington so I jumped on one of the remaining 2008s.

    I was originally going to get a base model but my wife pushed to get the A/C & radio, Option Group 2. MSRP for this configuration is $13,215 and invoice is $12,863 according to Edmunds. TMV was listed as $11,669 with the $1500 rebate.

    I paid $10,677 for the version that was advertised in the paper. You know the deal, one vehicle only at this price. Surprisingly the dealer didn't try to pull any stunts. They tried to sell the extended warranty, undercoating and all that crap but there was no high-pressure sales and no surprises. I'd highly recommend my local dealer and I'll use them again (Ruddell Hyundai in Port Angeles).

    I ran down to Walmart and bought floor mats for $20. My only fees that I had to pay where a $75.25 for License, Title and Registration fees, a $50 document fee and taxes. The Gov. gave me an extra $36.53 tax (I thought they only where interested in taxing the rich?) but total WA state taxes where $1059.40.

    Total OTD price was $11,861.65 with everything. The dealer managed to find a better finance rate than I shopped, 5.49% on 60 months with $3000 down. Total payments are $169.23/month for five years, when the warranty will expire.

    Insurance is $488/year, an increase of $208 over my liability only policy on my old truck. It cost $44/year to put plates on the thing.

    Overall, at $4/gallon, I should be saving enough at the pump to save about $125/month compared to my thirsty 4WD truck, likely more depending on where my average MPG shakes out. That puts my cost of owning the vehicle at $65/month or less relative to driving my old truck.
  • manofteflonmanofteflon Member Posts: 2
    I just paid $12.3k out the door (with Chicago's 9% auto sales tax, ugh) for a 2008 Accent GS with the AC/stereo package.
  • giribtgiribt Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody know where to get owner manual for hyundai accent gl 2000 4dr model. Can you send me to giribt @
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    Put a down payment on this car in Charcol Gray today for a price of $14,570...basically Edmunds TMV price. This includes the $1k rebate. Tried all over the state and even Fitzmall in Clearwater couldn't locate a car with the power package that we needed. Found two of these in Miami and would've given us both for $14.3 each, but my older girl didn't want the Accent. They started at $14.8 and we at $14.3 for just one of the cars and met in the middle.
    Pick up the car during the week after I check it out to see all is right. Been a long few months on test drives and such but we got the car for a price we can live with and just a couple of weeks before our target date whcih was between Thanksgiving and the 14th of November.
    Kid's happy and we're o k with the deal.

    The Sandman :)
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLMember Posts: 6,521
    Kid loves her Accent GLS and must admit, it scoots around pretty effortlessly. Ended up with $15.5 OTD so everyone's happy. Looks great in the charcol color and luckily it has the upgraded 15"'s and alloys.
    Other kid finally got the Versa SL hatch in the new Arctic blue color...sweet car also. Got the only one in the region with all the power goodies.

    The Sandman :)

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • tightonbudgettightonbudget Member Posts: 1
    I am recently looking into buying a GS Hyundai Accent with premium package. So far the price I got is 11,625 including freight. Is it a good deal? (The $1,500 rebate and recent college grad rebate $400 are included.) But I know this 1,900 has nothing to deal with the dealer. So with this much rebate, I might get a better deal than this?
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    Los Angeles Area OTD price on 2009 Accent with auto any info please? thanks brunojoe
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    picked up a 2009 Accent, GS (hatchback), automatic, option package #02, mudguards and floor mats for $11700. basically OTD price was $12500 (included freight), add 3% VA sales tax, $345 processing fee, $75 title/registration, and subtracting $1500 rebate (was for my mother-in-law, so she wasn't eligible for military and college graduate rebate). $1500 rebate expires today, basically got about $11800 price estimate in the Washington DC area, then took this to a couple of Richmond, VA Hyundai dealers. one said that there was no way he could come close to the $11800. the other said wait, talked to his manager, and offered $11700 out the door. my mother-in-law is VERY HAPPY with this; her first new car, limited budget, and perfect for her needs (green apple color, black interior). this was even better than the TMV and consumer reports dealer price was!
    all dealers are hurting, so it's a buyer's market - waited until last weekend (near the end of the month), and for using the rebate.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Member Posts: 23
    Please let me know where you went in Richmond, VA. I'm in northeast OH, but willing to drive within a day's drive to get a decent price. I was looking at buying a 2009 Hyundai Accent after 7/23 with the CARS program, but of course the dealer had a great deal this week!

    I'm 5'1" and I just love our 1997 Accent. I started out at the dealership looking for a 4-door auto Accent. Salesman, of course, worked us up to Elantra GLS because it got the "Consumer Reports top recommendation due to electronic stability control". We got him down to a price of $17772 for Elantra GLS with power options and moonroof. He was nearly dancing with delight, so I was really hesitant to sign anything although he wasn't very happy about not getting our signature.

    Anyway, after going home to research the Elantra GLS Auto , I discovered the GLS does NOT have electronic stability control and $17,722 definitely was pretty high. That explained his ear to ear grin!

    To get to electronic stability control in Elantra - I need to get a Elantra SE. I was able to find one each at three different dealers yesterday. The second dealer went to $17,500 on a Elantra SE without any hesitation whatsoever - which really made me wonder if that price was pretty much in line with the Sonata why go with the smaller car.

    I know there is a $3000 rebate on Sonata, $2000 on Elantra and $1500 on Accent - so please let me know if the $$$ you recommend for negotiating a high and low is before or after any rebate.

    I'm heading back out today to check with other dealers. Price will drive it all, so I may need to drop back down to an Accent and will be delighted to do it!

    I can definitely drive to Richmond, VA to get a decent price. Richmond, VA is about 8 hrs away, so if anyone has a dealer they would really recommend closer to Ohio, I'd be interested too!
  • SHADAXSHADAX Member Posts: 7
    2009 Accent GS, Automatic, Premium Package (power windows, door locks, mirrors, 6-speaker w/ XM, auxiliary input jack)

    MSRP - $14,885
    Negotiated price w/ rebate - $11,570
    After Orange County, CA's huge 8.75 tax, license, doc, OTD was $13,022. Traded in an old crap clunker that was worth $1,000 at best for the full $4,500. Total cost to us was $8,522. WOW! What a steal. Surprisingly nice ride. Dark Sapphire Blue ext/Black int. Great car for Mom. Now all I need is a Genesis for myself, haha.
  • SHADAXSHADAX Member Posts: 7
    Sorry, I forgot to mention it was a 3-door hatchback. I got it from Garden Grove Hyundai in Southern California.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Member Posts: 23
    What proof of registration did you have to give the dealer.

    My dealer here said that I need to provide both the 2008 and the 2009 registration because my 2009 registration started on 3/9/2009 and expires 3/9/2010 and does not cover the full 12 month period.

    Supposedly I don't qualify unless I can somehow get proof of my 3/9/2008 to 3/9/2009 registration to show it was registered for the past 12 months.

    NOTE: I do have my insurance proof showing that it was insured for the past 12 months.

    When I called the CARS hotline, they said if the dealer was requiring it - it must be needed. They suggested I contact my state BMV and ask them to provide proof of my 2008 registration so that I can qualify for the CARS program.
  • SHADAXSHADAX Member Posts: 7
    I had both the insurance and reg info to show a year. You also need the pink slip, which I forgot to bring...but they said they could do it without it but it would cost $25. So I'm going to bring it within a few days which they said was okay. Let me say though, The Accent is a nice car, very comparable to the Yaris hatch...Better warranty though. Just wanted some trouble free driving for many years. For $8500, I feel that even keeping the car for 5 years would be a huge win. However, I'm sure it will last much longer the way my Mom drives.
  • fitdcfitdc Member Posts: 9
    Started my shopping for 09 Accent Hatchback SE w no extras. Offered one in stock for $12,870 plus tax-tags and registration just outside the DC beltway. No Hyundai dealers in the district so residents go to MD or VA.
  • SHADAXSHADAX Member Posts: 7
    HAHA!! Just had to update my post because of the following: In case you didn't read post #43 (read it for details) I ended up paying $8,522.19 out the door for my 2009 Accent GS w/ Auto, Premium Pkg. Well, I just found out that according to the California Board of Equalization, the $4,500 is considered a nontaxable government purchase. I clued in my dealer, they had a meeting, and now I'm going to get a partial sales tax refund! Where I live in Southern California, the sales tax is an ungodly 8.75% - so I will be getting a check for $393.75! That makes my total cost for this car $8,128.44!! Super deal. I'm glad I did it early too before all of the chaos...:)
  • autonomousautonomous Member Posts: 1,769
    Traded in an old crap clunker that was worth $1,000 at best
    What was the clunker? Year? Mileage?
  • pandamotoristpandamotorist Member Posts: 1
    I ended up paying 12,600 not including taxes and financing interest. I believe I could have got it for 11,900 or 12,000 even, but this was just after the cash for clunkers program and they only had one 2009 Accent left in stock. I wanted a Toyota Yaris but three local Toyota dealers were all out of stock. Oh well.

    This was in Missouri by the way.
  • ceejceej Member Posts: 1
    In Richmond, Virginia I just purchased the Accent 4 door sedan.
    The only "features" are air conditioning & floor matts.
    After fees, taxes & licensing, I paid $12,406.
    Then bought & installed a radio.
    This was the first purchase I've ever made from a dealership, as I've always purchased used cars from individuals.
    I had a very smooth buying experience without the pressurizing dialogue that I experienced at other dealerships the week prior to this purchase.
    I recommend Micky at Pearson Hyundai on Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, Virginia.
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  • michaelwe6942michaelwe6942 Member Posts: 2
    We were offered a car they listed at $17,130.00 which is roughly $1,290.00 over car's MSRP's $15,840.00 pricing let a lone the TMW pricing of $15,677.00 with the Electrical Premium Options upgrade. There are 5 Automaxes in Oklahoma, but only the Broken Arrow dealership Premier Dealer raised their on line prices way above the regular high MSRP prices. With these higher prices on Accents, it looks like your really saving a lot when your not. They also advertised 15" Alloy rims on their 18 Accents in this price range that actually only come with 14" steel rims, so why is this one dealer listed as a Premier Dealer knowing these facts made me wonder about referral from's web site as a place to get a good deal. Here is their web site for only one of 18 such Accents and look under Specifications on this car:

    Copied and past Specs here for all to review if interested:
    # Summary
    * Body Style: 4 Door Sedan
    * Vehicle Name: Accent
    # Wheels
    * Front Wheel Material: Alloy
    * Front Wheel Size (in): 15 x 5.5
    * Rear Wheel Material: Alloy
    * Rear Wheel Size (in): 15 x 5.5
    * Spare Wheel Material: - TBD -
    * Spare Wheel Size (in): Compact
    Premier Dealer, Automax Hyundai, 2380 W. Kenosha, Broken Arrow , OK 74012
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